TPP: Armor Lock

jake_108 writes:

Pop, Lock, and Drop!

Teabag Prevention Presents some tips and tricks aimed at helping you master Armor Lock.

TPP: Pop Lock and Drop! ARMOR LOCK

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MLG Pro Circuit Goes to Washington

Halo: Reach makes its MLG debut.

The inaugural Halo: Reach MLG Pro Circuit goes down this weekend in Washington, D.C. and spectators get in for free. If you can't make itit out, you can watch for free from the web. Details at the link below.

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Halo 3: 7 on the 7th, 24/7

7 on the 7th is now a full time playlist in Halo 3!

We'll reset it on the first day of each month in case you still need your achievement!

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Caught on Film - 'When Pigs Fly'

The more you know!

Everybody knows you can take the hat off an Elite at 2,000 yards, but did you know the Sniper Rifle is one of Halo: Reach's most devastating anti-vehicle weapons, too? - F@#% YEAH

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Game For a Cure

Play Reach and raise money for research. Win/Win.

HBO isn't all fun and games. They're also offering fun and games with a side of goodwill. If you're a good person, hit the link below to see how you can help. If you don't have the dollars to dole out, you can still help spread the word.

Game For a Cure

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Domino's Grab Bag Giveaways

With a side of Devin.

Looks like two community compatriots are giving away goodies over at HBO this morning. If you want in on the cash and prizes (there's not really any cash), hop on over and see how you can stumble into some sweet swag. Free stuff!

Domino's Grab Bag Giveaways, Round 12

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Fails of the Weak Volume #3

Cheer and laugh along with the antics of these crazy folks!

Only the strong survive. But the weak get their clips highlighted by Achievement Hunter so we can all laugh at them together!

Fails of the Weak Volume #3

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'Coexistence' - A Halo: Reach Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

There's always somewhere new to stay.

Can't we all just get along? These guys are the bestest of friends. Check out their montage.

"This is a Halo: Reach dualtage from Just Mad and Cray entitled, 'Coexistence.' It features about a week's worth of gameplay, and for only a week's worth, the footage is pretty sick, showcasing a nice sniper killtrocity on Pinnacle and a nice oddball killtrastrophe right afterward. The editing and the song are just the way I like it: Minimal and relaxed. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Coexistence - A Halo: Reach Montage

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Forging Maps, One Step at a Time

GhaleonEB writes:

Nuts and bolts.

Forward Unto Dawn and GhaleonEB have launched Forging Ahead, a blog focusing on the nuts and bolts of map construction in Reach's Forge mode, from the initial design concepts on through to final play testing. Covering both Forging mechanics and map design philosophies and strategies, the series is a detailed look at what goes into creating maps using Bungie's object editor.

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'Fustom Friday' - Halo: Reach Montage

a rascal cat writes:

Custom content and Celebratory Crouching.

The WorkPLace has a short new name, but they're back with the same old antics. Tune in for some teabagging and tons of custom Forge content. User discretion is advised.

"The WorkPLacers are back, and at it again! Cheers to DEATHPIMP72 for putting together this utterly hilarious, and positively brilliant montage."

YouTube - Fustom Friday

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Tag and Release - Falcon

From on high.

This week's Tag and Release takes to the skies to focus on the UNSC's aerial ass kicker, the Falcon. Whether you need fast transport or some honest to goodness air support, the Falcon has you covered. Check out the damage we did with a quick strafing run though the Halo: Reach screenshot collection.

Tag: Falcon

Black Hawk

Battle Bros

A little too literal...

Too Close to the Sun

Blaze of Glory

No Ticket

Back Up!

Need a Lift?

On the Wing

Got a nasty fear of heights? Transport yourself directly into our full collection of community screenshots by hitting up the Halo: Reach File Search page. From there you can find anything you're looking for, right from the comfort of your own first floor living room.

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'Reach' - Halo Rap

Epoch Apostle writes:

Gotta reach for more.

This is so hardcore.

"Nearly 50,000 views and 51st most favorited video on YouTube in its first day online. This music video is mos def entertaining!"

Check out for more info on the band.

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Top 10 Halo Reach Multikills: Ep 3

Anoj writes:

Bungie makes dreams come true!

Hey everyone it's Anoj here with the third episode of the Halo Reach segment of the Top 10 Series and this countdown is dedicated to people getting kills between four seconds of each other.  Enjoy!

YouTube - Halo Reach: Top 10 Multikills: Episode 3 by Anoj

To submit your Halo Reach clips for future episodes, go to and click "Submit a Video." Episodes that are currently accepting submissions are Episode 5: Splatters, Episode 6: Epic Fails, and Episode 7: Sticks.

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KayEmX's and FKIV's Halo: Reach Dualtage

Gear61 Owns writes:

The fire's only half dead.

Wouldn't be a right proper Monday without at least one more montage.

"This is a short Halo: Reach dualtage from KayEmX and FKIV, thrown together by KayEmX in about an hour. The editing isn't the best, but the gameplay's pretty sweet, showcasing some nice triples and overkills. Enjoy!"

YouTube - KayEmX's and FKIV's Halo: Reach Dualtage

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'Hold Your Color' - A Halo: Reach Minitage

Gear61 Owns writes:

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to hold your color.

I think the intro might be the longest segment, but the rest is fast paced and timed nicely. Check it out.

"This is a Halo: Reach minitage from Smite, put together by himself, entitled, 'Hold Your Color.' The gameplay's decent, showcasing a good amount of solid triples, and the editing features some nice theater work and syncing. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Hold Your Color - A Halo: Reach Minitage

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ChrisOfTheDead’s: Shenanigans 10

BlackOpsSpartan writes:

Get your fix of shenanigans!

Looks like tomfoolery to me, but who am I to judge. Potential campaign location spoilers inside.

"When I first started throwing clips of comedic Halo 3 happening to music that I was hoping wouldn’t make people want to gouge out their eardrums, I never imagined I would get to a 10th installment! But here it is! Shenanigans 10! Get your fix of Halo community comedy! Now in a brand new Reach flavor! (Still wish I could come up with some more puns off of my gamertag.) Keep the comedy coming Halo players!"

YouTube - ChrisOfTheDead's: Shenanigans 10

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HMV Hell Reach Machinima

Bryan imSuck writes:

Explicit lyrics, story spoilers, and all kinds of awesome.

It's Monday morning. Time to watch some machinima!

"HollywoodHalo (known for their Machinimas Frequency, 10 Ways to tell if you're a Noob, and HMV Hell) releases their first full Halo Reach Machinima and their third installment of the 'HMV Hell' series starting back in Halo 2. This installment, entitled HMV Hell Reach; is a mash-up montage of short, would-be music videos edited in a comedic and dramatic style.

The HMV Hell Reach project was created by Bryan Smith (Gamertag: imSuck) with help of over 30 friends.  It took just over 17 days to complete, and weighs in at around 8 minutes in length.

The best part about HMV Hell Reach is that is was made with 100% Bungie Pro footage.  This means that every clip you see was filmed in the Halo Reach theater and rendered using Bungie Pro's rendering service.  There was absolutely NO capture card or special hardware used in the creation of this movie.

A full list of music credits (ALL of the songs used), actor credits and the software used can be found in the credits of the movie at the end.  Make sure you watch until the end!  You can also check out all of the past HMV Hell installments at as well as read more about the series, actors and music.

Watch the movie by using one of the links below:"

YouTube - HMV Hall: Reach (Official Website) (Official Home of HollywoodHalo and imSuck)

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Bungie Weekly Update: 10/08/10

Raising the information level cap.

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CommunityHalo: Reach 10/8/2010 2:31 PM PDT

Humpday Challenge: TTL

There can be no ties, only victory.

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Halo: Reach 10/7/2010 12:15 PM PDT

Halo: Reach October Playlist Update

Sketch writes:

Reach Xbox LIVE playlists have been updated!

Our first Halo: Reach post-launch playlist update has been successfully deployed to Xbox LIVE. This update addresses a variety of issues in addition to tweaking some of the existing core gametypes and playlists.

Please note that this is just the first of many updates. Our team continues to work on improving the Reach online experience and we're always listening to your feedback and reviewing the voting and game data we get from our servers. Reach will just keep getting better!  As always, we welcome your feedback in our Optimatch forum here on

Also note that we have another small update happening later this month (either 10/12 or 10/19 pending final test pass) that will enable campaign matchmaking. And for everyone out there who doesn't love Infection as much as the rest of the players, don't fret, we have plans to move Infection into its own "Living Dead" playlist later this month.

Lastly, in addition to everything listed below, today's update also makes some tweaks to the betrayal system. Hopefully players will feel it's a bit more 'fair' now and it shoudl behave closer to what you're used to in Halo 3.

Here's the full changelist of everything included in today's update:


Rumble Pit
* Added Crazy King
* Added Juggernaut
* Removed Oddball on Asylum

Team Slayer
* Removed SWAT
* Removed Classic
* Weights adjusted based on voting data

Team SWAT (New!)
* Based on existing Team Slayer SWAT offering
* Removed Hemorrhage
* Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant

Team Objective
* Added Crazy King
* Added several gametypes on Powerhouse (CTF, Assault, Stockpile, Crazy King, 3 Plots)
* Removed heavy vehicles from all 4v4 Team Objective gametypes

Multi Team
* Added Rocket Race

Big Team Battle
* Added Crazy King
* Removed SWAT
* Removed Snipers from Boneyard
* Weights adjusted based on voting data

Doubles Arena
* Removed Slayer Pro for Season 2
* Removed Boardwalk
* Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant

Team Arena
* Removed Slayer Pro for Season 2
* Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant


Arena Zealot (New!)
* Added a softkill zone to the space area
* Modified initial spawns so enemies cannot see each other

* Objects can no longer be dropped into the boot_base

* Removed multiple duplicate Headhunter score zones

* Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand
* Objects can no longer come to rest on the out of bounds cliff behind the scaffolding where the Invasion core is captured
* Players can no longer sit in the out of bounds area under the ship scaffolding

* Health Packs should not respawn after 15 seconds

* Landmine removed from Red team's west cliff
* Respawn time for all Mongoose vehicles is now 45 seconds
* Scorpions replaced with Wraiths (4 minute respawn)

* Respawn timer for Concussion Rifle at Red base is now 30 seconds to match Concussion Rifle at Blue base

* Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand

* Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand

* Respawn timer for all Needler weapons is now 45 seconds


Global Changes
* Slayer DMR now has motion tracker enabled
* Evade has replaced Hologram for all gametypes in which players can hold objects (CTF, Assault, Stockpile, Oddball)
* Evade has replaced Dropshield for gametypes which create concentrated gameplay in specific areas (Crazy King, Territories, Oddball)
* All Classic gametypes should now include Sprint as default equipment

King of the Hill
* Teams are now always able to correctly score points
* Players standing in the hill no longer receive extra points upon returning from a host migration

Rocket Race
* Players now attached to vehicles after being on foot for 10 seconds
* Flipped vehicles will be detected to prevent players from attaching to a non-upright vehicle
* Added functionality for tracking and reporting rotations
* Fountain of Mongeese should no longer be possible (don't ask)
* Players are no longer able to jack another teams Mongoose
* Players are no longer forced into a specific role of driver or gunner
* All players start with a Rocket Launcher
* Players move at 50% speed, do significantly reduced damage and are marked with a nav icon
* Players on foot are now able to score points in Rocket Race

* The Juggernaut no longer sees other players as allies upon returning from a host migration
* New clients after a host migration will no longer lose their Juggernaut status

* All teams now have separate capture timers for each territory
* Locked territories will no longer prevent players from using equipment
* The flag in the territory is now attached if the territory is a flag stand object
* Added a HUD_Widget to display contested status to players inside a territory
* The progress bar for a territory will now show as full when that territory is being contested (capture progress is saved and will appear again once the territory is no longer contested)
* Random flag clothes will no longer disappear after a round transition

* Bombs in Hot Potato now properly report carry time
* Multiple hot potato bombs will no longer spawn in the same location
* The carry time reported stat will now always be correct after a host migration has occurred
* Players carrying the oddball during a host migration will no longer receive extra points

* All stockpile flags are now attached to their spawn location if it is a flag stand

* The game score is now set per frame tick based off of the current phase
* A failsafe game end timer has been added to catch any possible bad cases of Invasion games not ending properly

Invasion: Boneyard
* The core will now reset whenever it is thrown through a shield door into a spawning location in Phase 3

Invasion (Assault) and Assault
* Added sudden death to Invasion (Assault) and Assault gametypes

* Players who die before the first checkpoint will no longer spawn in a random location on the map

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Fight Like a Girl

Help assassinate cancer!

Sign-ups are now underway for the annual Fight Like a Girl Halo tournament to help fight cancer. Play Halo: Reach AND contribute to a good cause? Sounds like a no-brainer!

The tournament itself will take place on Oct. 23 and 24th - just 18 days from now - with four different events taking place.

Halo: Reach FFA Double Elimination Tournament 

Halo: Reach 2v2 Double Elimination Tournament

Halo: Reach 4 Player Firefight Matchmaking (starts 10/22)

Halo: Reach "Play with Bungie" Event

All proceeds from the 2010 FLAG Tournament will benefit the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and NCCC.

To register for an event, get more information or simply donate to a good cause, check out the official site.

CommunityHalo: Reach 10/5/2010 9:38 AM PDT permalink

Tag and Release: Assassinate

Up close and personal.

This week we dive into the Reach screenshot gallery in search of some epic knife stabs, face stomps and neck snaps.  To broaden our search and find the maximum amount of kick ass imagery, I tried to two different tags.

Tag: Assassinate; Assassination

A kick-space rupture.

"I've got a headache THIS big.."

"Hey Ma!"

My head, it burns, this helmet does nothing!

Achievement Unloc.... Oh wait I forgot to disengage Sprint. Noooooo!!!




What is this I don't even...

There's plenty more awesomeness and hilarity where these came from. Check out the Reach File Search and uncover the magic yourself.

Halo: Reach 10/4/2010 11:20 AM PDT permalink

Red Bull & Reach

Halo pros have wings (and opinions).

Red Bull not only gives you wings, it also gives you extra access and insights into the world of professional Halo gaming. 

The Red Bull folks have been hosting a series of LAN events with top players and teams competing in Reach. You can check out replays of some of those matches here.

If you're curious to know what some of these same players think about Reach, check out this article.

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Bungie Weekly Update: 10/01/10

Welcome to the first update of the rest of your life!

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo: Reach 10/1/2010 3:43 PM PDT

Halo: Reach Bungie Employee Bloopers

americanista123 writes:

We meant to do that!

Clowntown, represent!

"We're just getting started. Hello, Bungie Community! Bungie is back and Halo Reach is out. What does that mean? More mishaps, bloopers and laughs! See how Ske7ch causes his teammate to commit suicide twice in a  row while trying to respawn, or how Kapture24 gets sniped by his own  teammate while assassinating a rival! Or maybe how VanDamnaged hits a 'Bird' while riding his Banshee. That and much more, so sit back, relax, laugh, but most importantly enjoy!"

YouTube - Halo Reach Bungie Employee Bloopers

Halo: Reach 10/1/2010 8:56 AM PDT permalink