New Halo Action Figures in June

Joyride has posted a preview of its new series 8 Halo action figures. You can see some of the prototypes here: [url=]JoyRide Studios' new Action Figures.[/url] Naturally these may change slightly before they are finally released.

The new figures will be in stores June 2006. Series 8 will feature Master Chief with Flood Infection Form, Elite Commander, Heretic Elite Leader and the first ever 7-inch scale figure of the Jackal, complete with the Jackal shield.

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Bungie is Hiring!

In last week’s update, we mentioned that we were hiring a Contract Writer for That means we’re looking for an excellent writer, with lots of Halo and Halo 2 knowledge, good gaming skills and the desire to work at Bungie studios.

The job posting is now live at our jobs page, [url=/Inside/Page.aspx?section=Jobs&subsection=Main&page=1]so click here to go check it out.[/url] You can read the job description below. Applicants should know that this is a contract position, which means you’re contracted to work in this role for nine months. After that, the contract agency may place you in another position; however, it is not the same as a permanent, full time job. Applicants who make it to the interview stage can find out all the details from the agency. Also, we’re looking for a good range of writing ability and style, and we are not hiring folks in high school. If you’re not an adult eligible for a full time job in the US, please don’t apply this time. [b]Contract Writer[/b] Job of a lifetime? Come work at Bungie Studios and witness the creation of its latest masterpiece. Write compelling content for, immerse yourself in the Bungie and Halo universe and help maintain and grow one of the most active, energetic communities on the web. [b]Responsibilities:[/b] • Create professional, high quality, consistent content for • Assist with creation and execution of overall ongoing content plan • Assist with editing, formatting and web deployment of content created by other people • Help with asset creation and other community team projects as needed [b]Requirements[/b] • Excellent writing skills covering a broad range of styles and topics • Must be passionate and experienced with the Bungie Community and our games, especially Halo and Halo 2. • Have an excellent grasp of grammar and the English language • Well organized and self-motivated • Familiarity with basic HTML formatting • Sense of humor [b]Plusses[/b] • Experience writing for high volume outlets • Good gaming skills • Prior experience working on a game related community website • Basic knowledge of website content creation and deployment software and systems • Photoshop or other image editing software experience To find out more and apply, please click here: [url=/Inside/Page.aspx?section=Jobs&subsection=Main&page=1]Bungie Jobs Page[/url]

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Bungie Weekly Update

This week we take a look (or should that be listen?) at what's going on in the land of audio. We also have a nasty look at some awful, naked truths. Oh, and we're hiring again

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Bungie Weekly Update 1/13/2006 4:53 PM PST

Win DOA4 for Xbox 360!

Our friends at [url=]Halo.Bungie.Org[/url] are co-hosting a contest where readers can win a copy of Team Ninja's amazing DOA4 for Xbox 360 and show off their artistic skills in the process. All YOU have to do is create boxart for an imaginary fighting game.

Sounds like a blast, right? Head over to [url=]Halo.Bungie.Org[/url] right now to enter and with luck and some creativity, win!

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Bungie Humpday Challenge: DOA4

An unusual Humpday Challenge this week - we dust off our fighting game skills and battle internally for Bungie supremacy. So who emerges victorious in the first ever Bungie Dead or Alive 4 challenge? A surprise fighter.

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The Maw Slayer Tournament

Over in The Maw, the forum for Halo PC discussion, Iggwilv, a member of the Halo PC community; is going to be hosting a Halo PC Slayer Tournament on his server. [url=] Sign up in this thread. [/url] We already have quite a few entries so sign up quickly so you won't miss out on any [i] carnage[/i]!

When, Iggwilv, a member of the Halo PC community, first decided to lend us the use of his server it became the "Unofficial Maw Server". Now, we finally are using it to its full potential. Enter the [u] Maw Slayer Tournament[/u]. A competition full of fun, good times, and sweet, sweet, carnage. We're expecting about 32 entries and may be able to accomodate even more. There's no set date yet, but to find out more [url=] [b]check out this thread.[/b] [/url] You can find the rules along with the correct sign-up format in that thread. There's no requirements; whether you're good, bad or just plain talen7ed you'll enjoy the competition and have fun well doing it. Sign up now to be the Maw Slayer Champion! (bragging rights included)

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Taso From High impact Halo Interviews Frankie.

Out of all the people that could be interviewed, who would of thought that it would be Frankie, interviewed by Taso from HIH?

As I browsed through [url=] High Impact Halo [/url] I noticed that Taso got to interview Bungies very on Frankie.You can view the forum post here[url=] here [/url]. Go take a look. I envy you Taso.

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Watch Cortana's Movie!

Actress Jen Taylor, who plays the voice of Cortana in Halo, appears in a tense thriller called [url=]Inheritance[/url] now has US distribution, contrary to our earlier claim.

Last year, a small cortege of Cortana fans organized a [url=]Petition[/url] to get the movie released. Rumors that Jen Taylor appears wearing less than adequate clothing probably have nothing to do with the recent spike in rentals.

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Saving your games from the purge

[url=][/url] now features two new functions that lets you track and save your recent games: [*] [url=]Recent games listing[/url] [*] The [url=]Gamesaver[/url]

The [url=]Recent games listing[/url] Syndicates the RSS feed of a players recent games. It's designed to make it work in forum signatures. Like for me it would be: [*] [url][/url] The listing is far richer in both looks and content than stock RSS syndicators do fro this particular feeds. For instance: easy access to map specific [url=]Carney Holes[/url] and game specific strategy articles. Then there is the [url=]Gamesaver[/url] that pulls the game data from a given game and lets you save it on Now you can save your best games for bragging purposes. To make it really easy the Recent games listing includes links to the Gamesaver for each game it lists. Quick links for those functions: [*] Recent games: [url][/url] [*] Gamesaver: [url][/url] Enjoy!

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Seventh Column Art Competition 2005-6 Results

Gods Prophet writes:

As some of you may know, a few members here at have hosted an art competition for all members of the site. The date was set for 1/7/06 and one could almost hear the faint sound of clicking mousses and the deterioration of graphite. It's been tense, but finally the time has come to announce the winners of the 2005/6 Seventh Column Art Competiton!

So. In [b]third[/b] place: Ross Gemuend! [b]Info:[/b] [b]Bungie Login name:[/b] [url=]rossgemuend[/url] [url=][b]Picture[/b][/url] [b]Comments: [/b] This is a fantastic and outstanding piece of modelling. We loved the lighting effects and the accuracy to the actual Halo models. The Earth is awsome and the effect of the ship fleet is breath-taking. A congratulations is in order. In [b]second[/b] place: Kelli Washburn! [b]Info: [/b] [b]Bungie Login name:[/b] [url=] Pinkuh[/url] [url=][b]Picture[/b][/url] [b]Piece Title: [/b] "For the Team" [b]Comments: [/b] Wow. Just wow. You know, some people have ‘it’. You know what Kelli? I think you have ‘it’. A fantastic portrayal of the Halo 2 multiplayer map, Ascension. Also, very atmospheric. I particularly like the lightning’s effect on the near-by clouds and the light of the teleporter? The effects are just amazing and the detail on the central floor is remarkable. You more than deserve 2nd place. Infact it was a tight decision between first and second. Now for the winner. In [b]first[/b] place is.....Robert Kreps! [b]Info: [/b] [b] Login name: [/b][url=]TychoVII[/url] [url=][b]Picture[/b][/url] [b]Piece Title: [/b] Bigtime [b]Comments: [/b] Robert has produced an awe-inspiring art piece. He has used a very similar technique as Craig Mullins (and we all know how good Mr. Mullins is). This is a wonderful portrayal of marathon, and the security officer seems is so life-like. All the judges agreed that the thing that really caught our eye, that really draws us to this picture is the detail and the atmosphere. One thing I particularly love is the lighting with it’s radiant rays, even dust particles are included! Very atmospheric and well drawn lighting and a splendid portrayal of real textures (such as the pit wall). It’s very hard to dislike this piece and you most certainly deserve this. Congratulations and thank you for creating such an outstanding picture. Now is the time for, what we like to call, [b][u]“honourable mentions”[/u][/b]. Now, I would like to have listed about 51 of my favourite entries.. unfortunately I do not have the time nor the space. Instead, here’s the top 12 (in accordance to me): Andrew Helmer( name: Novakog), kirk manley( name: batmankm), Mike Hill( name: MickyH), Theo Prins( name: THE oO), Kelli Davis( name: Etoli), julien Grillaud( name: Forge Master), hatnaa batdulam, Cody Brigan( name: Kode_man), Pontus Ryman( namet: Spitfire51), 'Black Rose Mail'( Account: Newbzoar), Lloyd Frank( name: Igotgame1075), Wayne Miller( name: gjsx51) Ok, nearly finished folks. I must mention [url=]BFO[/url](Bungie Fans Online, a community based website…kinda like HBO) and in particular [url=]snowmanaxt[/url]. He (on behalf of BFO) has agreed to supply the winner (TychoVII) with a prize! As I understand it, it shall be something from the Bungie Store though what the [i]actual[/i] prize will [i]be[/i] is somewhat of a mystery...On behalf of Excalibur and all the judges of this competition, thank you for your kind generosity. You know what? I think that’s it! Again, thank you to all the organisers, to the g-mail team for creating g-mail and, most importantly, thank you to all the people who entered! Oh yes. One, small thing before I leave you. We thought we ought to show you two entries that didn’t [i]quite[/i] make the grade. I think they were just a little [i]too[/i] good ^_- [[url=]Created By: littlerat (Coke)[/url], [url=]Created By: VII Toast[/url].]

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Special Week in Review

This week, [url=/fanclub/blam/GroupHome.aspx]Chapter Founders[/url]' Week in Review includes an exclusive interview with the Bungie music maestro, Marty O'Donnell. Check it out [url=/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=5871592]here[/url].

This week, [url=/fanclub/blam/GroupHome.aspx]Chapter Founders[/url]' Week in Review includes an exclusive interview with the Bungie music maestro, Marty O'Donnell. Check it out [url=/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=5871592]here[/url].

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Bungie Weekly Update

A tender, loving update, full of joy and Bentllama, with a little news on the Vol. 2 soundtrack, no news on our next project and some news on Spartan 458. Humpday challenge on DOA4? Maybe.

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New Year's Resolution

Back from a long break, the Bungie guys are hard at work, and happy to share their best wishes for the new year, as well as their previously secret New Year's Resolutions. Normal service will!

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Old School Halo Tour

We picked this one up from Halo.Bungie.Org, who in turn picked it up from the [url=]MLG forums[/url] and it's a spectacular look back at the Halo multiplayer maps in the form of a beautifully played tour through the levels.

It's hard to describe, but if you have a broadband connection, it's well worth [url=]taking a look[/url].

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Rise of the Elites

One of our more creative readers has decided that there just isn't enough Elite loving out there. With that in mind, he has launched a campaign to get as many folks to switch to Elite models as possible, and rampage through Halo 2.

You can read about his half-crazed scheme here. [url=]Rise of the Elites Campaign.[/url]

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