Meet The Team

Richard Lico
Richard Lico

Nickname: Foofinu

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Bringer of Motion

Origin: Jersey

Blood Type: I don't even know

Age: Born before the morning of the world

Weight: Depends on my late intake

Height: Not visible in a crowd

Girth: Hug me to find out

First Job: Don't cook tonight, call Chicken Delight

Hobby: Street Fighter

Ultimate Halo Match: Not being destroyed (yet to have this match)

Ultimate Snack: Chocolate

Ultimate Website:

Mode of Transport: Very small automobile

Fake Weapon: HADOKEN!!


Bungie - Classified


Born and raised in Jersey, yet managed to survive anyway. After cooking some good chicken to support my NES/SNES addiction through highschool, I managed to escape the land of the golden cannoli in favor of a college education in Savannah GA. Met a woman there who diggs my mad hadoken skills, so I married her. Got my degree and found work animating Deer Hunter, Duke Nukem and a few other "games", if you could classify Deer Hunter as a game. After many years and 7 games worth of paying my dues, I moved in with the Monolith crew as animation lead & co-combat designer on both Condemned games, which was hella-awesome. That ship recently sailed, so I fooled the guys here into letting me run with the really big dogs. This.... is gonna be killer! *Continued in episode 2*