Reclaimer 135 - Intuitive Portent

Hot to trot.

Reclaimer, episode 135 is ready to go for your Monday morning perusal.  Intuitive Portent is imprisoned.  But for how long?

Reclaimer 135 - Intuitive Portent

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Behold the Power of Cheese

Queso Man writes:

A semi serious Saturday morning montage.

Grab a bag of tortilla chips and dip into a delicious dose of ooey gooey cheese in this montage of sorts served up by Queso Man.

YouTube - Queso Man 4

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Bungie Weekly Update: 01/09/09

Progress, Promises, and a belated Podcast.

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Custom stitching.

Radiant Penguin over at HBO has constructed some sweet panoramic shots and posted them to their forums.  It should go without saying that these have been manipulated and enhanced, but if you're into the oversized action shots this technique can produce, hit the link and check 'em out.

Panoramic Halo 3 Screenshots

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Line Up, Ladies.

xBvrBoyx writes:

What's the quickest path between two points?

A straight line, of course.  Through the entire Red Team.  While boosting.

This video might be a little bit over edited - the author offers apologies, stating they were learning the ropes on their software suite - but that doesn't mean the meat of the subject matter isn't pretty stinkin' hilarious.  Check out just how easy getting a Splatter Spree can be when you're riding dirty in the Ghost and the planets (and the opposing team) align.

YouTube - Splatter Spree Redux

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Reclaimer 134 - Cutting to the Source

Causing a little disruption.

Episode 134 of Reclaimer is up and ready to read.   Reclaimer's advisers recommend viable solutions.  Namely, blowing things up.

Reclaimer 134 - Cutting to the Source

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Vidmaster Annual: Tiles and Tribulations

Pretty sure that's Goaltending.

We didn't pay anyone for this video or write up.  We swear.  Looks like oo murph oo and some of his gang of Halo 3 friends had a grand time powering through to get the Vidmaster Annual Achievement, and along the way, some silliness went down, physics style.  Check the vid and write up below for the details.

Youtube - Halo 3, Death by Tile

"About two weeks ago my wife (Sereninja), two friends (Teh Pacifist, Reflexman08), and I decided to try our hand at the Vidmaster Annual Achievement. I was skeptical of this task at first, thinking to myself it would be tedious and repetitive. However, not more than two minutes in I was having an absolute blast.

In the last year plus I have played more than my fair share of Halo 3. It has been enjoyable to say the least and I have truly made some good friends through intense and absolutely comical evenings of matchmaking. It wasn't until the night of our Vidmaster Challenge, however, that I became aware of an interesting aspect to my Halo 3 experience. Through all the matchmade games, customs, and even hours spent in the theater capturing clips, the game had never really elicited the same response from me as had the original Halo: CE.

Yes, Halo 3 is a great game! Yes, I'd say it's my favorite of the series. However, there was just something about the original co-op campaign experience, the original multiplayer split screen mayhem elbowing your buddies on the couch yelling "Quit screen looking!" as you laughed at ridiculous sticks from infinite grenades. It was a certain energy that I enjoyed and of which I still have great memories.
I mention this little tidbit because, during our efforts to get the Vidmaster Annual Achievement, I had some flashbacks to my Halo: CE days. Yelling (jokingly of course) at friends for the hammer to the back of the head, driving the ghost straight into a hole in the tiles as if you couldn't see it, laughing as Sergeant Johnson annihilates you with his laser. All with the knowledge that every time someone screwed up we would be sent back to the last check point, meaning more of the same stupid shenanigans and laughter.

So, what's my point, other than just rambling on for four paragraphs? Well, I want to recommend everyone give this achievement a shot. Find a group of friends, don't take it too seriously, and enjoy an hour or so of fun! If you've already done it, find some people who haven't and help them out. If you go into it with the right mind set I promise you'll have fun.

To give everyone a quick insight into the kind of ridiculous stuff that happened I put together this quick video of the most memorable moment (yes, just one) from the evening I blathered on about above. Please enjoy!

Vidmaster Annual Denied! Well, at least until the last checkpoint loads."

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Breaking In - Paul Lewellen

Win the Internet with beautiful strokes of logic.

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Marathon Serial Generator Available

Louis Wu writes:

Marathon's been free for years, but serials were hard to find...until now.

In January 2005, Bungie gave away the keys to the Marathon store - and to this day, you can download free copies of all three games. With Aleph One, and some hard work from fans, you can play most versions without any trouble... but occasionally a need arises for serial numbers. There've been vague plans for a long time to put together a database of numbers that people could add to (or use)... but it just never came together.

It no longer needs to. Coldnose Sloth reverse-engineered the serial number generator code, and we poured it into an easy-to-use web interface. (Okay, 'easy-to-use' might be overstating the difficulty; load the page, get serials. Bam.) Now, if you find yourself needing an additional serial number (or 10)... there's an easy place to grab 'em.

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Double EXP Grifball Live!

Time to squash some dudes. Preferably the dudes on the other team, but I'm not here to judge.

Starting today at 11am PDT, Winter League Grifball returns as the Double EXP weekend of... Uh... The weekend. For those of you that haven't played Grifball, either because you just got your copy of Halo 3, or perhaps were born yesterday, Grifball is 4v4 Neutral Assault on a special made Grifball arena in Foundry. Players have Hammers and Swords, but no shields. The bomb detonates instantly when planted so you'll have to act fast!

Grifball Double EXP Weekend is available on Halo 3 Matchmaking from Thursday, January 8th at 11am PDT until Monday the 12th, at 2am. Heroic Map Pack is required to participate.

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Halo 3 Helmet Lookalikes

Need MJOLNIR on a budget?

If you've spent the last few years coveting an amazingly realistic set of Nightmare armor, but can't find the cash to make it happen, look no further, Hawty McBloggy has you covered.  These helmet-esque objects still require a cash investment, but chances are you might already have one or two of these around the house.  You can build the rest of the armor out of cardboard.

Nine Things That Look Like Spartan Helmets

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Top 10 'Arby 'n' the Chief' Moments

Infinite girlfriends.

Looks like Anoj turned out Episode 20 of his "Top Ten" series right on the heels of Episode 19.  He's doing hard work.  This time, he counts down the best moments in DigitalPh33r's "Arby 'n' the Chief" machinima series.  Check it out. - Top 10 Arby 'n' the Chief (Episode 20)

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Fan Fashioned ODST Wallpaper

But does he have the megabytes?

I tizzy I stopped into our Gallery Forum to showcase a Wallpaper he crafted using some official Halo 3: ODST Concept Art assets and his Photoshop skills.  If you're looking for a fanmade decorator for your desktop, take a peak using the inline links.  But get it while it's hot.  While he's he's pretty confident his hosting solution will hold, we're not quite so sure.

If it does collaspe under the weight of your savage desire, or you'd rather whip up something on your own, here's a good pool of Halo 3 screenshots to work with.  Have at it.

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Top 10 Halo 3 Suicides

Anoj writes:

Oh, the embarrassment.

"This week the Top 10 Series showcases embarrassing and humiliating suicides.  As always, we have narrowed it down to the ten best.  Get watching and enjoy!"

YouTube - Top 10 Halo 3 Suicides: Episode 19

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The Epic Strikes Back

Halcylon writes:

High Definition Montage.

We typically don't put trailers in the blogspace unless they happen to be really, really good, but we're making an exception in this case (it's not really a trailer).  Before you fill your face via the embed below, or hit the jump and take it in in crystal clear capital HD High Definition, make a mental note: this is meant to be a joke.  It's satire.  No need to fill up the YouTube comments sections with your super serious critiques, commentaries, and links to your livecam.

Check out the description from the video producers and then scroll down to get the visual.

"The day you opened your Halo 3 game box for the first time, you never thought that one year and three months later the most epic story would ever be told. The trailer for this story is here and only available for a short time. Your eyes can't repel epicness of this magnitude.*

From the producer of the Facility B5D "Clone Army" Commercial and visionary director of "Best Sticks of '08" comes a story of action, drama, epic, love, win, and explosions. Five people went into the making of this trailer, only two made it out... and one of them tripped and fell down a flight of stairs on the way to the store the other day."

Youtube - Epictage Trailer

*Epictage Trailer not responsible for loose bowel syndrome, dry mouth, or screen smudges.

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'The Forgotten Spartans' - Episode 6

Follow the White Spartans.

If you have the spare time and a love for Halo 3 machinima, you might want to give Darknal's "The Forgotten Spartans" series a spin.  To date, the series already boasts over an hour of content at the ready for your viewing pleasure.  Today, we're highlighting Part 6.  Hit the link below to check it out.  The soundtrack is amazing!  There is some strong language in the video.  If you're under age, get your parents permission.

Youtube - Halo 3 Movie - "The Forgotten Spartans" Part 6

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Six Player PTT is Live Now!

Now to communicate to teammates in any playlist smaller than Big Team, all you have to do is speak.

Many have noticed already, but last night we propagated a minor update that included the increased limit on Push to Talk (PTT). Now you can match in a game of six players per team and still talk! This means that Social Skirmish and Squad Battle are PTT-free, as will be the upcoming 5v5 Social Slayer and Social Team DLC playlists. There's nothing you need to do to have this work, so go ahead and jump in!

Please note that if players are constantly broadcasting through their mics, be it by playing music, breathing like some creepy stalker, or simply playing Halo in the middle of the Grand Prix, this could potentially bog down Squad Battle games. As a courtesy to your fellow players, please make sure that you're not constantly broadcasting noise. And if someone is being discourteous, we recommend you use the scoreboard to mute them.

Enjoy the freedom of speech, and look forward to the rest of the playlist changes, coming soon!

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Reclaimer 133 - Particle Beam

Trim the fat.

Episode 133 of Reclaimer brings us back to the Reclaimer as he rushes headlong towards certain death.  Well, the potential for certain death at any rate.  Don't touch the power source, kids.  Do click the link below, though.

Reclaimer Episode 133 - Particle Beam

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #9

Hallaer writes:

Grunts just want to have fun.

DeepCee has charged up the latest episode of Chronicles of ODS Steve.  Target the link below, hold for three seconds, and check it out.

"Oh my God! They Killed Flipyap!"

Chronicles of ODS Steve #9 - Grunts Just Want to Have Fun

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Black Ops, Machinima style.

If you tuned into the Halo Community Live broadcast, you've already seen Spartacus' six minute machinima,  "Thunderstruck."  For those who didn't, it's embedded and linked below.  It's a little long for the content, but utilizes a really nice lighting effect, added in post, that compliments the narrative.  Here's hoping Spartacus continues to hone his nomadic Halo 3 machinima blade.

YouTube - "Thunderstruck"

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Chaos Theory Episode 6

It isn't the end of the world. It's just damn close.

Chaos Theory, Episode 6 is published and ready for your eyeballs.  The author also sends word that his host is still looking for Halo 3-related comics to host.  If you have something in the works that fits the bill, why not give him a jingle?  In the meantime, scroll down and lay eyes on a message from Chaos Theory's creator and hit the link to page through his sixth installment of his comic creation.

"Hey Bungie Users,

It's been a while, but I'm back with our weekly comic series, Chaos Theory. Were on Episode 6: A History of Warning Signs. It should be good. Jim Stitzel of Reclaimer fame and Holychild (a regular actor in "The Doctor") both helped out a lot with this one.


Adam Susskind, Writer and Producer, Chaos Theory"

Episode Six: A History of warning Signs

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Average Joe - GhaleonEB

Generally pretty self-aware.

When we envisioned the "Average Joe" series for, it's people like GhaleonEB that were foremost in our mind.  This one-time HBO newsman, and peer-appointed, Halo-related thread curator over at NeoGaf ("You're not Ghaleon!"), has made his mark on the community not only with his love of the game, but also for his clear-thinking, honest assessments of gaming at large.  Chances are, if you've run into him, he's made a lasting impression on you too.  He's good people.  And though he's kept himself busy by donning a brilliant array of hats within the Bungie community, and though he typically chooses to keep to himself, we caught up to him and convinced him to donate a few moments of his time.  Read on to learn more about him in his own words.

Q. Who are you and what do you do?

A. I go by Ben when I’m not on the internets, and I’m a financial analyst at a tech company. Which is to say, I stare at spreadsheets all day and contemplate how $500k could possibly be considered so little that it gets rounded off.  I don’t round pennies off of my income.

Q. And the gamertag?

When I registered for my first online forum back in the day, before most of the users were born, I picked Ghaleon from the old Lunar games on the Sega-CD. That was taken though, so I tacked “EB” on the end for Eternal Blue, the name of the second Lunar game and still a favorite of mine. I just kept it as I moved around the web, and people have been confused about what it meant ever since. The best theory as to the meaning was that the last three letters are my real name spelled backwards, and I just have weird thing for internal capitalization.

Q. Where does your movement around the web take you?

A. I used to post at IGN and a few other community sites, but that was gradually whittled down to just The NeoGAF, though I’ll roll into the HBO and – with trepidation – the forums on occasion. NeoGAF has a pretty large number of industry folks swimming with the proverbial forum sharks, so so it’s not uncommon to run into someone working on the game you’re trolling there. Word is Bungie is now using posts there to hire their web team (Editor's Note: LOL - LS), so every post is an application of sorts.

The epic Halo thread I spawned over there has become its own sub-forum and community, with its own resident eccentrics and theatrics. I briefly considered starting up my own blog, but then realized I don’t have anything interesting to say. And here I am, saying it. Hi guys.
Q. Oh.  Hello.  Are there specific areas of the community that you find more interesting than others?

A. My love of Halo is tied pretty closely to the games themselves, so I’ve never paid much attention to fanfic and the like. Most fanfic is rather horrifying, and what little I’ve read left me scarred. It’s all about the game, so I look for videos of impressive or just plain wacky play. In particular, the top 10 compilations that MLG puts out usually leave my jaw on the desk.

Q. What compels you to game? Do you game with friends and family? Co-workers?

A. I’m old enough that gaming is part of my DNA at this point; I’ve been gaming for a good 25 years or more. The reasons have shifted over the years, but it comes down to a love of interactive rather than passive entertainment. I’m attracted to mediums that are malleable in some way, which means I haven’t regularly watched TV for a good 15 years now. This has the side effect of making me hopelessly out of touch with today’s popular culture outside of gaming, but let’s keep that between us.

I live in a little podunk town outside of Portland, so I don’t have many social gaming opportunities, which is where Live comes in. I have managed to get my wife hooked on some XBLA games, and my older daughter is becoming quite the little gamer. In her first ever online Halo 3 game – just messing around with some fellow GAFers – she went straight for the shotgun to “shoot someone in the face”. She does her father proud.

Q. What was the first Bungie title you played? How did you discover it? What was is specifically that sucked you in?

A. Okay, one at a time.

[Editor's Note: sorry, caffeine. -U]

The first Bungie game I saw was Marathon on the Mac, but it was on my brother’s computer, which I was forbidden to touch under pain of death. I’m still alive, which means I didn’t touch it.

The first Bungie game I actually played was Halo on the Xbox, which I bought as part of a bundle deal. I got the system for Panzer Dragoon Orta, and Halo was a freebie, one I had heard of but otherwise had no interest in. Until I played it, that is. I haven’t stopped playing the Halo games since.

I did try to play Marathon 2 on XBLA, but alas. Vomiting. [Editor's Note: The dudes at Freeverse did issue a patch that softened some of the nausea inducing elements for in this game - LS]

What initially pulled me into Halo was the art and story; it’s a pretty compelling universe, with interesting nooks and crannies throughout. What keeps me coming back is simple: is it’s a fun sandbox to play in. I can play campaign encounters over and over, trying different tactics and am still impressed with how the AI and encounter design flexes based on my approach. Usually resulting in my death regardless, but the variety is in the number of ways I can attempt to avoid it.

My multiplayer time is spent almost exclusively in the BTB hoppers, partly hoping I can find a decent team to carry me, and partly because I get a kick out of vehicular shenanigans. It’s not really Halo without a Warthog careening about. I see a lot of broad humor in Halo’s MP. My kids have been getting into Looney Tunes lately, where anvils, rockets and boulders are employed and often backfire in spectacular fashion. I find BTB to be equally hilarious, but with lasers, warthogs and trip mines. In most games there’s at least one catastrophic pile-up that just begs for a saved film. Halo 3 has set the bar for social feature sets (in console games, at least); I’m honestly surprised screenshots and saved films are not becoming a standard feature in action games.

Q. Are you surprised by your level of community involvement?

A. I’m surprised that I actually have any community involvement, really. I’m generally pretty self-aware, but I didn’t realize I had become known for being such a Halo fanboy on The NeoGAF until shortly before Halo 3 launched and I inadvertently attracted some attention. It’s been an interesting experience. The craftsmanship that goes into Halo and Bungie’s community emphasis has created a diverse and lasting community; it’s fun to be a part of it.

Thanks to Ben for the time.  We agree, it is a fun to be a part of this community.  You can have a bite of my French Toast anytime.

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Things To Do In Halo 3

Muzza777 writes:

Looking for variety?

This video was submitted to our news feed for those looking for "things to do in Halo 3."  Truth be told, the accompanying music makes me want to play Rock Band.  It's a few months old, but there's some silly stuff going down in this montage - some cool and some just plain absurd.  Hit the link below and check the description for a written list of the play by play.

YouTube - Things To Do In Halo 3

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Halobabies Takes on Annual Challenge

Kap4310 writes:

Well...four of them do.

If you're looking for a distraction this Tuesday morning, and you can't fire up your own copy of Halo 3 with four friends, here's fifteen minutes of an Annual Achievement run caught on film.  Awesome Unlocked.

"On September 25, 2008, the one year anniversary of Halo 3, four brave members of the Halobabies Forum courageously attempted one of the dreaded Vidmaster Challenges...the Annual Achievement! What those four members (Bobik, Kap2310, Lord Quagga, and Preacher Pain) went through can only be described as torturous, comical, and painfully annoying.

Granted, the following video has been cut for time. But most of the best parts were left in for your enjoyment. If you wish to view more works by Lord Quagga, the filmer, please visit his YouTube page. And if you want to join the Halobabies community, just click on the above link and register."

YouTube: Halobabies Takes on Vidmaster Challenge

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