Meet The Team

Marty O'Donnell
Marty O'Donnell

Nickname: Marty the Elder, Lance

Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: Audio Director, Bungie Studios

Origin: Vienna, Austria

Hair: Flaxen, waxen

Age: Wise

Weight: Wide

Height: 6'0"

Talent: Beyond years

First Job: Outdoor Department Manager, Abercrombie and Fitch

Hobby: Etch-a-Sketch Master.

Ultimate Halo Match: Sidewinder, Two Player Lan only, Snipers

Ultimate Snack: White Cheddar Cheez-Its

Ultimate Website:

Mode of Transport: Friday night wine & cheese at the O'Donnell's featuring Bungie Iron Chef

Fake Weapon: Jenga Death-Ray


One of only three people still at Bungie to have done solid work on titles as far back as Myth: The Fallen Lords, Marty O'Donnell has composed music, directed voice talent, created sound design, and wowed artists with his Etch-a-Sketch skills. Obviously the oldest and wisest member of the Bungie team, Marty also has the most stable family life, celebrating 26 years of wedded bliss to his long-suffering wife Marcie, and fathering two wonderful children (now adult size) Alison, and Christine. Little known factoid, both daughters are part of the singing children's choir for the Flintstones Vitamins commercials, which Marty wrote.