Meet The Team

Luke Timmins
Luke Timmins

Nickname: The Sausage King

Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: SDET, Bungie Studios

Origin: Ellicott City, Maryland

Blood Type: Classified

Age: 25

Weight: Classified

Height: Classified

Girth: Classified

First Job: SDET, Bungie Studios

Hobby: Classified

Ultimate Halo Match: Classified

Ultimate Snack: Classified

Ultimate Website: Classified

Mode of Transport: Classified

Fake Weapon: Classified


After working with Bungie Studios for almost three years, all Luke can really say is that he likes talking about himself in the third person. Luke really gives 110%. Luke likes Street Fighter and nachos. And Luke thinks snipers is the One True Halo variant.