Meet The Team

Travis Brady
Travis Brady

Nickname: travdogg

Classification: OldSkool

Current Job: 3D Artist

Origin: Earth

Blood Type: Classified

Age: way younger than Marty

Weight: 175 pounds

Height: 5'8"

Girth: See Weight

First Job: Peeling Cascara tree bark to sell for the production of constipation medications.

Hobby: Martial arts instructor, volleyball, scuba diving, and paintball. I also occasionally enjoy a good game of "full contact 'Pick-Up Sticks'"

Ultimate Halo Match: Classified

Ultimate Snack: Classified

Ultimate Website: Classified

Mode of Transport: Classified

Fake Weapon: Classified


I worked in Hollywood at a young age as a stunt double for PeeWee Herman. And you may remember me as the face of Anakin Skywalker in Return of the Jedi. But after severely breaking my pinky finger as a washed up dog groomer to the stars, I decided Hollywood may not be the place for me. So I decided to settle into the low pressure industry of game development. I worked at Sierra Online for 7 years. Then I went to Valve Software and worked on Half-Life2, for three years, modeling characters and creatures. Which now brings me to Bungie, working on Halo. Soon to be the most funk-a-licious games of all time. Wheee!