The Last Update!!!

Sniff. It's true, the final update is over at [url=][/url] and it's more of a farewell thanan update. But go check it out anyway, and we'll see you again next week, when things are gonna be very different.

Still here? Go to [url=][/url] right this minute!

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Bungie Store Bonanza!

Another week, another handful of cool new goodies to buy over at the [url=]Bungie Store[/url]. There are plenty of new things to spend your money on this week including new Halo 2 posters, calendars, a backpack, luggage tags, LED flashlights and plenty of action figures. Whew!

Celebrate the launch of Halo 2 buy purchasing as much swag as possible. Not only can you show off just how big of a fan you really are but you can rest easy knowing that part of every dollar you spend goes to a good cause - the Bungie World Domination Fund. We'll keep cranking out new cool stuff as long as you've got money left in your pockets. Thanks for the support and we'll keep you posted on new things to come.

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Halo 2 Online Stats

We've been doing some work behind the scenes to get our Stats page ready for next week so you might notice it coming and going over the next few days. It's been up and down a few times already and it will continue to do so until we get it locked down. In the meantime, take a look around and get a small taste of what's to come.

Getting your Halo 2 Xbox Live stats on is damn cool. We're all excited to be able to offer this new functionality to our members but it's not exactly an easy task. Starting yesterday we began hooking up all the various bits and pieces and it's slowly starting to come to life. You might notice some irregularities on the site over the next few hours and days as we continue to tighten everything up. At the moment, the stats page is up though so feel free to take a peek. Please keep in mind that this is our pre-release version so there are some obvious content holes that are intentional. You can still check out some of the leaderboards (filled mostly with tester accounts) and some player stat pages and even some post game carnage reports. If you want to see some examples, check out the player page for Frankie and myself. Use the "find player" option and enter "Frankie" or "ske7ch" and you can see some of the games we've played lately. Click on the "Games" tab and you'll get a list of all the games we've played. Once you're on the game screen, click on one of the games in the list to see the full Post Game Carnage Report. Please note : All stats and leaderboards are going to get reset in time for the game's release so don't worry about us jerks getting a headstart and taking over the top spots. We still have a few more tricks up our sleeves and hopefully have even more cool stats to roll out in the future. Stay tuned! [url=/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=970659]Discuss this Story >[/url]

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It's after Election Day and accusations of voter irregularities are still rife! [url=]GameSpy is still running a poll[/url] to decide which game folks are most excited about! Express your excitement for Halo by voting as many times as you like, as far as we can tell. The poll is on the [url=]front page of GameSpy[/url] on the bottom left!

Are we aiding in the voting irregularites? Yes. Halo Pride baby. [url=]Again, that's the front page of GameSpy[/url] on the bottom left! The voting is close now. TOO CLOSE! PS, we think Half Life 2 is rad, we would simply like to win the vote.

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Sgt. Johnson Radio!

David Scully, Halo's own Sergeant Johnson, will be filling the airwaves with that soothing, mellifluous baritone of his, when he hosts The Lunchtime Show with David Scully, a political, satirical show, which, thanks to the magic of the information superwhatever, you can listen to and read about [url=]HERE[/url].

So go find out more about David, and the show, right [url=]HERE![/url] But kiddiewinkles and schoolmarms beware, Mr. Scully has been known to use colorful language from time to time.

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Halo 2 Hits the Airwaves!

What are you doing Thursday night at 11pm, ET/PT? WRONG! Cancel whatever that crap was, because you're now watching Spike TV's Ultimate Gamer Halo 2 special, where some lucky jerk wins a visit to Bungie Studios, gets to play before anyone else, drives around the desert in a Warthog-type off road vehicle and blows up real stuff with real explosives.

Curious? You should be. The show is like a cross between While You Were Out and Black Hawk Down. Kinda. Anyway, it's fun, and the winner claims to be the world's biggest Halo fan (hey, that might have just been the tightness of his shirt) and he was a good kid to boot. And just wait until you see what they did to his Xbox rig while he was here in the studios. You'll get a quick behind the scenes look at Halo 2, see some never before seen game footage and a ton of other surprises. Including certain bald hot dudes acting all sexy. And you'll see Stryker – sure to be a hot forum topic for years to come. Check it out. Spike TV, Thursday November 4th, 11pm ET/PT. In addition to the premiere on Spike TV on November 4 (11:00-11:30 PM, ET/PT), this half-hour special encores (all times Eastern & Pacific) on Saturday, November 6 (2:00 – 2:30 PM); Saturday, November 13 (1:30-2:00 AM); Sunday, November 14 (9:30-10:00 AM) and Sunday, November 21 (9:00-9:30 AM).

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Ask Noguchi!

He's the evil weevil, he's the hostess with the cupcakes and last week, he deigned to answer ANY questions you cared to pose. Well, he answered almost all of them apparently, and this is the result.

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Halo 2 FanFest Update!

Next Monday, 11/8, we'll be heading to downtown Seattle to throw a little party for our fans to celebrate the release of Halo 2. Come out and mingle with the team, play some multiplayer and maybe even walk away with some sweet prizes (including copies of the game!). If you plan on attending, please read over this important update...

What: [b]Bungie Halo 2 Launch FanFest![/b] When: Monday, 11/8/04, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Where: [url=]Sci-Fi Museum / EMP[/url] [*]325 5th Avenue North, Seattle WA, 98109 Admission: FREE! NOTE : You must be 17 or older to attend the Bungie FanFest. Sorry, but our game is rated M and is meant for people 17 or older. If you're under 17, you need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. [img][/img] If you plan to attend, you MUST bring this invitation with you so we can separate the fans from the rif raff. There is no real limit on how many people can come, however, if we reach capacity, we'll be forced to create a line outside and limit entry. We'll play this by ear based on how crazy things get. You can download the invitation [url=]HERE[/url] So, what's happening at this year's event? Here's a quick run down of what's planned so far: [*]Play Halo 2 Multiplayer hours before anyone else in the U.S.! [*]Mingle and chat with members of the Bungie development team [*]Get a cool commemorative gift (while supplies last) [*]See segments from the Halo 2 bonus DVD [*]Win cool prizes! We'll be having an ongoing prize raffle and giving away all sorts of cool stuff including actual copies of Halo 2! [*]A special treat from our friends at Red vs Blue and who knows what else we'll cook up... it should be a good time for everyone! Print this invite out, round up your friends, and meet us downtown next Monday afternoon!

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Can you believe it? It's not even Election Day and yet accusations of voter irregularities are rife! [url=]GameSpy is running a poll[/url] to decide which game folks are most excited about! Express your excitement for Halo by voting as many times as you like, as far as we can tell. The poll is on the [url=]front page of GameSpy[/url] on the bottom left!

Are we aiding in the voting irregularites? Yes. Halo Pride baby. [url=]Again, that's the front page of GameSpy[/url] on the bottom left!

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Forums Offline For Maintenance

Just to dispel any rumors, the forums are NOT offline because we're protecting you against spoilers. That's just a nice side effect.

Actually, the forums are down because we're performing maintenance on them. This is a lead up to some more permanent fixes that we have in mind, but a little legwork is necessary in advance. Don't worry, you're only missing the spoilers that many of you can't seem to keep quiet about. Really, what part of "don't talk about the single player campaign" do you people not understand? Some people want their experience to be a surprise. Anyway, the forums are down. They'll be back up probably tonight or tomorrow. Our continued recommendation is that you stay away until you've played Halo 2. It will be better that way.

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Dual Wield the Vote!

Well, make sure you vote once anyway. Twice might be illegal. We just realized, that with 1.5 million players pre-ordered, Halo 2 fans are one of the biggest voting blocks in the US. So exercise your rights, boost democracy and go vote. Vote for whoever you like, but remember, if you're a US citizen, eligible to vote and you don't vote, then you don't count.

Seriously. It's statistically tied, so unless you truly don't care who wins, you need to vote. Find out where you're supposed to go and go do it. Most voting is tomorrow but in many places, you can do it today. Democracy - almost as important as getting a Killtacular. We will now resume our normal lack of social conscience.

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Bungie Weekly Update!!!

After this, there's only one more [url=]Weekly Update[/url] left before the game comes out. So we're posting it over at [url=]Red Vs. Blue[/url] just for the hell of it. Go check it out. It's short, but it's free.

And if you don't want to register to read the update, the good folks at Halochat are mirroring it [url=]HERE.[/url] Thanks Halochat. You rock. Why are you still reading this? Get over to [url=]Red Vs. Blue[/url] or [url=]Halochat[/url] before the Internet runs out.

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Halo 2 Video Extravaganza

The Collector's Edition of Halo 2 not only comes in a sweet metal case, it also comes with a bonus DVD jam packed with video features and cool content. We've just updated our Halo 2 [url=/Games/Halo2/page.aspx?section=AudioVideo&subsection=GameVideos&page=1]video page[/url] with one of the featurettes available on that DVD. (and, we added the Halo 2 TV ads as well!)

The Halo 2 collector's edition has been hyped up for a while now but for good reason - it kicks ass! Not only do you get a very cool brushed metal case for the game, you get an extra bonus DVD that's filled with cool content. To get a glimpse of what the DVD has to offer, check out the "Beyond Single Player : Multiplayer & Live" featurette on our Halo 2 [url=/Games/Halo2/page.aspx?section=AudioVideo&subsection=GameVideos&page=1]video page.[/url] The Collector's Edition is only available while supplies last and also includes a unique Covenant themed version of the manual. The DVD itself contains: [*]"The Making of Halo 2 : Behind the Scenes of Bungie Studios" - a full length documentary [*]Featurettes including game design, animation and multiplayer [*]Deleted scenes and outtakes [*]Commentaries from the development team [*]Art gallery [*]And much, much more! And, speaking of videos, the Halo 2 video page also has Windows Media Player versions of the Halo 2 advertisement that's currently airing across the world.

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FanFest! Save the Date!

This just in... We are indeed having a little FanFest to celebrate the launch of Halo 2! If you live in the general vicinty of Seattle, WA, come join us on the afternoon of Monday, 11/8 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM. Hang out with Bungie, win some sweet prizes and best of all, play multiplayer 11 hours before you can get your hands on it. More details inside.

Sorry for the short notice but things have been crazy around here and everything is slamming together all at once. We are planning to have a little mini FanFest here in Seattle on Monday, 11/8 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM. The event will be taking place at the Experience Music Project in downtown Seattle. Come hang out with the Bungie team and get some hands on multiplayer action while everyone else is still waiting in line to get the game. Don't worry, we'll have you out in plenty of time to get to the stores to grab your copy at midnight. In addition to some multiplayer madness, we'll have a few surprises up our sleeves like an epic raffle with the grand prize being an awesome Master Chief statue. We'll be giving out copies of Halo 2 and more Bungie swag than you can shake a beef stick at. (just what does that mean anyways?) The event is open to anyone and everyone though if we get too crowded we'll have to enforce some crowd control. We'll have a lot more details in the next few days so for now, clear your calendars and plan on a good time!

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Ask Noguchi!

With all the charm of an acid-spurting boil, Mat Noguchi, our resident tools expert, is willing, nay, desperate to answer your questions. Post them [url=]HERE[/url] and we'll get them to him.

Seriously, he knows everything there is to know about Halo code. And he's mean. So go [url=]HERE[/url] to get your pressing questions answered. And don't ask any plot questions. And Mat will provide the answers when he feels like it. But check the front page from time to time.

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Streets of Fame

Master Chief and Link are head to head! Halo and Master Chief have been nominated to have a star in their honor at the San Francisco Metreon on the venue's "Walk of Game" which is clearly modeled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To vote, you have to [url=]REGISTER HERE[/url].

Now while registering is an unpleasant way to start your morning, it's worth it in the end, just think, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that Master Chief and Halo are forever stamped into the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere. So [url=]head over there right now[/url] and register at the [url=]Walk of Game.[/url]

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Dual Wielding Guide

In our continuing guide to game modes and play strategies, we thought we'd give you a quick overview of Dual Wielding, and start you thinking about which two pieces you'll wanna mix and match...

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7th Column Themes

7th Column members rejoice! The long awaited [url=/7thColumn/page.aspx?section=Groups&subsection=main&page=themes]theme builder [/url] is finally here. Read on for the full scoop and a chance to get your very own custom avatar here on

When the 7th Column was re-launched we had a dramatic reduction in the number of group/chapter themes available. Over the course of the old 7th Column's lifespan, dozens of user created themes were implemented. When we rolled out the new version, we had ONE. Obviously this didn't make many people happy. Unfortunately we've been busy working on cool stuff like Halo 2 stats so creating themes internally has taken a back seat. This is where you come in. Now that the new theme builder is available we're calling on anyone with some creativity and skillz to step up and help contribute to the 7th Column with new awesome themes. If we use your theme, I'll hook you up with your own custom avatar as a special bonus perk. You can get all the info you need including the theme builder itself by visiting the [url=/7thColumn/page.aspx?section=Groups&subsection=main&page=themes]theme page.[/url]

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Bungie Store Goodies

The [url=]Bungie Store[/url] continues to expand and get cooler with a few new products recently added to the shelves. The latest additions include an aluminum covered Halo 2 journal and a new Master Chief hoody with plenty more great stuff to come. Check 'em out!

As promised, the new Bungie Store is still adding merchandise to the sales racks to lure away your hard earned dollars. What better way to show off your love of Bungie and Halo 2 and help further our cause of World Domination than buying a few things from our store? A few new items have been added since the store initially launched with many more on the way in the weeks to come. Here's a run down of the latest products available for purchase: [*][url=]Aluminum Halo 2 Journal[/url] - Looks just like the Halo 2 collector's edition box except you can write in it! [*][url=]Halo Key Tag[/url] - A retro keychain devoted to the orignal Halo [*][url=]Novel Boxed Set[/url] - Haven't read the Halo novels yet? Now's your chance to get them all in this handy boxed set. [*][url=]Master Chief Hoody[/url] - This is an updated version of the old classic MC hoody now featuring the MJOLNIR Mark VI armor. [*]Halo 2 Action Figures - The latest line of Joy Ride figures will be arriving any day now, get yours before they disappear forever. We have a lot more stuff in the works in the weeks and months ahead so stay tuned and start saving up your spare change.

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MTV Halo 2 Special!

MTV: Music Television today announced that "Making the Video Game: Halo 2" will premiere on MTV on Friday, November 5th at 11:00pm ET/PT, and MTV2 on Saturday, November 6th at 9:00pm ET. The special will give viewers an inside look at the making of Halo 2.

The special will also include interviews with the game developers (us), celebrity Halo fans, and the bands involved in the new soundtrack including Incubus and Hoobastank. Both the game and soundtrack hit stores on November 9th. So if you want to see what kind of madness went on behind the scenes, you can check it out on any of these dates. And if you don't have cable you can always get some taste of the backstage antics with the Special Collector's Edition DVD. [b]MTV [/b] 11/5 11pm (premier) 11/7 11:30pm 11/8 2am [b]MTV2 [/b] 11/6 9pm 11/6 2am 11/7 1am 11/8 11pm 11/9 9:30pm 11/9 2am

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Halo 2 : Spoiler Alert!

After the Halo 2 leak, our fan response has been overwhelming with people helping us shut down sites hosting these files and delete spoilers from various forums. Unfortunately our own forums have become too difficult to protect so we're advising all members who are worried about spoilers to stay away. Should we shut them down entirely? Vote and let us know.

Though our moderators work their asses off on the forums, day and night, for nothing more than a free t-shirt, there's only so much they can realistically do. In light of the fact that our forums receive dozens of posts a day revealing campaign spoilers for Halo 2 and the fact that our moderators are fans just like anyone else who don't want the game spoiled either, we're letting all of them take a break from their modding duties until the game is released. Frankie, Shishka, Achronos and myself will still do our part to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending jerks but obviously we can't be everywhere all the time. So, as much as I hate to say this... [b]IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT SPOILING THE HALO 2 SINGLE PLAYER EXPERIENCE BEFORE THE GAME IS RELEASED - YOU ARE ADVISED TO AVOID THE BUNGIE.NET FORUMS.[/b] While I'd hate to do this since we obviously have more happening on our forums than just Halo 2, if people feel strongly enough, we do have the option of shutting our forums down entirely as other fan sites have done. [url=/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=915999&viewreplies=true]VOTE HERE[/url] This is a last case option, but we'd still be curious to see what you think we should do. Thanks for bearing with us and hanging in there, we'll all have the game soon and then it won't matter anymore. =)

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Vote for Halo 2

UK video games have long been awarded the ultimate gamey accolade - website, [url=]The Golden Joystick Awards[/url] and this year Halo 2 is included in the nominations categories. Since the game launches after the awards, we can't win the ultimate award but vote for us as the most wanted game for Xmas 2004! ONLY open to UK residents, allegedly.

Really, would it be too much to ask the [url=]Golden Joysticks[/url] to wait a couple of weeks to host their awards?

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Bungie Weekly Update!!!

There may only be two or three more updates to go. We're back at god old [url=][/url] because we love them so. And although this update is weak, it has a remarkably cool Mister Chief. Not by me this time.

Why are you still reading this? Go to [url=][/url] and read the update! Right now!

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Bungie Guide to Game Modes

From now until launch - and beyond, we'll be bringing you play tips and insider secrets from the multiplayer modes found in Halo 2. You'll gain a unique opportunity to know the game before it's even on shelves!

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Bungie Weekly Update!!!

So, the Weekly Update is here, complete with Mister Chief, and what a week it's been. Not too much happened on the game front, but in the land of politics and crap like that, it was a doozy. Here's the [url=]FORUM POST[/url].

As you can see, the new post is located over with the good folks at [url=][/url] who've been helping tremendously with this week's shenanigans.

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