Meet The Team

Roger Wolfson
Roger Wolfson

Nickname: r : w )

Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: Server Software Development Lead

Origin: Highland Park, IL

Blood Type: Classified

Age: 29

Weight: 130 pounds

Height: 6'0"

Girth: Classified


Ever watchful of his Internet presence, Roger tends to pore over the hit logs of his websites and try to figure out who is watching him (this means you!) His contributions to the Halo series tend toward the back-end, such as an internal server farm with a speedometer calibrated in units of Petabytes per Year, and a datacenter server farm with somewhere over 300 terabytes of space serving the online needs of Halo 3. You may also spot Roger on the road several times a year, tempting crowds of Computer Science students with demos of the programming and debugging power of the Xbox platform.