Meet The Team

Matt Bennier
Matt Bennier

Nickname: Classified

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Environment Artist

Origin: Kirkland, Washington

Blood Type: Human

Age: 28

Weight: Classified

Height: 1" shorter than I'd like

Girth: 1" greater than I'd like

First Job: Classified

Hobby: Writing

Ultimate Halo Match: Anything with BR's and swords.

Ultimate Snack: Celery and PB


As a Kirkland native it seems strange that I've come full circle and returned to the town I left during childhood to pursue a career where you never have to grow up. Aside from my short stint of college life in Arizona I've always called the Pacific Northwest home. For a short while it was Kirkland, but I really consider the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington region to be my stomping grounds since I've spent most my life in that area. It's a great place to live for anyone interested in outdoor activities. I knew at the age of ten that I wanted to make video games but never imagined the journey I would take to get where I'm at now. After working jobs such as an architectural drafter, a level designer at a startup studio, an animator at a multimedia company, and a contract artist for an outsourcing company I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever achieve my dream. But then... well, the rest is history. I'm here now. When you can't find me working on games I'm probably enjoying the outdoors, developing new fictional technologies, or working on my sci-fi book series.


Pick a topic and I'll have an opinion.