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  • Subject: Ruins Clan -Organized Teamwork and Strategy
Subject: Ruins Clan -Organized Teamwork and Strategy

Link to my Main Account:

Update as of 12/4/2012: Current recruitment is limited and Ruins will no longer accept any new members until further noticed. Players interested in joining Ruins must contact me via or Xbox Live. My Gamertag is RC Echo, Thank You.

Age Limit: 16 No exceptions.

I'll break the down all the stuff you can know about Ruins. You don't have to read all of it if you're just looking for specific information.

We've been around since Halo 3 and been active for 4 years. We know how to handle things quickly and how to keep everything organize and fun at the same time with no drama. We've fought in a number of clan battles in MLG, Big Team, and even just regular 4v4.

The Members:
Everyone here is mature, respectable, but the for the most part hilarious to talk to. Even though we have a lot of members (almost 125 last time I checked), most of the people hang out with each other in squads and new members instantly make new friends when they meet them, especially during game night.

Because we have a wide diverse member base that enjoy specific things, we have squads so you can hang out, practice, and have fun around a group of people and certain game-type. Every squad is run slightly differently based on the squad leader and have their own unique service tag.

Emblem and Service Tag:
We only require you to wear your emblem when you're around the clan, and you won't get in trouble for not wearing when you're with your friends. Service Tag is basically "RC__", so we can keep track of our members, we give you a number and you add it on to your service tag, like RC35 for example, unless you're in a squad, it will have another letter, like for Legacy squad, it would be "RCL_" and so forth.

Ranks show how much effort and activity you put in the clan, each rank has its own requirements and duties, but they aren't necessary to complete. If you value respect and like to have a a nice rank shown every time you post on the forums, the ranking system is yours.

Depending on how long you've been in the clan, and you're rank, you can make your own squad or team, we have the best forging team we can offer. We make montages by submitting them to the creator and upload them into youtube. We also have events occasionally like Battle Training Nights, which is an event to see whoever earns the title MVP from the host will be able to participate in clan battles and have a good record on them too.

Game Night:
Friday Night Game Night (and sometimes Saturdays) are very important for new recruits to attend to, you meet the clan, play customs, and sometimes get news updates of whats going on in the clan in-game, but you have to join quick, it's first come first serve and it gets full really fast, the best part though, if someone decides to leave, immediately someone else can take his or her spot, keeping the lobby full at all times.

So that's about it, a quick summary of the clan for you to know and enjoy in the future. Sign up on the website and check out our montage, and I'll hope to see you soon.

*NOTE* Applications WILL NOT be accepted until I have spoken to you personally.

Old Montage:
Halo Reach Montage

If you have any other questions regarding Ruins, please contact me via

-RC Echo

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