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  • Subject: Sangheili Eminence Empire || We have returned! || Enlist here!
Subject: Sangheili Eminence Empire || We have returned! || Enlist here!
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I currently reside on the Throat of the World. Meditating on the very thoughts that got me disliked in the first place.
I have reasoned with many thoughts, only dismissing them and carrying on.

Kreylok maton alewyix!

Greetings, my name is Veer 'Kai Zamam; Sangheili Stealth of the Sangheili Eminence Empire; an all Sangheili clan on Halo: Reach. With Halo 4 being such a bad game, many fans have come back on to Halo: Reach and have re-initiated past clans to give them another go on the returning instalment. Same here. This Fleet is comprised of six divisions, with over forty-three ranks.

There are some restrictions though, we are a Sangheili "Empire" and we are full with tenacious, competent and able warriors and we enjoy doing everything that is related and revolved around Halo. We also enjoy playing on other games. However, these do not count as clan matches or events. As of today, our Empire has acclaimed well over six hundred victories since Reach began, we hope to double this by the end of it.

Like many Sangheili clans we have the canon Sangheili ranks which can be seen in the Halo Campaigns, but we also run under an Imperialist system which means we can add any ranks we deem necessary. It does not matter what knowledge level you have, as you can easily learn the easy way by listening to what we have to say, or take the scenic yet easier way and look here: Halo Heaven!

Our training sessions thoroughly improve our warriors as we have some fantastic trainers which will get you up to scratch in no time. We also enjoy doing raids, the more the better, whichever side; opposing or defending.
We aren't serious, we don't do MLG. It is just like creating a sport for Xbox, truly pathetic. True, many did say that Sangheili weren't going to penetrate Halo 4's defences, but they could be added in in the future, which is most likely unlikely; however, there is speculation that they will be included in Halo 5, as it is a new console with more space, opening more doors.

What we offer:

> Competitive ranking system.
> Great friends and companions.
> Matchmaking.
> Custom games & Forge.
> Training sessions.
> Mature commanders and officers.
> Raids (Capturing and defending).
> Mature opinions and votes.
> Chances to become what you want.
> Opportunity to improve at Halo and to become a better player.
> The ability to gain additional knowledge about the Halo universe.
> Fun-loving team-mates that will support you and help you in any way possible.
> We have a good sense of humour, so it isn't always serious...
> Vacation and recreational time in which you can spend in whichever manner suits you.
> The ability to join something and become a part of a everlasting legacy.


> Must have mature and respectful attitude towards superiors.
> Must have a sense of humour.
> Must be Lt. Colonel or above (Can be wavered).
> Must play Halo regularly.
> Must play with the clan regularly.
> Must not be affiliated with another clan.
> Must wear fleet uniform and fleet emblem whilst with the clan.
> Must have some knowledge of discipline and respect, honour and loyalty.
> Must be of 13 or above years of age (Can be wavered).
> Must be able to listen and adhere to orders given by superiors.

Example Ranks />Infantry Battalion:
- Initiate
- Minor
- Minor Veteran
- Major
- Major Veteran
- Field Officer
- Ultra
- General
- Battalion Commander

Contact Details:

Special Warfare Lance Commander
Field Admiral

Thank you for reading this, and considering a placement within our Empire; whether you want to show your democratic skills or your commanding skills, to your piloting skills or the ability to guard something well, your skills will be well appreciated in this fleet, whatever they are. We do disciplinary training for those who need it and for those who fail in their line of combat. This may seem pointless, but it gets our warriors disciplined so they know not to fail next time. On top of this, we have combat training on one of our training grounds. Here, we train our warriors to become the best at what they do. This fleet has plenty to do, and if you want to become better, this is the place to do it.
If you would like more information, on how to join to fill your curious minds, PM me or post back to this thread, with your gamertags and in full detail why you would like to join. Of-course, you can just message the linked gamertags for quicker responses. Thank you.

Hope to see you on the battlefield warriors!

- Strength & Honour

"All Shall Fade..."

~Veer 'Kai Zamam

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