Meet The Team

Luke Ledwich
Luke Ledwich

Nickname: Classified

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Test Engineer

Origin: Australia

Blood Type: Stout

Age: Almost Old

Weight: Heavyweight

Height: Boring and Average

Girth: Ample

First Job: Cafe and bakery

Hobby: Ultimate frisbee, food and all kinds of games

Ultimate Halo Match: Local Co-op

Ultimate Snack: Arnotts BBQ Shapes

Ultimate Website: Giantitp, xkcd, sluggy

Mode of Transport: Gerry, our faithful 4 wheeled steed

Fake Weapon: Antithesis Bayonet, a melee weapon with a gun attached


Bungie - Classified


I circled the games industry like a bumbling predator before breaking in. It started with a couple of engineering degrees, followed by fixing life support machines in Sydney, pouring beer in London, setting up tents near Barcelona and getting back on track with a contract with XNA. All this time I programmed games in my own time and armed with a demo and a friendly inside contact, I finally snuck into Bungie and have been loving it ever since.


Arnotts should export,... please.