Meet The Team

Tam Armstrong
Tam Armstrong

Nickname: Classified

Classification: Newbies

Current Job: Character Engineer

Origin: Portland, OR

Blood Type: Classified

Age: 27

Weight: 170

Height: 5'11"

Girth: Slim

First Job: Talking with friends in the milk cooler

Hobby: Making games

Ultimate Halo Match: Low-G Hammers and Splasers on High Ground against fans

Ultimate Snack: Deluxe Mixed Nuts + Dried Berry Medley

Ultimate Website: A squirrel with a large pair

Mode of Transport: R6

Fake Weapon: PPCs + heatsinks


Bungie - Classified


I have been designing games on paper since I can remember. The first game I programmed was a text adventure that I had to print out and hang up in order to show it for a school project. A few years later I was hooked on MUDs, Car Wars, and AD&D 2nd Ed. Many years after that I was planting/defusing bombs on my PC more than I was studying and nearly derailed my dreams. Then at some point some friends and I got this crazy idea to open and eventually close down a small studio. Somehow because of that we were given the opportunity to make a few games that will be played by more people than I can possibly imagine. Eventually I landed here at Bungie, and I feel very fortunate.


The horrible input lag and long feedback loop in your game make me feel like I'm driving a remote control car with boxing gloves on from 50 yards away while watching through a telescope.