Meet The Team

Austin Spafford
Austin Spafford

Nickname: DarkFrog

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Addiction Engineer

Origin: Mount Baldy

Blood Type: Oontz

Age: 30

Weight: 165 lbs

Height: 6'

Girth: Slim + Pizza

First Job: Contract Tester at Nintendo

First Non-Summer Job: UI Programmer at ArenaNet

Hobby: Mad Science

Favorite Marathon Map: Waldo World Arena

Ultimate Halo Match: Cramming 16 players into a single apartment, and then learning to use teammate's screens to hone in on the abundant enemies while tank-sniping across Blood Gulch. Good times! (for the red team)

Ultimate Snack: Jelly beans sandwiched between pretzels

Ultimate Website: Project Euler

Mode of Transport: Park and Ride

Fake Weapon: Ultracaps


Bungie - Classified


After growing up across three states, Austin finally settled into the Seattle area due to the abundance of geeks, reasonable sunlight strength, and plants that didn't try to shiv one's ankles. After that, it was straight through DigiPen and into the games industry for a life of bossing around the precursors of humankind's future rulers.