Meet The Team

Ben Wallace
Ben Wallace

Nickname: Milo

Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: Graphics Pimp

Origin: Atlanta

Blood Type: Secret

Age: Secret

Weight: Secret

Height: Secret

Girth: Secret

First Job: Can't remember life before Bungie

Hobby: Crushing ice and scaling walls

Ultimate Halo Match: terries on high ground

Ultimate Snack: Secret

Ultimate Website: Secret

Mode of Transport: Ghost

Fake Weapon: Preferred survival technique: Cannibalism


With a desire to spread the funk, Ben hitched a ride on the Mother Ship. It was decided he was most needed in a small group of game developers in Chicago, and there he has been, striving for one nation, under a groove.


What's the deal with these cereal monsters. Count Chocula? Frankenberry? I mean are we supposed to be afraid or hungry? I mean come on........