Meet The Team

Scott K
Scott K

Nickname: Dream Crusher

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Testing teh Secretz

Origin: Tacoma, WA

Blood Type: Mountain Dew

Age: Younger than my mom

Weight: You'll know when you feel me crushing your dreams

Height: Tall enough to fit into my clothes

Girth: Bigger than a breadbox

First Job: Camp Counselor

Hobby: Pen & Paper games (Anybody up for some Rifts? ...Anybody? ...Hello?)

Ultimate Halo Match: The one I played against your mom that one time.

Ultimate Snack: Doritos dipped in Ketchup (with a side of Mountain Dew)

Ultimate Website: Didn't you hear? The web is dead!

Mode of Transport: Military Humvee (none of those sissy H2/H3 models)

Fake Weapon: Spears (the sort that destroy tanks in Civilization)


Bungie - Classified


I came, I saw, I griefed. The rest is unimportant.


I really hate folks that cry about being banned. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Complaining about a ban just makes you look like even more of a tool.