Halo: Reach - Top 10 Kills: (11.17.10)

IGN counts down this week's kills.

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Teabag Prevention Presents: How to Score (Attack) Week 1

jake_108 writes:

We're gonna score.

This week, Teabag Prevention is done with armor abilities and moves onto tips for variations of Firefight. This week focuses on Sniper Attack. You friends have high scores, why shouldn't you?!

Courtyard is arguably the best map to play Sniper Attack on. This is for one simple reason: Multikills. There's a simple procedure that needs to be done in order to get that high score all of your friends have.

Teabag Prevention Presents: How to Score (Attack) Week 1

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The WorkPLace Map Pack 2

dmg04 writes:

We should have been working...

Oh, hey. Even moar Forge maps to play. (Just don't tell my boss I'm not really home sick today.)

"To end the week on a great Friday note, The WorkPLace is dropping another Map Pack into your hands! Again, we hope you enjoy. If you'd like some Screenshots or rendered flythroughs, hit each link and check out the associated File Sets for each map!

1. Terra Firma
 This expanse is boots in the mud DIRTY. You will be amazed by the scenery and architecture, but don't take too long to gaze. An enemy might take advantage of your astonishment and pop a round in your noggin'. Brought to the table by El Roboto, this map is currently set up for BTB action.

2. Headland Cliffs
Another beautiful BTB map. Asayboy went into detail on this one, for sure. All gametypes are supported [except invasion, homies]. You will enjoy running this with some buddies. Don't get caught in the open without your battle bros, or the enemy team will rip you to shreds. Try to grab those power weapons off the spot, too. They'll give you a nice advantage.

3. Troubled Waters
Invade. Obliterate. Capture. From Odin12345 himself;
"An Elite invasion force cleverly used the Hemmorage Canyon to mask their approach. They are staging an Invasion on the Northern Hemisphere Fusion Generators. The control room on "Alaska" is under attack! If we lose control, the generator defenses will be disabled and the core will be  vulnerable. Don't loose that core!"

4. Vacancy
This place is anything but vacant. I mean seriously, look at all of the corpses laying around on the ground! TheSwayzinator drops this bomb full of awesome architecture. Rush the sword off your initial spawns for some crazy action with a lovely waterfall backdrop! 4v4 to 8v8 action, all gametypes supported [except Invasion!].

5. Treasury
This one is straight up hardcore arena style carnage. Load up the most recent MLG gametype for some insane fun on Joeski73's new map. Make sure to explore your surroundings. You don't want to miss out on the lovely rockets located at the bottom of the map! 4v4, supports Slayer, Team Slayer, Headhunter, Stockpile, and CTF. Oh, and Suck it, Joeski!

6. Rat Race
I smell a remake! Vincent Torre has resurrected this fine arena from Halo: CE. All that has changed are some improvements to the spawns, and an upgraded weapon set. This one will speak for itself when you start feeling the nostalgia.

And speaking of Nostalgia... This week A Rascal Cat did an awesome write up on A Ghuta's Nostalgia. You should definitely check out this workplacer's map. A fine mix of Valhalla and Standoff for that lovely Halo 3 taste.

That's a wrap, folks! Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for another pack of WorkPLace crafted battlegrounds!"

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HaloTracker Forge Favorites!

edgified writes:

Forged brilliance! 

Maps and more!

"HaloTracker has been around since May of this year, we provide Halo 3 and Halo: Reach stats, the site has various features including ChallengesBroadcasters and Community Files. After introducing the Community Files section to the site, lots of members have been adding more and more maps, we thought we would showcase our favourite Reach maps which have been added.

Zephyr by ThaGrunts174

"This is an asymmetric map built to be used with 4 on 4 game types like one flag, one bomb and team slayer. It is made for team games only" 

Download Link - Zephyr

Leviathan 2 by xXLukeLonewolfx

"Good for FFA, Team Slayer and CTF, lots of ramps and ledges for cover,  added graphic ball for brightness!"  

Download Link - Leviathan 2

Haunted Manor by Mangermouse1992 

"A remake of Haunted Manor from Halo 3, I loved the map and thought I would recreate it in Reach, set inside a house with 3 floors, power ups for Zombies - ideal for Infection and Safe Havens." 

Download Link - Haunted Manor

We hope you like them, to provide feedback or view more Reach maps visit our Community Files! :)

Community Files - Reach Forge Maps


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Top 10 Halo Reach Accidental Betrayals: Ep 9

Anoj writes:

We're All To Blame.

Hey everyone it's Anoj and here is the ninth episode of the Halo Reach Top 10 countdowns with the ten best accidental betrayals. Make sure to submit your own clips at Top10Series.com for Episode 11: Lucky Kills, Episode 12: Suicides, and Episode 13: Multikills. Enjoy!

YouTube - Halo Reach: Top 10 Accidental Betrayals: Episode 9 by Anoj

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How To Fly the Seraph - Tutorial

MelkorTheGreat writes:

Um. Yeah.

Some people are crazy. And sometimes craziness comes with sweet reward. Check this it out. It made Dan Miller go, "WAT!"

"Members at DWT Productions have discovered a method of commandeering a Seraph on Halo: Reach without modifying the game. Further details are included in this YouTube tutorial."

YouTube - How to Pilot a Seraph

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Best Man (An MLG Pro) - Halo 3 Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

Going out with a bang, and the start of something new.

A montage and something more. Make sure you watch both videos in this news post.

"This is the final Halo 3 montage of top MLG pro, Best Man, edited by s0r3. The gameplay is really good, showcasing lots of great sniper multikills on known players, a lot of which are exterminations and were from under pressure (look out for the EPIC overkill on Instinct at the end). The editing isn't as heavy as you would expect for a pro tage, but it just felt right for me. All of the effects were nicely placed and meshed very well with the epic soundtrack. The flow is simply incredible along with the theater work, color correction, and syncing. Overall, this video has it all: Originality, stellar gameplay, clean editing, and a great soundtrack. Enjoy!"

Best Man (An MLG Pro) - Final Halo 3 Montage

Many people have told us that the gaming community will always be divided and hostile and that it's impossible to change it. We realize that there's a great chance this is true. However, we also believe that there's no harm in having hope and trying to improve it anyways. As long as we can make ONE person more open minded and appreciative of the different sides of a video game, our job is done. Sure, 1 is obviously not 10 or 100 or 1000, but if we can make one guy a more respectful, contributing member of this community, then there is obviously at least an inkling of hope for this community, which is more than enough. If you don't believe in our cause or just don't like what we do, go ahead and leave this page; we're not stopping you. But if you think we've got something going here, we would love for you join us. Peace.

Become a Gamer for Change!

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Bungie Beta Tester Sign-Up

Know your past. Embrace the present. Opt in to our future.

Read Full Top Story

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Map Spotlight Week 5: Nostalgia

a rascal cat writes:


Get more map action!

"I'm back again, and this week I will be giving you an inside look at A Ghuta's map, Nostalgia. Nostalgia is an aptly named tribute to the classic Halo 3 BTB maps, Valhalla and Standoff. Built in the Hemorrhage play space, the map features two opposing bases that should be pretty recognizable to anyone that has played Valhalla. Like Valhalla, each base has a Banshee, Warthog, and sniper that will be vital to team success. The rest of the map is fairly open, relying on the natural terrain to provide cover and movement options. Toward the middle of the map, and on the hills around the bases, you will find Standoff-like rock formations that provide cover and control points. Nostalgia is set up for Slayer, CTF, Assault, Stockpile, and Headhunter variants.

Q. Who are you and why do you Forge?

A. I am "A Ghuta." I started forging in Halo 3, but have gone nuts with the Forge 2.0. I Forge partly because I want to make maps for my friends and I to enjoy and partly because I like playing with blocks. Mostly just because I like playing with blocks.

Q. What was your inspiration for Nostalgia?

A. Nostalgia is not a remake. That said, there were two maps in Halo 3 that I had a lot of fun on, Valhalla and Standoff. I wanted to make something for BTB that captured the feel and gameplay of those maps. I wanted simple bases and a large open space for hog and banshee fun.

Q. Where is Nostalgia located and why did you choose that location?

A. This was actually the most time consuming part of building this map. Since the landscape is the biggest part of both Valhalla and Standoff I needed to find a space that was both the right size and had the right types of natural cover. I hovered around in Forge World for a long time before I picked the middle third of the canyon. This gave me two distinct flat areas that were equally spaced from a ridge running through the middle. This did not allow for straight on bases, though, so I had to go with an offset symmetry which actually adds some cool angles to the whole map.

Q. Did you employ any unusual Forge techniques in making Nostalgia?

A. Not really. Nostalgia relies on natural terrain for most everything. I did painstakingly align four open discs on non-snap angles, which was by far the most complicated forge technique on this one.

Q. Anything else people should know before they download?

A. If you liked either Standoff or Valhalla or are a fan of Big Team Battles of the past, I think you will enjoy Nostalgia. I do need to give a shout out to The WorkPLace and The T00LB0X for their support of my addiction. Without them, I would not have finished this or any of my maps. You are awesome people and more than anyone else, I hope you guys and gals enjoy this map.

Thank you for your time Ghuta, and thank you Community for taking the time to read this spotlight.

Lastly, I would like to leave you all with a fly through of the map, and overview screenshot, and links to both the creator of the map, and the map itself.

Nostalgia Overview / Nostalgia Fly Through

Map Creator: A Ghuta
Map Download Link: Nostalgia

Cheers! :)"

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Forgetacular Test Sessions

Forgotten Wing writes:

Cover your bases.

Seriously, cover them up. People are jetpacking up there and it's no fun. For more feedback, hit the link below!

"Built a cool map for the Forgetacular contest? Have you really covered all your bases? We're hosting an event at XForgery where you'll get everything you need for the contest. Testing sessions, feedback, more testing sessions, and yet more feedback are all at your disposal. All you need to do is ask, and you'll have a significant chunk of the XForgery Community to help you fine tune your map.

And did I mention that by participating, you'll be entered into a raffle ROFL for some pretty sweet prizes, including pre-order download codes for the Noble Map Pack.

Do I have your attention? Good. Click Here for More Information."

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How to Stick Somebody with Style in Halo: Reach

Gear61 Owns writes:

Off the wall, nothing but face.

This is a sick, creative, and lucky Halo: Reach clip from aYellowSnowball in which he uses the Concussion Rifle to bounce a plasma grenade onto an enemy. Enjoy!

YouTube - How to Stick Somebody with Style in Halo: Reach

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Forge Lesson 37: Orientation

Godly_Perfection writes:

Don't allow your players to roam around lost on your map.

Godly_Perfection gives you more things to consider while you're making your Forge masterpiece.

"Today's lesson talks about the importance of showing your players where they are on your map based on their surroundings. A lost and disoriented player has a huge disadvantage in combat and it is our job map designers to help them avoid that situation.

Lesson 37: Orientation

* Orientation is all being able to figure out where you are in relation to your surroundings
* Quickly orienting players using landmarks allows players to be prepared for combat at all times
* Many other concepts play a role in orientation and learning to combine them can greatly improve your map's ability to orient your players"

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'I Wanna Get A Killionaire'

Turn my headphones up.

Bryan Simon wants to be on the homepage. Gotta get that Killionaire first, BrySi. (Thanks to HBO for the heads up.)

YouTube - I Wanna Get A Killionaire

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Fighting with Fairfax

That rabbit is dynamite!

Gaming4Others and Spirits of Fire are teaming up with Marrissa's Bunny to give you the opportunity to raise money for Infantile Spasms. It's a great cause, and hey, you get to play some Halo: Reach, tournament style. For more details, hit the jump and register at the forums.

Fighting with Fairfax

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2010 Spike VGA Nominations

"Celebrating the best in this year's gaming."

Spike unveiled this year's VGA nominations and it looks like our little game that could, Halo: Reach, is up for seven. We think seven is a swell number of nominations. We also think Nathan Fillion should have been nominated for best Xbox 360 game. The man is a phenom.

Spike Video Game Award 2010

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Mythic Rewind

Spend some alone time with the Tyrant and Mythic.

Though the Tyrant has been diligently updating his Mythic guide over at HBO, we've been less so in keeping you updated. Good thing HBO is tracking (and hosting) all of the progress. If you're working on a Mythic run, you should definitely bookmark this guide. It'll help you get through the (insanely) tough times.

Mythic Reach: ONI Sword Base

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Tag and Release - Headhunter

Right in the face!

This week's Tag and Release aims directly for the head. Then it sprints about collecting all the awesome community content that cascades out, and runs it home so you can see it all for yourself. Bam!

Tag: Headhunter

Under Glass

Digital Age

Say Hello

I caught one THIS BIG

Over the Limit

Of course, if you want to add your own hunting trophies to the pile, feel free. All you have to do is upload and tag what you bag so everyone else can check out your catch. You can see the full haul in the community files collection by using the File Search feature. Happy hunting!

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Forgetastic: Featured Maps

Insane54 writes:

...the maps you take are equal to the maps you make!

Maps and montage. Download them at the link below.

"A collaboration between Forge Hub and CMNeir, we're proud to present clips from selected Halo: Reach forge maps that have been chosen by the ForgeHub staff. Each proceeding video will showcase a new set of maps from a wide variety. So sit back, and enjoy."

YouTube - Forgetastic!

To download these maps and more visit: http://www.forgehub.com.

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Blame it on Halo: Reach

chuckiej2 writes:

Halo: Reach is a hell of a drug.

Hey. It's not our fault!

"Back in 2007, James@War blamed Halo 3 for his problems in a parody of Akon's 'Sorry, Blame it on Me.' Whether it was the dog dying or missing his baby's birth, it could all be chalked up to our beloved Halo. Now, James is back with an original song 'Blame it on Halo: Reach.'"

YouTube - Blame it on Halo:Reach

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Fails of the Weak Volume 8

Sticky situations.

Achievement Hunter's Fails of the Weak Volume 8 deployed their latest winning entries. If you want to see them, click the link below. Then click on the link at the link.

Fails of the Weak Volume 8

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A Fistful of Arrows, Pages 13-16

More bulls-eyes.

Leviathan continues to loose his awesome web comic upon the world. Head on over to HBO to check out some amazing artwork.

A Fistful of Arrows, Pages 13-16

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One Life Remaining S2: Episode 13

One episode remaining.

This is the last episode of Season 2. Claude says it's a bit dark. Watch at your own risk.

One Life Remaining S2: Episode 13

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Guilt O' Lantern Contest: Results

Post Carving Carnage.

HBO posted the winning entries in their Guilt O' Lantern pumpkin carving contest. Impressive. Most impressive.

Guilt O' Lantern Contest: Results

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Things You Won't Expect #11

ChrisM TA writes:

Back from the Beta.

I totally did not see that coming.

"The Things You Won't Expect series from the beta is back! In this series, you will see hilarious or at least smirk-worthy events occur in Halo: Reach that are unexpected and/or hilarious and/or smirk worthy...I think we went over this already. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Things You Won't Expect #11

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