Meet The Team

Christopher P. Carney
Christopher P. Carney

Nickname: Danger Boy

Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: Artist, Bungie Studios

Origin: Cincinnati, Ohio

Clone: Ralph Wiggum


Weight: 225 pounds

Height: 6'2"

Position: Strong Safety

First Job: Circus Clown

Ultimate Website:


Born on the Steppes of Mother Russia to a family of wolves, Chris was recruited at any early age into the KGB's "Early Learners" program where he began intensive training in English, Arithmetic, and Assassination. At the age of 12 he was then moved to the "Ukraine School for World Studies" for a full indoctrination into the benefits of spying and espionage on those "filthy capitalist pigs of America". After finishing his sleeper agent training program, he then graduated from the GRU's "Academy for Infiltration" where he also learned four martial arts, solidified his already impeccable shooting skills, and became fluent in 13 different languages.