Meet The Team

Brendan Walker
Brendan Walker

Nickname: Classified

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Animation Engineer

Origin: Olean, NY

Blood Type: Pancake Syrup

Age: 27

Weight: 200

Height: 6'

Girth: Classified

First Job: Paper Delivery Boy, Seattle Times

Hobby: Rock Climbing,

Ultimate Halo Match: Classified

Ultimate Snack: Wasabi Peas

Ultimate Website:

Mode of Transport: Bike when possible, '99 VW Beetle in all other cases

Fake Weapon: Catapult that fires catapults


Bungie - Classified


Brendan had dreams of being a game developer since he first learned to program BASIC on his Tandy/286 when he was 10. He did various hobby projects up until college, when he was briefly distracted from his dream with the prospect of doing a PhD in VR research. However, lack of departmental funding and the opportunity to do a video game start-up, named "Ares Interactive", with a college friend got him back on track. While the start-up itself only published one casual game title ("Barnyard Invasion") before going out of business, the experience opened the door to the games industry. From there Brendan went to work at Oberon Games to help with the Inbox Games for Windows Vista (Solitaire, Purble Place, etc), and unleash the horror of the Purble Chef on the world. But Brendan grew tired of casual game development and wanted to jump on something bigger, MMO development. He signed on with Flying Lab Software to help them with the mission server on "Pirates of the Burning Sea", an age of sail MMO based in the Caribbean. While at FLS, Brendan got to experience the trial by fire of launching an MMO and all the fun scalability bugs that come with that. However, after 3 years of working on server and database issues Brendan decided it was time to make use of the computational geometry he learned in college and and take up the opportunity to do animation programming at Bungie. And he's been happy there ever since...