Meet The Team

Joseph Staten
Joseph Staten

Nickname: deckard

Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: Classified

Origin: San Francisco, CA

Blood Type: Redder than Marty's

Age: Younger than Marty

Weight: Lighter than Marty

Height: Shorter than Marty (doh!)

Hair: Thinner than Marty's (DOH!)

First Job: Teaching English in a Japanese junior high school.

Hobbies: Climbing office beam-work, dodging Harold's fists.

Favorite line of Halo dialog: "Betcha can't stick it."

Multiplayer Disposition: Snipey.


Joined Bungie in 1998, just in time for the Myth II "uninstall incident." Soon identified Martin O'Donnell as his one, true nemesis...the rest is history. The voice of the Grunt since Halo 1, Joseph is available for birthday and bachelorette parties ("food nipple experience" adds 25% surcharge).