Meet The Team

Lorraine McLees
Lorraine McLees

Nickname: mehve

Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: Pixelsmith

Origin: Philippines

Blood Type: Iron-laden

Age: 32 +

Weight: Like a Puma

Height: 5'5"

Girth: What???

First Job: Illustrator

Hobby: Drawing, reading, cooking, teasing the resident neanderthal(s).

Ultimate Dish: Crab Curry in coconut milk over Jasmine rice

Ultimate Snack: Salt and Vinegar Chicharon (that's pork rinds)

Favorite Fiction: Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (as translated by Studio Proteus)

Movie seen the most: Totoro (lost count after 30)

I might hit you with... a metal t-square


Lorraine arrived at Bungie as a freelance illustrator for Oni during the release of Myth II and became a full-fledged employee in April 1999. Being the only female employee to make it out to Redmond during the Microsoft acquisition, her tolerance of "gradeschool man-talk" is unparalleled. Her interest in science fiction, militaria, martial arts and giant monster flicks, cool mecha, anime, comics and manga often confuses her fellow co-workers into calling her "dude". She's been rumored to scare Marketing people with the ability to firmly say "NO" and threaten with an invisible MA5B Assault Rifle.