Meet The Team

David Hunt
David Hunt

Nickname: 1337 Rigger

Classification: OldSkool

Current Job: 1337 Rigger

Origin: Philadelphia

Blood Type: Maker's Mark

Age: 306

Weight: 190

Height: 6'6"

Girth: skeletron

First Job: Coffee Getter, Digital Domain

Hobby: swordsmithing, plastic robot kits, traveling to the Third World, training Shito-Ryu and Capoeira

Ultimate Halo Match: Halo 1 Legendary, Truth and Reconciliation - Covenant Battle Cruiser

Ultimate Snack: Samyang kimchi ramen

Ultimate Website:

Mode of Transport: RX-178 MKII mobile suit

Fake Weapon: plasma blade


Bungie - Classified


Even David himself thought it was a waste of his time at the age of 10 when he spent countless all-nighters mapping out the dungeons of Norfair looking for Wave Beam. In late elementary school a BetaCam found its way into his hands which he and the Brothers 306 used to make short films and pioneer special effects using barbecue sauce, Top Ramen and stop-motion animation. It wasn't until college when he first experienced Capoeira that he decided to change his career path from Doctor to Animator. Currently, David feels very much at home at Bungie where he gets the privilege of working with some of the most talented and creative folks in the world. Outside of work David is raising three brilliant young gamers of his own with his loving wife, Beata.


There is too much cool stuff to do in the world and too little time.