Meet The Team

Jon Weisnewski
Jon Weisnewski

Nickname: Coffee McHIRED

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Test Supervisor

Origin: primordial ooze

Blood Type: cabernet

Age: ripe

Weight: enough

Height: up there

Girth: yes

First Job: selling tickets to THE GUN SHOW

Hobby: going to work

Ultimate Halo Match: splazering on last resort... i swoon!

Ultimate Snack: bacon cheeseburger with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns

Ultimate Website:

Mode of Transport: dire bear

Fake Weapon: exploding things with my brain


Bungie - Classified


Although rightfully classified as a newbie at Bungie, I have 10+ years in Test under my belt and could be considered a war-hardened QA veteran of debatable notoriety. Prior to arriving here I was Test Lead at WB Games where I "tilled the soil" of FEAR 2: Project Origin, and before that I had a brief but passionate affair at Microsoft/Bungie on the Halo 3 single player test team. Aside from those and a few select others, a depressing majority of the games I've worked on would easily qualify as 'lame', hence not worth mentioning. For me ending up at Bungie is kind of like spending a decade eating trash and paste simply because you enjoy the act of consuming solids, only to one day find yourself in a room full of glazed cake double-fried donuts free for the taking. Well I'm here now. In my donut room. Not leaving.


In all my experience working with games, one of the saddest and most frustrating things I have encountered on a regular basis is a willingness to forego quality and fun in favor of meeting deadlines and shipping the product. Too many developers and publishers are quick to dismiss honest feedback and legitimate problems with their games if it means they can hit whatever horrific milestones they have been held to, and sadly the test team is almost always the group that ends up getting the blame. Bungie is the only place I have worked where the only thing more important than all the crazy schedules and ungodly amounts of money being thrown around, is the simple concept of creating a fun and compelling experience for the player. That is what making videogames is about, and as everyone can see the rewards are as obvious as the monster that is Halo. Publishers and developers take note: your players are what truly decide your success.