Operation: Winter Storm Charity Tournament

Get your game on for a great cause.

Facility B5D and HaloCharts have teamed up to once again support the efforts of Child's Play.  If you put in enough effort yourself, you could walk away with prizes.  Thanks to HBO for the heads up.  Check out the details after the jump.

Operation: Winter Storm

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Arby 'n' the Chief in LA: Episode 3

Lost in La La Land.

The dynamic duo continue to explore Los Angeles.  Seems they're still a bit "Lost."  Check it out.

"Chief and Arbiter get turned around on their way to the L.A. Zoo, which leads to an argument that Arbiter can't win."

YouTube - Arby 'n' the Chief in LA: Episode 3: "Lost"

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'This is Forge' - Halo 3 Map Variant Flythrough

ExaltedWarrior writes:

Beyond the boundaries.

What this video lacks in picture quality, it more than makes up for in material.  Check out some sweet Forge Map Variants set to one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard.  Evar.

"What happens when forge meets imagination? The answer is a Forgetage! I have put together a little spotlight of some amazing Halo 3 Forged creations."

YouTube - Knights of Bungie: This is Forge

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'Lag' - A Halo: Combat Evolved Montage

A little behind the times.

FuZon is lagging behind and still playing Halo: Combat Evolved.  That's okay.  His montage making skills seem to be up to speed.  Check it out.

YouTube - Lag: A Halo Montage

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8-Bit Brigade's 4th Annual Holiday Fund Raiser

Help them help Child's Play.

We're a little bit late getting this news to you.  8-Bit Brigade's charity event is already underway.  You should still check it out, though, they're supporting an awesome cause.

"8-Bit Brigade is proud to announce its 4th Annual Holiday Fund Raiser for Child’s Play! Join us as we raise money for Child’s Play, a wonderful organization that improves the quality of life for kids in children’s hospitals across the country and around the world.

As in past years, we’re running a raffle. For each $1 donation to Child’s Play, you’ll receive a virtual raffle ticket that gives you an
opportunity to win one of many excellent prizes! There’s no limit to the number of tickets you can buy, so give generously and increase your
odds of winning! We’ll even be broadcasting our drawing live over the Internet, so be sure to tune in!

Thanks to our generous sponsors, there’s a wide variety of goodies up for grabs this year! We hope you’ll join us as we strive to reach our goal and help make life better for kids in need!

Please feel free to contact us via email at 8bitbrigade.charity.fund@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thanks in advance for your support!"

2009 Holiday Fund Raiser for Child’s Play

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'I Love the HALO World'

Boom de ya da.

We've seen a few of these now, but this one definitely stands on its own.  Once again, we stole it straight from HBO.  Check it out.

"I love the HALO World is based off Discovery Channel's advertising campaign 'The World is Just Awesome', also known as 'Boom De Ya Da' and 'I love the whole world'.

A lot of hard work (and procrastination) has been put into this, so I hope you enjoy it."

I Love the HALO World

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'Sticky Icky' - Halo 3 Montage Trailer

Slingin' nades.

Halo3Montage.com is hosting another sweet HD montage.  This one's actually a trailer, but it features some nice editing and great gameplay.  And hey, sometimes you don't have nine minutes on a Friday morning.  Thanks to HBO for the lob.

Sticky Icky: The Trailer

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Firefight Solo Guide: Security Zone

It's a zone...for security.

Monochron's still cranking out tutorials to help you survive some solo Firefight runs.  If you need the helping hand, latch on and let him guide you through.  Or just stop by to check out the cool pics.

Firefight Solo Guide: Security Zone

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A Certain Sense of Movement

Bill O'Brien sort of sits down with us to sketch out his animation process.

Read Full Top Story

Inside BungieCareersBreaking In 12/3/2009 2:11 PM PST

Ranked Grifball Double EXP Weekend is Live!

And so totally ranked!

So watch the betrayals.

Red vs Blue's contagious Assault-like sport. Catch the disease!

Category: Double EXP Weekend
4 Players Per Team
Max Party Size: 4
Heroic and Mythic 1 Map Packs Required


  • Grifball (100%) - Teams vie over a bomb, attempting to plant and detonate the bomb on the other team's arm point. Players spawn with Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords. Player traits: No grenades,  infinite ammo, 200% damage and no shields. Ball carrier traits: Orange forced color, 2x shields and 150% movement speed. Assault bomb arms instantly, and one successful detonation ends the round. Team with the highest score after five rounds wins. Three minutes per round.


  • Grifball Court (Foundry) - Variant of Foundry made specifically for Grifball tournament play.
  • The Grif Cave (Sandbox) - Grifball in Sandbox's crypt.
  • A.G.L.A. FL09 (Sandbox) - Official Grifball map for the '09 fall season

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'OutCold: Rise and Shine' - Halo 3 Montage

Time to wake up and smell the, ugh...sniper?

OutCold treats you to a nearly six minute montage featuring a really wide variety of gameplay.  Shot in HD, it really picks up in the second half.  You should check it out.

YouTube - OutCold: Rise and Shine

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Three Year Old Achievement, Unlocked

No points, but plenty of persistence.

Alright, so it's not quite three years, but close enough.  Wonder how many times Gary UK tried to make this jump before he got it just right?  Check out the description and the video evidence.

"Gary UK has done it AGAIN! This guy never ceases to amaze us. What has he done you may ask? Well there has been a challenge from Bowser64 over at http://highimpacthalo.org/forum/ for almost three years, and guess what! Gary completed it! Check out the video to see how it happened!"

YouTube - Bowser64's Halo 2 Jump Challenge | Completed By, Gary UK

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'I BR For My City'

Eddy2 writes:

Shishka made me do it.

I really didn't want to post this, but Shishka said that if I didn't, he'd punch me in the face.  I'm also a liar.  Forgive me?  Either way, sometimes we get some stuff submitted to the feed that's so good it's good, other times, well...

YouTube - I BR

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Top 10 Halo 3 ODST Mythic Kills: Ep 45

Anoj writes:

James Bond 007 Style!

Episode 45 of the Top 10 Series presents only the best footage from the three new multiplayer maps from Halo 3 ODST.  Sit back and enjoy!

YouTube - Top 10 Halo 3 ODST Mythic Kills: Episode 45

Go to Top10Series.com to submit for Episode 46: Big Team Battle Kills and Episode 47: Airborne Kills.
Rules for submitting for Episode 46:

1. Must be in matchmaking
2. Must be in the BTB playlist

Rules for submitting for Episode 47:

1. Must be in Matchmaking
2. Must include some action in the air (jumping through mancannon, anything with banshees, grav lifts, etc.)
Episodes 46 and 47 will be released in early January.

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Halo 3 Mythic Guide Version 2.0

Tyrant climbs into the Crow's Nest.

If you're still slogging your way through Halo 3's maniacal "Mythic" difficulty, Daniel Morris has some more tips for you.  Tons of text love, plenty of video, and all kinds of expertise at the jump.  HBO and Tyrant love you.  Reciprocate.

Halo 3 Mythic Guide Version 2.0

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Pro Tips with Tsquared

Firefight gettin' a little hairy?

Tom "Tsquared" Taylor has some tips to help you smooth out your ODST experience.  G4's calling 'em cheats, but there's nothing nefarious about some sound strategy.  Thanks to HBO for the tip off.

"Video Description: Pro Gamer Tom "Tsquared" Taylor gives you tips and tricks for navigating Halo 3: ODST Firefight including staying together with your group, conserving ammo, using the spectator camera and more."

Pro Tips with Tsquared Halo 3: ODST Firefight Cheats

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Top 10 Big Team Battle Plays

bmcgann17007 writes:

A countdown with commentary and kills.

Hmm, seems we missed a Top 10 yesterday.  This one's got some two man commentary action and it's shot in crystal clear HD.  Intro does this weird little flippy deal that messes with my brain. Off to get some Dramamine.  Check it out while I'm away.

"Top 10 Gaming Group brings you the 10 Best Big Team Battle Kills from Bungie's funniest playlist! Enjoy the variety of Snipes, Splatters, Multi Kills and much more, enjoy!"

YouTube - Top 10 Big Team Battle Kills

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Community Spotlight - Clantacular.com

Heading for a showdown.

If you came into the Community Spotlight this week looking for a group focused on snapping epic screenshots, you can get to steppin'.  That's right...go on, beat it.  Scram!  Clantacular.com isn't in it for the aesthetic appeal.  They're an offsite, gameplay-focused group of kick ass players.  Sound like a squad you want to roll with?  Read on.

"Clantacular.com has been serving up Halo 2 and Halo 3 clan match services for three years, starting in 2006 as a Halo 2 Clan recruiting site and then moving on to ranked clan match stats for Halo 2 and 3. We've been dedicated to keeping the Halo Clan Spirit alive since 2006.

Never charging a dime, yet always giving back to the Halo community, we host a Halo 2 and Halo 3 reporting system, taking custom stats from your rss feeds to confirm that the games played are legit. We even host an FFA reporting system so the community can throw down and earn some Clantac ranks on FFA nights. Meantime, you can catch the real action in the community forums and meet up with clans that have been around for years.  Not only does the community give clans a place to recruit and come together for showdown, they also have a great community of independent players who just hang out in the forums and show up for online FFA events.

Clantacular.com has been spotlighted a few times over the years on the Bungie homepage, once for being the only clan stats support for Halo 2 and again for our World Clan Wars Tourney where clans took over countries like a game of Risk. We've also taken part in a Humpday Challenge.

Clantac is not just a Halo clan ladder site, but a melting pot of clans, teams, and Halo players from around the world. Not ruled by the corporate world or the need for advertising, you will not see ads or fancy money making schemes.  At Clantac it's about one thing and one thing only... Halo!

Q. Alright, so let's talk a little bit of Halo.  What are Clantac's favorite maps?

A. We love the Mythic Maps. Clantac is very team oriented - most of the time Slayer oriented - so old school hardcore maps seem to be our favs. MLG Forged maps, Blackout, The Pit, or anything that makes for a good 4v4 or Big Team Battle work too.

Q. And your favorite Game Variants?

A. Hardcore, MLG, default Slayer, Snipers, Swat, Flag and Bomb.

Q. What would you like to see added into Matchmaking?

A. Bring back clan matches! LOL ;) (As if you didn't see that coming!)

Actually, I didn't.  See, I'm not all that bright.  Seems like Clantacular.com is doing a pretty good job on their own though.  If you want to see more, their week one selection of files are loaded and ready for deployment.  Grab 'em from Bungie Favorites and remember to take some time to check out their site.  You should also stop into the discussion thread attached to this article.  Unless you just want to whine about the screenshots.  I already told you to scram.

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Reclaimer 229 - Transference

Apparently free will can be created in a test tube.

Finding Ferial.  Been waiting patiently to see what comes next in Reclaimer's world?  Wednesday brings the next installment (that's today).

Reclaimer 229 - Transference

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Chronicles of ODS Steve # 51

The Guide.

Last words lead to new leads.  Finish your coffee and then check out this morning's steaming hot Steve.  Here's a link:

Chronicles of ODS Steve: The Guide (#51)

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Firefight: Prelude

Th3 Ro4ch writes:

Start a fight.

This new machinima is fueled by incredible editing, camera angles and insane music from Kraddy.

"He is the only ODST left in the city. Our unnamed soldier needs to make it to the UNSC communications base on the outskirts of the city to make contact with UNSC forces. Standing between him and the base is an armada of Covenant forces, sending wave after wave of soldiers to take him out. Will he accomplish his goal? Or will he be captured or killed by the Covenant?"

YouTube - Firefight: Prelude

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Hook S1E2: Fish Tacos Go Big!

Things on the dock get a little fishy.

At the Mombasa Inlet Plant evil has a name. It's fish. In this episode Crunch perfects his recipe for Fish Tacos and steals and spends all of the last years profits from the docks on a corny yet threatening commercial. When Fish Tacos becomes the next big thing, people get ideas...

YouTube - Hook S1E2: Fish Tacos Go Big!

Hook was made by NewScape Productions

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'Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat' Trailer

heyyou9974 writes:

Block by block.

Looks like this trailer dropped during the holiday break, but we missed it.  Sue us.  Maybe have your lawyer send a letter with a diagram or something.  While you wait for the order to go through, check out this morning's second trailer.

"Coming in early 2010 from the creator of LEGO Zanzibar, The Battle of the Brick is a 25-minute LEGO Halo video made entirely out of LEGO bricks. Check out the extended reveal trailer below!

We featured Alex Kobbs' impressive LEGO recreation of the Zanzibar multiplayer map back in 2007. Now he's getting ready to release a 25-minute long feature set in that level, featuring an epic battle between the forces of Red and Blue."

Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat Trailer

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'Star Fell' Release Date Trailer

FireDragon04 writes:

Trailing the tease.

Three weeks ago we made mention of Star Fell, a Halo 3 Machinima that blends CGI and gameplay in what could be a really interesting mix.  It's not quite ready yet, but if you want to learn more you can now check out the full trailer and mark your calendar.

YouTube - Star Fell Release Date Trailer

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