Meet The Team

Jason Sussman
Jason Sussman

Nickname: BrownV

Classification: MiddleSchool

Current Job: Artist

Origin: Texas

Blood Type: Classified

Age: Classified

Weight: A few stones

Height: From here to here

Girth: Bout this much

First Job: Gadzooks

Hobby: Classified

Ultimate Halo Match: Too many to name one

Ultimate Snack: Sheep pickle

Ultimate Website: Classified

Mode of Transport: Paul Russel's back

Fake Weapon: A gun that shoots ex-girlfriends


Bungie - Classified


From a small dusty vineyard in the heart of Chile, a strange feral wolf boy was released into society. He traveled the world looking to perform odd jobs as a Ninja for hire. With his amazing array of cyber gadgets, FAILURE is not on his menu. Whether utilizing his Super Skate-O Shoes or his Picto-Matic Phone he stalks the night as an unseen annoyance. His stealthy nature is helped even more by his innate ability to change his color at will. * In a tight spot he whips out his Confoundo-Ray which will confound his enemies into a state of rigid paralysis. At that point he takes full bodily advantage of his victim's predicament and will often steal their shoes.