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Subject: Flood Forum Rules -- Updated


Hey guys. Welcome to Bungie's new off topic forum. Those of you looking for a place to spill your over-filled containers of nonsense, here's the place. This forum is for things not related to Bungie or their games.

Many of the same rules apply to this forum. However, they will generally be enforced less strictly than in the other forums. While this means everyone has a little romping room, this does NOT mean that incessant flamewars, spamming, slurring and similar garbage will be tolerated.

Having said that, enjoy the new forums, guys!

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Subject: Welcome to The Flood!


The Flood's Rules

No petitions.

No religious, or political discussion.

No illegal activities.

Keep flames to a minimum.

No racial or -blam!- slurs.

NO one liners! (rushed topics with only a sentence or two)

No spam (IE, no repeated posting, no high volume/low content posting).

NO chainmail!

Adhere to Bungie's Code of Conduct and Terms of Use.

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The flood is not a journal, blog or chat room! DO NOT POST YOUR PERSONAL STORIES HERE! Please use the flood forum to discuss interesting things. Like upcoming video games, cars, technology, books, anime, manga, sports etc..

If you feel you need to share your personal stories with the members of I suggest you open a blog. Check out these blog hosts:

You may link your blog to your forum signature but do not advertise your blog on forums. Thank you for your understanding! Now lets clean up the flood and make it interesting for the first time!

edit: i was a bit harsh so i edited my original post - sorry

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