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Steve Theodore
Steve Theodore

Nickname: eminence grise

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Technical Art Director

Origin: bitten by radioactive spider

Blood Type: Classified

Age: Hoary

Weight: Titanic

Height: Alpine

Girth: Orotund

First Job: Roman Historian

Hobby: Hair regrowth treatments

Ultimate Snack: Apple Pancakes @ the Pancake House

Secret: Squirrel

Favorite Emperor Vespasian


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Steve Theodore fell in love with computer animation in the Dark Ages, in more ways than one. He dropped out of a PhD program in Ancient History to start rendering scenes by typing text commands into the Brown University mainframe. He spent the early '90's doing animations for a variety of commercial and television projects. In 1995 he joined FASA Interactive in Chicago, where he created mechs and environments for MechCommander. Two years later he joined Valve, where he worked on Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortresss 2 and CounterStrike. He was the "artist in Residence" at Rad Game Tools and helped Zipper make the transition to the PS3. Steve writes the "Pixel Pusher" art column for Game Developer Magazine.


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