Meet The Team

Domenic Koeplin
Domenic Koeplin

Nickname: dommer

Classification: OldSkool

Current Job: Test Lead

Origin: My mom

Blood Type: Red Bull

Age: Legal

Weight: Changes Daily

Height: 5'10"

Girth: Sufficient

First Job: Paperboy

Hobby: Playing poker

Ultimate Halo Match: Sidewinder CTF with evenly matched teams

Ultimate Snack: Apple slices from Costco

Ultimate Website: Classified

Fake Weapon: You wouldn't be afraid of it if you knew it weren't real


Domenic began his post-college career at the (now defunct) Electronic Arts studio in Bellevue as a contract games tester. His parents were probably thrilled that their son, who had just earned a magna cum laude BA in International Business with minors in German and Spanish, took a job testing video games. After a relatively brief stint at EA he went to Microsoft getting paid to "test" a casino game and acquired a taste for craps (the dice game, not frequent bathroom breaks). Over the years he worked on a variety of games and eventually was loaned to Bungie to help with Halo 2 Xbox for a few months. Once Halo 2 wrapped up he went to work on Gears of War within Microsoft Game Studios before finally rejoining Bungie full time in the winter of '05.