Meet The Team

Derek Carroll
Derek Carroll

Nickname: mantis

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Senior Designer

Origin: East Coast

Blood Type: Inside

Age: Olde

Weight: Heavye

Height: Talle

Girth: Thicke

First Job: Advertising

Hobby: Making games, playing games

Ultimate Halo Match: "Derekball"

Mode of Transport: Jeep

Fake Weapon: Quad SwordHog


The Internet hasn't quite forgotten about the maps I made for Marathon, way back in 1995. Since then, I kept busy making games like MechWarrior 4, MechCommander 2, MechAssault (see a pattern?), and Shadowrun at FASA Studio until its closure in 2007. Now I'm working on all manner of secret stuff for Halo: Reach that I hope to share with everyone in a few months!


You name it.