Bungie Weekly Update: 02/06/09

Killballs, the grid, and Forging on a budget.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3 2/6/2009 3:18 PM PST

The Story Thus Far

Remember the date.

Cocopjojo has put together another thorough examination of events in the Halo Universe.  This time out, his focus is on the action leading up to and surrounding the date, October 20th, 2552.  To find out what Cocop finds so interesting about this twenty-four hour window, hit the link below and absorb some knowledge.

Ascendant Justice - October 20, 2552

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H3ITWP Remembers the 80's

Knucks writes:

An homage to 80's cop shows.

Looks like the seasoned veterans from Halo 3 in the Workplace have put on their aviators and they're ready to interrogate the witness.  Scroll down for a description and a uniquely themed video that might make those that remember the 80's a bit nostalgic for the programming of the past.

"Hey, remember the 80's? Many members of "Halo 3 in the Workplace" do and we made this video to pay homage to some of the great action/detective TV shows of yesteryear while also sharing some of the fun times we had playing Halo 3 during 2008.

In this video you will see Halo 3 action from the likes of Gunshin01, DB0L, FoMan123, Jowblobs, M Powered E36, Soulguard, Mrs Fiend and Eddie Knucks.

You get Bonus Points if you can name the shows from which the soundtrack came from! We hope you enjoy."

Teamtage - Final

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Top 10 Halo 3 Mongoose Kills

Anoj writes:

Tank Beats Everything? Nope!

"Here is the 23rd Episode of the Top 10 Series in which we find the 10 best of everything Halo.  This week, it's all about the mongoose.  Make sure to watch next week for the 10 best Epic Fails. 


YouTube - Top 10 Halo 3 Mongoose Kills: Episode 23

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Reclaimer 146 - Crypticism

Talk to me.

Episode 146 of Reclaimer is online.  Ferial is extracting answers.  That's not good.  Check out the comic below.

Reclaimer 146 - Crypticism

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Girl Gamer On My Friends List

She gets messages all day long.

The latest tune in the Bryan Simon Library is now available.  It's called "Girl Gamer On My Friends List" and it sums up the adventures in playing Halo with a girl gamer. 

If you don't have a female on your friends list, you can find one in Grifball this weekend, because as we all know, women are excellent Grifball players.  Just don't ask them if they are fat or if they have a Myspace.  That's a no-no.

YouTube - Girl Gamer On My Friend's List

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Breaking In - Christian Allen

Putting the pieces together.

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Inside BungieCareersBreaking In 2/5/2009 4:12 PM PST

February Matchmaking Update Live

Also, Grifball!

Like a thief in the night, the February update has found its way into the homes and hearts of Matchmaking players the world over. The change list is small this month, but intrepid users may notice the switch in the number of players between Lone Wolves and Rumble Pit. That's right, Lone Wolves has gone back to a six player maximum, while Rumble Pit games now feature two more potential zombies! Below is the changes in list format:

Lone Wolves- Maximum players reduced to 6 (was 8)
Team Slayer- Weighting on Smashed reduced
Team Objective- Weighting on Smashed, Octoplex reduced, Octoplex updated in response to player spawn issues

Rumble Pit- Maximum players increased to 8 (was 6)

Team Snipers- Weighting on Standoff significantly reduced

The Double EXP weekends for February are below (In order of appearance):

V-Day Massacre
Team Flag
Team Melee

Those of you that played Halo last year may recall the V-Day play list. Ranked Doubles with a twist: We'll be giving Recon to people that meet certain criteria. What criteria is that? Well, we're not going to say. I'll give you a hint, though: It's a doubles playlist. For couples. Pairs. Twos. Something to do with the number two.

How's that for subtlety?

If you're playing right now, you've probably already noticed that Grifball is available as double EXP right now! Grifball Double EXP Weekend is available until 2am PDT, Monday, February 9th.

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The Myth II Winter Series 2009

Peter99Dineen writes:

Get ready for some Myth.

The Winter Series 2009 is a Myth 2 Team Tournament being hosted on the Mariusnet.com server by Paris! It is set to span from February till mid spring. If you think you got the time and/or want to participate in Mariusnet.com's 2nd annual exclusive myth team tournament, head on over to http://tws.vitalsinerecords.com, register an account on the site and in the forums, find a team, and get to playing!

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'Oh No You Didn't!'

One part machinima, one part music video.

This one starts out pretty slow and serious, but around the two minute it becomes a little bit more, uh, well you should probably just watch it yourself.  Links to the multiple personality machinima, as always, are below.  One or two naughty words in the soundtrack, so if you've got sensitive ears, stay away.

YouTube - "Oh No You Didn't!"

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Halo Legend Tribute

Mike Miller inspired.

HBO just posted a link to a pretty sweet Halo PC Tribute video compiled by Eckosama (EMPTYSHELLS) Hussayne.  It's named after the original Covenant domination videos, "Legends," created by Mike Miller, but Eckosama is definitely doing his own thing.  Check it out below and hit the link to get it in HD.

YouTube - Halo Legend 4 Tribute

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'Worth Fighting For'

A story with a solicitation.

CriousGamers has released an interesting Halo 3 machinima short that uses no dialog to tell the story.  It's pretty good.  But they're not so sure it works and they're looking for feedback.  Constructive feedback.  Watch, rate, and comment at the jump.

YouTube - "Worth Fighting For" - Halo 3 Machinima Short

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'MLG Playlist' Top Ten Series: Episode 3

StreamLiine writes:

Count and nod along.

Not to be confused with the MLG/ESPN Top Ten proper or Anoj's Top Ten Halo 3 lists, this is something entirely different.  But that doesn't mean it isn't awesome.  Check out the video below and if you want to submit your own clips for contention, head on over to the channel page and send them in.

"The third episode of this new hit series is bigger and better, featuring a compilation of some outstanding exterminations and plays from the MLG Playlist.  The countdown includes clips that are infamous for their godly display of skill and luck, and other clips that are just flat out amazing."

YouTube - MLG Top Ten Series: Episode Three

"This episode was edited by Static Hazard of Project 360 Films and B Mc Gann, who was inspired to create a Top Ten Series after making the actual ESPN/MLG Top Ten (Episode 11, clip #8).  The first two episodes have totaled over 45,000 views, and Static and B Mc Gann hope to continue this countdown's growing popularity with the third (and best to date) episode.

Submissions can be made at www.youtube.com/bmcgann17, but the clips must be from the MLG Playlist or MLG custom games (2v2, 3v3, or 4v4, no FFA clips).  Keep an eye out for more to come"

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ODST 4th Battalion's Favorites Updated


ODST 4th Battalion is back on the battlefield this week  with a new round of content for Bungie Favorites and a short and sharp question and answer session that takes a look at the map Sanctum.  Sanctum was crafted by ODST 4th Battalion tactician, Cheeto666.  Here's the brief briefing on what went into his map and what he thinks Forge could use to make it a little bit better.

Q. What inspired your creation?

A. Nothing, really. Like most maps, I just start throwing stuff around, and have fun with it.

Q. How long did it take to create?

A. A week.

Q. What aspect took the longest to get right?

A. To this day I'm not sure if I got it right, but just getting a good balance of vehicles and weapons and base area was hard to make it equal.

Q. How could The Forge be improved?

A. Forge is pretty much good as is, but the one thing that could be fixed is when you bring in items. It brings in an item from somewhere else, like you grab it off a shelf. I would like it if the object spawned directly in front of you, so you don't get that "Could not create object. Not enough room" stuff.

Well, it looks like though this week's Q&A is short and sweet, it's pretty much good as is.  As always, if you want to see what the group on display has to offer, check out the links above to enlist or queue up some content for Halo 3.  Ordnance has been deployed.

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Mythic Map Pack Interviews and Sandbox Screenshots

Get your bucket and shovel.

And get ready to dig into the latest Sandbox media, by way of IGN.com and T3.com.  Hit the links below to learn more about the Mythic Map Pack and browse through a new batch of Sandbox screenshots.

IGN: Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Interview

T3: Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack: Exclusive Bungie Interview

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Reclaimer 145 - Games

Let the games begin.

The latest episode of Reclaimer is online and ready for reading.  Who doesn't like playing games?  Check out the newest page in the link below.

Reclaimer 145 - Games

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Vidmaster Annual - In One Hour or Less

Mahdi writes:

Grenade Jumps, infinite Lasers...

...you name it, it's all here in The Spartan I Project's Video Guide for the Vidmaster Annual Achievement. Watch it here with step by step instructions, hints, and advice from some experts who can help you complete this challenging achievement in almost no time at all.

Vidmaster Annual - Video Guide

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #12

Hallaer writes:

You won't like him when he's angry.

Time for another episode of ODS Steve. Steve isn't making any new friends.

Chronicles Of ODS Steve #12 - You Won't Like Him When He's Angry

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Sup Chief?

Webisode 1: "Mister Chief."

TheDuoGroup made good on the promise of more "Sup Chief?".  Webisode 1 is now ready for viewing.  Check it out below.  It's awesome.

Sup Chief? - Webisode 1 - "Mister Chief" from TheDuoGroup on Vimeo.

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Chaos Theory: Ep. 10: The Butterfly Effect

Now with "DarkSpire Films" Flavor!

No Ashton Kutcher in this installment, but you should check it out anyway.  Link and lengthy description below from the man who makes it happen.

"Hey Bungie.net,

This is Adam Susskind with this week's post of epic proportions. Episode Ten: The Butterfly Effect came out, and after a week of taunting stories on the Comic's blog about a secret guest star, the truth is out. Darkspire Films, of whom I am sure everyone knows of, helped me a great deal with this one. My man HolyChild (who recently got but a mere taste of the Banhammer's true power) got in the action as well. This week goes into the back story of all the characters, answers a few questions, and marks the second episode with a guest star (Jim Stitzel being the first. In fact, those who are not fans of Reclaimer will notice a sequence that makes no sense, don't worry about).

This also means that the series title "Chaos Theory" isn't only because it sounds cool, but because it has meaning in the story, despite what some might believe.

I'd like to send out an open invitation to join me in filming to the Bungie Staff, including good sir Urk.

Thank you all for reading, and Enjoy!

Adam Susskind, Writer and Producer, Chaos Theory"

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Average Joe - Vociferous

Wet, mangled, and reeking of dog breath.

Another offering from the Ascendant Justice cargo hold, Vociferous has been living up to his moniker for quite some time now, lending his magnifying glass and floral prose to those looking for more insight into Halo's narrative.  Like his comrade Cocopjojo, his words are often so close to the source material that we seldom feel the need to offer up any corrections.  This man knows his Halo.  If you want to learn a little about his own non-fictional tale, read on for some information about the man behind the "Wall of Text."

Q. Who are you and what do you do?

A. I'm Jeremy, but most folks know me as Vociferous from Ascendant Justice. Outside the Jundland Wastes of the internet, I'm a fairly simple guy; I spend most of my time hanging out with my wife and son, who is easily the biggest Halo fan I know.

When I'm not reading or writing, I spend most of the time working a real job: I'm a community administrator with a leading wireless company's website. Essentially, I babysit grown adults on an internet forum and support center - about 1.6 million of them.

Q. Diaper change time must be a drag.  Where did your tag come from?

A. "Vociferous" actually came into being around the launch of Halo 2. At the time, I had tossed around a few ideas with some of the originals from Ascendant Justice and this one was the one that stuck. Anyone who knows me personally will advocate its depictive accuracy.

I'm rolling with Mr Vociferous now because I committed the cardinal sin of changing my original tag which was, in fact, "vociferous". Now some dude has that gamertag and and as internet justice would have it, the last game he played was PGR3.

Yes, that's right. PGR friggin' 3.

Q. Kudos to him for being savvy.  What forums do you drift around in when you have the spare time?

A. I originally hail from Ascendant Justice's forum, but as of late, I've been participating heavily on NeoGAF - both are good folks. I got involved in all of this by starting a small thread on a backwater forum which was really just a way to organize my own thoughts on Halo 2. A lot of helpful hands later and we had a small, fledgling group of guys who loved discussing Halo as much as they enjoyed playing it.

Q. What do you enjoy about that play experience? Do you ever invite your friends and family to share in the fun?

A. Since the advent of Halo: Combat Evolved, I rarely steer my ship far away from the port. I was a heavy gamer in earlier years, but with a family in the picture, I find myself fine tuning my gaming focus on things with guaranteed payoffs. Halo's easily one of them.

I'm really hoping that the new maps and the upcoming expansion re-energize my original base of friends at Ascendant Justice. I have fond memories of razing enemies with those dudes across the geometry of Lockout, Midship, Sanctuary, Turf and Terminal for hours on end back in 2005. I'd like to recreate that in the next few months.

Q. Ah, the future.  It will be glorious.  But what about the past?  What was the first Bungie title you played?

A. My first full Bungie experience was Halo. I had known about Bungie and their games before, but Halo caught the corner of my eye while I was on the way to pick up a GameCube and I have never looked back. There's something magical about that first game. I think what Bungie has done with Halo 2 and Halo 3 is revolutionary and to be applauded, but for me, the first Halo had this powerful draw and charisma about it that I still find myself drawn to.

Maybe it was the crisp controls and movement, maybe it was the sprawling majesty of the nonlinear environments or maybe it was just the perfect composite of sandbox and combat together -- whatever it was, I was hooked on day one. I played hours upon hours, sometimes reloading the same exact encounter repeatedly for six months in a row just so I could experience it differently each time. (Two Betrayals, you have my number. Call me some time.)

The game was friggin' brilliant.

Q. Are you surprised by your friggin' level of community involvement?

A. Nah, I'm not really surprised. Relatively speaking, I've always been this involved in the Halo community since 2004. Thanks to Jironimo, nowadays I have a channel now for my writing - the blog. Before that, a lot of my stuff got tossed onto forums and then eventually passed around the internets as gospel or rumor until it came back to me, hitting my front door like a wet and mangled newspaper with the stench of dog breath.

I'd get my hopes up because someone would tell me that they had an official document chalk full of content for the next Halo game, only to realize that they were talking about something I wrote in my spare time. ULTIMATE SAD FACE! In the end, Bungie surpassed my wildest imagination in their sequels, so it made little difference. At least now I write things and there's no question where it came from.

Well, except for the -blam!- stuff. That's urk's fault.

It hurts me when you say that, Voc.  I think we better wrap up.

Thanks to Vociferous for supplying the answers to our pressing questions and for the walls of text he supplies over at Ascendant Justice.  We're looking forward to what comes next...as long as it doesn't arrive wet and mangled on our Internet doorstep.

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My Spartan Girl - Music Video

Reticent Auger writes:

This one goes out to all the ladies.

The newest video by Darkspire Films. This passionate Halo 3 singalong is dedicated to all female gamers and the incessant sexism of Xbox Live.Watch and sing along.

YouTube - My Spartan Girl

Warning: slightly raunchy (just slightly).

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LEGO Halo: Master Chief

Now in High Definition.

SmeagolStudios has re-released this precious ten month old video to give you the shiny High Definition quality you demand.  It might appear to be a promo for a longer work, but it turns out it's content complete.  The description claims this is the end for their version of Lego Chief.

YouTube - LEGO HALO: Master Chief (HD)

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Screenshot Spotlight: Phenomenon IV

Alec9224 writes:

Week two of Alec's Screenshot Spotlight series.

Alec returns to give aspiring screenshot artists some tips and tricks.  This time around, he's spotlighting Phenomenon IV, who offers advice on how to avoid the overdone, over saturated, overdeveloped screenshot.

"This week Phenomenon IV is here to tell us how to avoid the annoying overdeveloped screenshot.  If you are an experienced Halo 3 photographer, then you already know that when taking a screenshot on Blackout with filters turned on, most of the time the screenshot turns out all white if any light is present.  Well here is Phenomenon's tips to avoid that pitfall:

The Black Cloud Effect

The Black Cloud Effect is an effect that can help you make a screenshot on Blackout with filters, without it becoming too bright. I used this effect with many of my screenshots like Magnums.

First, spawn a power drain with forge. Throw it, then wait until it explodes. When it explodes there is a black cloud that appears.  Later, when you're in the Theater, you can zoom through the black cloud and angle it so you can see the player. When you look at the player it might seem as if it's too dark, but when you take the screenshot you should be able to make out the player just fine. If you're having trouble and the shot is just too dark, you are probably too far outside the cloud.  Get closer to the cloud and it should become a bit brighter.

If you want to get the best results, I recommend making a bridge in the sky so you can be closer to the black background. You can also force color black by editing the options in the pregame lobby.

If you want to learn how to do Phenomenon's "Heavenly Hog" effect, head back to the original Point and Shoot news story.  It's already been covered.

Now, here is a brief interview with the author:

Q. What inspired you to start taking screenshots?

A. Well I saw a screenshot made by InfluentKiller, and I thought it looked very cool, so I decided to try making screenshots myself. Although many people have inspired me, he is likely the person who inspired me most. Making screenshots is very fun! I really like finding out how things work in Halo 3 to discover new effects. I love it when people ask, "How in the hell did you make that screenshot!?"

Q. Are you still actively taking screenshots?

A. I try my best to make new screenshots. Especially since I finally got my HD Widescreen TV. Yes!

Q. Out of all of your screenshots, what is your favorite?

A. A lot of people love my Heavenly Hog screenshot but my personal favorite is Galactic Rider, I love the blue in the screenshot.

Q. Want to make any shout-outs?

A. I want to thank The Revisionaries and Facility B5D, my all time favorite groups. Also, I want to thank all my friends, Bungie, and the people of the community!"

Thanks again to Alec for drumming up the players behind the screenshots.  And thanks to Phenomenon IV for sharing his tips and tricks.  Great stuff.

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H3W HowTo: Screenshots for Comics

Silent Vandal writes:

It's not just point-and-click.

The Catfish has written the first part to a series of articles on capturing good screenshots for your comic. This installment talks about framing and dead space. Context is everything!

Community 2/2/2009 1:04 PM PST permalink