Meet The Team

Josh Hamrick
Josh Hamrick

Nickname: Dark Niles

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Sandbox Designer

Origin: The South

Blood Type: A++

Age: Older by the day...

Weight: Fatter by the day...

Height: Taller than most, but shorter by the day I'm sure...

Girth: Meaty

First Job: Radio Station Mascot... Oh, you mean in games? Midway Austin

Hobby: Drummer, Gamer, Amateur Toast Artist

Ultimate Halo Match: Cable & Lewellen Vs. Me & Weisnewski on Settlement... SPOILERS: We win! or Slayer on Hang 'em High in Halo:CE

Ultimate Snack: Souls, Snapple Peach Iced Tea (drinks can be snacks!)

Ultimate Website: Penny Arcade, The Big Picture, Game Rankings

Mode of Transport: Some call it a girls car, I call it a Jetta.

Fake Weapon: Tickle Rampage


Bungie - Classified


Born and raised in South Carolina by a wonderful group of people I will refer to from here on out as "family". Went to school for Game Design & Development at Full Sail. Got a sweet gig at Midway Austin working with some seriously awesome people and shipping such games as BlackSite: Area 51 and almost shipping games such games as Criminal and Unannounced Project. Then one day I found myself working for Bungie. I've pinched myself daily, but still haven't woken up. I'm happy to be married to a beautiful woman and my best friend Renee who recently gave birth to the greatest child every born, Ian! We've been busy and tired ever since.


Why would anyone give a raccoon a gun?! You seriously don't think he's just waiting to rob us? I mean, he's already wearing a mask, we will never be able to ID him!