Johnson's Overkill

Ready, Aim...


Mid7night over at HBO caught Sergeant Johnson on camera getting just a little bit overzealous with the Spartan Laser.  Normally, players would welcome the assist from afar, but hit the sweet HD video below to witness the unwanted carnage that ensues.  Either way, you gotta give the man props for the shot.

YouTube - Halo 3: Sergeant Johnson's Overkill

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This is Madness

This is parody machinima!

'3' is an epic tale of a trio of Spartans tasked with taking on the Persian least until it's time for them to finish their homework.  Arm The Flag originally began this video production during Halo 2's heyday, but it was never finished.  Until now. Well, not now now, more like a few days ago, but whatever.

If you watched the Halo Community Live airing, you might have already seen it.  If not, check out the embedded video or link below.  Thanks to OMG iTz AnTi PRO for the head's up.

YouTube - 3

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Tag and Release - 'Hammer'


The ceremonial Gravity Hammer used by Brute Chieftains and Halo 3 multiplayer combatants alike always makes an impact.  Whether the business end is being applied to the helmet of unsuspecting players or to the bumper of an errant Warthog, the effect is much the same - objects caught inside the vortex are in for one bumpy ride.  Wielded in serious combat, a Grifball match, or used to play a friendly game of Rocket Baseball, the hammer always brings the thunder.

No, you cannot has

Web of Destruction


I shouldn't have to tell you by now, dear reader, the easiest way to pound some sweet content out of the collective Halo 3 File Share is to use the handy dandy All Tags link from the main menu above.  Hit the link and swing away.  No need to worry about potential splash damage.

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Halo 3 Equipment Emporium

robby118 writes:

Mention this ad and get a free Radar Jammer!

Down at the Equipment Emporium, they've got every piece of equipment for every Halo 3 situation. Regenerator? Yep. Flare? Yep. Power Drainer? Yep. Trip Mine? You better believe it.

So come on down to the Equipment Emporium today!

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Real 7alk Podcast #6 - Farewell

AlexRees33 writes:

Extreme music and probing questions. released their sixth podcast on the 2nd of January. This time around  they say farewell to the site founder, Ryaaan14, and interview featured guest, montage guru Phurion.

The moderators of also make an appearance, but getting to that part of the show without running to the nearest bathroom is a challenge.

You have been warned.

Real 7alk Podcast #6 - Farewell

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An Hour on Xbox Live

Spitting game.

Hawty McBloggy posted a sweet little video detailing the niceties that pour through Xbox Live microphones during some of the more interesting Halo 3 matches.  Naughty language in this chronicling, but you already knew that, didn't you?  Yeah, we know all about your foul mouthed lobby antics.

YouTube - An Hour on Xbox Live

Found by way of HBO.

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Reclaimer 132 - Candlestick

Crackle, crackle, fizzle, and pop.

Reclaimer 132 is online for your viewing pleasure.  Things are still a bit, uh...nutty.  Hit the link below to make your Monday morning less mundane.

Reclaimer 132 - Candlestick

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Explosive Ordnance Disposal

AoD D3ad1te writes:

Go boom.

A nice premise with some really choice editing, this video serves as a sort of fictionalized back-of-the-box take on what EOD armor is all about with the promise of more to come.

"Explosive Ordnance Disposal is the detection, identification, on-site evaluation, rendering safe, recovery, and final disposal of unexploded explosive ordnance, But this Spartan is disposing the "explosive ordnance" in the enemy's base.

Enjoy! More armor shorts on the way!"

Youtube - Halo: Explosive Ordnance Disposal ("EOD")

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Real Hayabusa Armor Unlocked

HaloGuru13 writes:

"...just came up from Songnam this morning."

Okay, "this morning" is a bit of a stretch, this video was posted back in September, but it's still pretty sweet.  Wonder if the energy shielding works.

"Hayabusa armor in real life? Check. Katana? Check. Youtube video for all to see? Check."

YouTube - Halo 3 Hayabusa Armor Finished

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Master Chief Theater 3000: Season 2 Finale

Pyroman writes:

"Mind telling me what you're doing in that theater?"

"Master Chief and Arbiter watch the last of Halo 2's cutscenes. Please enjoy!

Halo 1 is next...Muahaha."

MCT3k: Season 2 Finale

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Reclaimer 131 - New Rules

Reboot Sequence Complete.

Reclaimer 131 is online.  Technical jargon and tiaras.  Hit the link below to analyze the data spike.

Reclaimer 131 - New Rules

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DigitalPh33r's Holiday Special: Part 2

"...and a ridiculous series of events unfold."

As always, DigitalPh33r has packed his Holiday Special full of candy-coated expletives.  If you're easily offended, or without parental supervision, don't click the link below.  Part 1 is available in the related video links after the jump.

YouTube - DigitalPh33r's Holiday Special: Part 2

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Halo Community Live - The Aftermath

Check out what you missed!

On December 30th, at 7:00 EST (4:00 Pacific Standard) various videos, interviews, and some special treats aired on Halo Community Live. The videos are all still playing here. Or you can check out the official Halo Community Live Youtube Channel here.

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Halo 3: Make Love Not War (Episode 1)

Aerzy writes:

What happens when you go into matchmaking and try to make peace?

See some funny clips of Aerzy Productions keeping peace in matchmaking, don't forget to watch in HD! You can view the Youtube Channel by clicking here.

Halo 3: Make Love Not War

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