The Flaming Ninja Challenge 2

petetheduck writes:

The latest obstacle course in the Flaming Ninja Challenge series has arrived!

The Flaming Ninja Challenge 2 is an obstacle course that spans the entire length of Forge World, featuring unique and varied obstacles designed to challenge everyone from Noble newbies to the toughest Halo veterans:

-Supports up to 16 players!
-All checkpoints unlocked!
-A Jetpack loadout for casual play!
-A no-Jetpack loadout for serious!
-Falcons, just for fun!

Download the map variant and gametype directly from the FNC Fileset

Or visit this thread for pictures and the full description, including details on a special team-based obstacle challenge territory gametype--the first of its kind for an obstacle course!

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Pixel Force Halo Released

Grim Mortis writes:

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, AR start.

Today. Two days ago. Whatever.

"If you have been following the inter-webs closely for awhile you have probably already heard about this marvelous addition to the gaming library. However if you haven’t heard of Halo’s 8-bit remake, read
closely. A man by the name of Eric Ruth (who has also done 8-bit versions of Left 4 Dead and DJ Hero) has now released his latest 8-bit creation, Halo. That’s right you can play Halo now with all of it’s non-existent past NES glory. In this side scrolling shoot em’ up you will be riding Warthogs, platform jumping, and blasting away Covenant the only we the Master Chief knows how."

Pixel Force Halo Released Today on Piki Geek

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Top 10 Halo Reach Multikills: Episode 13

Anoj writes:

I wanna get a killionaire so freaking bad.

Hey everyone it's Anoj and here is Episode 13 and the Top 10 Multikills from Halo Reach.  Clips are submitted from all across the Halo Community so if you want in on the action, make sure to watch after the clips have ended or read the information below. Enjoy!

YouTube - Top 10 Halo Reach Multikills: Episode 13 by Anoj

To get your Halo Reach clip featured, go to and click on "Submit a Video."  Make sure to see which episodes are accepting submissions and pick the theme that fits your clip.

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The Running Riot 3.0

emilio30 writes:

Up and running.

After five long months, The Running Riot is back with a new site, a new live streaming host and is ready to launch a new wave of interviews. Leading this new wave will be Miguel Chavez from on February 16th 9:30pm ET. In the meantime, check out the new site with our new video podcast format with "Highlights" of the past live interviews. Episodes 14 through 18 are now up with more coming every day.

You ready for TRR 3.0?

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Halo: Reach Mythbusters: Episode 5

CheckedBRUTES writes:

Needs more mustache.

The force of a Gravity Hammer will not save you from a terrible fall (in Halo; probably also in real life). That and other Halo Reach myths are busted (or confirmed) in the newest episode of Halo Reach Mythbusters.

YouTube - Halo: Reach Mythbusters Episode 5

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Reclaimer: Systems Interface

Fried Cookie789 writes:

No, in YOUR face!

If it's anything like the last time this red hot Reclaimer brain stew, coming up!

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Grifball is Live

Catch the disease!

In case you missed the news in last Friday's update, or haven't stepped into matchmaking today, Grifball is now live. Go smash things with a hammer.

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Halo: Reach Debuts at Video Games Live

Experience the music.


Halo Composers Marty O’Donnell, Michael Salvatori and Other Special Guests to Attend

World Premiere to take place in Seattle, WA at the Paramount Theatre on Saturday, January 22nd

LOS ANGELES, CA - The live touring sensation Video Games Live will be debuting new music from the highly acclaimed Xbox 360 exclusive video game, Halo: Reach. The Award Winning music from the latest game in the Halo series was composed by Marty O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori who have been with the franchise since the beginning. Both Marty and Michael will be in attendance at the Seattle performance of Video Games Live and are available to all ticket holders at the post-show meet & greet for autographs and pictures.

This will mark the first time that the music from Halo: Reach has been performed in front of a live audience. “It’s a real thrill and honor to have our music be a part of such a successful event like Video Games Live.” said Bungie Audio Director Marty O’Donnell, “To know that people around the world are able to experience our music live in such a creative and artistic way is very exciting for both myself and Mike.”

Video Games Live currently has over 30 tour dates on sale across the globe with 30 more shows expected to be added for 2011 (

The world premiere of Halo: Reach will take place on Saturday, January 17, 2011 at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA. New tickets for this event have just been added:

To stay up to speed on Video Games Live, follow them on Twitter and friend them on Facebook!

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VIP Lounge Timelapse

Carnage A51 writes:

Star Nameplate Speed-Art!

Fast Forging, awesome art.

"This is a Star emblem that was made by some members of VIP Lounge at the end of our last gamenight! It took us approximately three hours, but we sped the video up and condensed it to three minutes! We hope you enjoy it, and good luck getting that star!"

YouTube - VIP Timelapse

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Forge Lesson 42: Polish

Godly_Perfection writes:

Polish until it shines and glistens.

Haven't you heard? The Community Cartographers are out and hunting for community maps for matchmaking. What do you think their looking for? Whatever each one is looking for, I can guarantee that a certain amount of polish is going to be required before they even consider your map for submission into matchmaking. Shall we explore the concept of making your maps squeaky clean? But of course good sir. Let's polish your map so we can make it feel as professional as possible.

Lesson 42: Polish

* Applying polish to a map requires you to pay attention to minor details that most players don't notice
* Sometimes you have to think outside the box to find how you can polish your map further
* Polish doesn't refer to just aesthetics, it can refer to a lot of gameplay factors as well

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Halo: Reach - Fails of the Week Volume 17

uncle w0p writes:

What the fudge!

Yes, it is supposed to be "Fails of the Weak," but please feel free to PM me about the typographical anyway.

Achievement Hunter - Fails of the Weak Volume 17

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Reclaimer: World-Lines

Silent Vandal writes:

The kind of thing that makes your standard, run-of-the-mill soothsayers green with envy.

Reclaimer looks to extend the extended universe. So meta.

"Today's Reclaimer is up -- and it's all about a new element introduced in Halo: Cryptum. Go check it out! There's also a small wall of text talking a little about the Reclaimer design process and some (very) brief thoughts on Greg Bear's contribution to the Halo canon."

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Bungie Weekly Update: 01/14/2011

Welcome to the eye of the beholder.

Read Full Top Story

Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo: Reach 1/14/2011 2:14 PM PST

Halo: Reach - Forge Timelapse

Jones AA writes:

Fast and furious Forging.

I have no idea how this map plays, but there's no denying the timelapse Forging is all kinds of cathartic. If you want to give this space a test spin after watching, download it here.

"Check out this timelapse of a map being built in Halo: Reach's forge! Forgers UNSC Warhead and Jones AA struggled for four continuous hours putting together this fun little FFA nugget."

YouTube - Halo: Reach - Forge Timelapse

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Fire Team Zulu: A Long Walk In the Park

FyreWulff Rex writes:

Take a walk on the long side and get some sweet DLC codes.

The final challenge of the week and the final prize challenge of the month. You want some Reach campaign? Here you go. Head out on the Long Night of Solace on Heroic and collect yourself some DLC goodness. Second place even gets a Banshee avatar item!

Fire Team Zulu: A Long Walk in the Park

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TPP: How to Score (Attack) Week 2

jake_108 writes:

You'd be surprised how similar Grunts are to Sand-People...

We're back on track with a set of Score Attack tips. This week focuses around Gruntpocalypse on Courtyard. With a few easy tips, you can get one session down to a routine six minutes, while keeping your credits high of course. Let's do this thing, babies.

Just remember, they'll be back, and in greater numbers.

Teabag Prevention Presents: How to Score (Attack) Week 2

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Tyrant's Solo Legendary Guide - COMPLETE!

Tyrant122312 writes:

Nine missions. No Deaths.

This week, Tyrant's Solo Legendary Guide for Halo Reach winds down to a close with the epic eye-popper, The Pillar of Autumn, and Daniel "Tyrant" Morris will be serving as your guiding voice from start to finish in this epic journey.

Here, you'll be fighting against all ranks of Covenant from the lowliest of Grunts to the rarely seen Drones, and finally one last stand against the Field Marshal himself!  All this while you're racing against the clock to deliver a vital A.I. to the most iconic vessel in the Halo franchise.  This is the uncut three-parter showing YOU, the player, how to slaughter this mission on solo Legendary without dying, and just for fun, we switched on Iron, Catch, Tough Luck, Grunt Birthday Party, Cowbell, and IWHBYD.  And did I mention scoring? Yes, we're doing this for points too.

Be sure to stay tuned next week for a special Lone Wolf bonus video!  Thanks for watching, community!

Also, keep an eye out for Tyrant's next series coming soon...Tyrant's Halo 3: ODST Legendary Guide!  Remember, subscribers are able to get a sneak peek of the latest Tyrant-Halo goodies before the general public ;-)

Tyrant's Halo Reach Solo Legendary Walkthrough

1) Winter Contingency
2) ONI: Sword Base
3) Nightfall
4) Tip of the Spear
5) Long Night of Solace
6) Exodus
7) New Alexandria
8) The Package
9) The Pillar of Autumn

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Blood Gulch in Cataclysm?

You can never leave.

HBO noticed that Achievement Hunter noticed that you can visit Blood Gulch in Cataclysm. Wow.

Eat it, Grif!

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Halo: Reach Top 10 Kills: 1.12.2011

CheckedBRUTES writes:

Comes with a miniature Top Ten memorial statue.

We countdown from Multiplayer kills from Halo: Reach. Air assassinations, mid-air splatters, death-defying leaps of faith, and much more! Tag your kills with "IGN" and you could be in the next Top 10.

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Achievement HORSE #6

BeastJohn II writes:

Who doesn't like the HORSE?

Jack and Geoff take to the digital battlegrounds again to hash out who is the king of Halo Horse. WHO WILL YOU ROOT FOR? Maps are available here:

Achievement HORSE #6

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Coastline Racetrack

CruelLEGACEY writes:

Take a new track for a spin.

If racing around on a Mongoose revs your engine, hit the gas and power slide into the video and website linked below.

"CruelLEGACEY Productions' latest Forge creation, the Coastline Racetrack, is now available.

Coastline Racetrack Trailer

Check out the feature article and download the track over at Early reviews are overwhelmingly positive. I'm currently looking for more testers, so check out the track and let me know if you would like to get involved!"

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Reclaimer - A Potential Window

When a door closes, smash out the nearest window with a hammer.

It's a fictional suggestion, of course. You should never commit vandalism unless your life or safety depends on it.

Reclaimer - A Potential Window

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Fire Team Zulu

Send Me Out With a Bang.

Complete FTZ challenges and you could win some Legendary prizes! (Thanks to the fine folks over at HBO for the notice.)

Fire Team Zulu - Send Me Out With a Bang

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Reach: Central - Halo Reach Stats for WP7

PR7 Shinigami writes:

Mobilized and ready.

Pretty sure I already used that subject line half a dozen times. There should be a stats app to track that!

"Show your friends you're Rank, Commendation Progress, Recent Game Stats, File Share and more. View Reach's Daily and Weekly Challenge, and of course show your friends your Overkills and Exterminations on Team SWAT with Recent Game Stats and Detailed Medals.

-View your overall progress
-Last 5 game history with medal details
-Save pictures from your File Share to the phone.

We have topped 2,000 downloads since the app launched in November.

Check it out at"

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Firefight Arcade is Live

Would you like to continue?

Firefight Arcade is up and running. Go blow up some bad guys.

1 team of 4 takes on the crazy Firefight experience. Teams have unlimited lives as they play for 15 minutes.

Team Size: 2-4
Max Party Size: 4
Max Local Players: 2

  • Fistfight: (Based on Rocketfight with weapon pickup enabled, Hammers and Sword starting weapons, added 200% Damage and Melee modifier, 2 each grenade count, Player Movement 120%, enable Grunt B-day, IWHBYD and Cowbell skulls, disabled dropship, 2X Overshields, Skirmisher Bonus Round, Loadout 5 is Hologram, 5 Second Respawn, added Heretics into Waves)
  • Nadefight: (Based on Rocketfight with weapon pickup enabled, Grenade Launcher and Concussion Rifle starting weapons, added 150% Damage and Melee modifier, 4 each grenade count, enable Grunt B-Day, IWHBYD and Cowbell skulls, disabled dropship, 2X Overshields, Skirmisher Bonus Round, Added Evade for Armor Lock, and Hologram for Dropshield, 5 second respawn, add Heretics)
  • Rocketfight (weapon pickup enabled, add: 150% Damage and Melee Modifier, 2 each grenade count, enable Grunt B-day, IWHBYD and Cowbell skulls, disable dropships, 2X Overshields, Grunt Bonus Round, Swapped out Armor Lock for Evade, Swapped out Drop Shield for Hologram, 5 second respawn, add Heretics)
  • Sniperfight (weapon pickup enabled, add: 150% Damage and Melee Modifier, 2 each grenade count, enable Grunt B-day, IWHBYD and Cowbell skulls, disable dropships, 2X Overshields, Grunt Bonus Round, Added Sprint back in and Hologram, 5 second respawn, add Heretics)
  • FRGFight (based on updated Rocketfight with Fuel Rod and Needler starts)
  • Plasmafight (based on updated Rocketfight with Plasma Launcher and Needle Rifle starts, and 4x Plasma grenades)

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