Meet The Team

Nick Gerrone
Nick Gerrone

Nickname: "Nick"

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Network Test Ninja

Origin: Little Seattle - AKA Portland

Blood Type: Tomatillo

Age: Immature

Weight: Won't Fix

Height: Resolved

Girth: By Design

First Job: Old Navy

Hobby: Using my wife to justify watching Bravo

Ultimate Halo Match: CSG Racers on CSG Sandtrap (see my file share!)

Ultimate Snack: Mexi-Melts

Ultimate Website: NSFW

Mode of Transport: Walking on the backs of the fallen. Or a Mini Cooper.

Fake Weapon: Steel Magnolia: A shotgun with 4 maulers taped to the barrel. Credit to Justin L for inventing.


Bungie - Classified


After watching the documentary "Grandma's Boy," I knew I wanted to be tester. I quickly learned all I needed to know about the game industry from late night tv commercials for "learn from home" game design schools. I even knew how to use insider phrases like "you need to tighten up the graphics on level 3." Despite my obvious mastery of all things game-related, my parents insisted that I go to college, so I did! After graduating, I moved to Seattle and got a random call to do contract work testing Halo 3. I slipped $5 into a Hallmark card and handed it to my interviewer to ensure a job offer. The $5 worked, and as a result I've happily toiled away on the MP test team for the past 2 years until recently switching to full-time.