Meet The Team

Michael Wu
Michael Wu

Nickname: Wu

Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: Environment Artist

Origin: Oni, level designer

Blood Type:

Age: In my prime

Weight: Stable

Height: Substantial

Girth: Willowy

First Job: Sales assistant at a secondhand computer shop

Most Influential Games: The Dark Crystal Hi-Res Adventure #6, Dino Eggs, Fists of Fury, Ultima IV, Pirates!, Defender of the Crown, Dune II, StarCraft, Civilization

Mode of Transport: Sport and naked motorcycles, and of course the Plymouth Neon


The only current employee at Bungie to have received three free interview lunches, Michael finally joined Bungie West in the summer of 2000 and helped them finish Oni. During those months he discovered bagel-dogs and mp3s. He also discovered that sleeping on the office floor was quite comfortable. Michael studied structural engineering and architecture and encourages all future game developers to pursue broad and challenging experiences during their education.