Reclaimer 122 - The Toolmakers

Consult this!

Reclaimer 122 is ready to be engaged.  The Reclaimer warnings have gone unheeded.  The time for words is over for now.

Reclaimer 122 - The Toolmakers

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #5

ODS Steve Arrives.

Chronicles of ODS Steve #5 is up for consumption over at Hawty McBloggy this morning.  Seems to be setup for what's to come, but if you're interested in the DeepCee's new strip, hit the link and check it out.

Chronicles of ODS Steve #5 - Arrival

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The Running Riot's Favorite Files Updated

emilio30 writes:

And open for submissions.

The good folks over at The Running Riot have fished out some of their favorites from a community pool of Halo 3 screenshots and film clips. They've also opened up submissions for the next round of content.  Hit the link below to browse and submit. 

TRR Favs

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Top 10 Halo 3 MLG Playlist Kills

Anoj writes:

No Radar? No Problem.

Not to be confused with the MLG/ESPN Top Ten List put out by, Anoj has put together a collection of the best kills captured on film from the Halo 3 MLG Playlist.  Check 'em out.

"With the competitive gaming community as big as it is, it was only fitting to give a whole episode dedicated to the amazing footage that takes place in the MLG playlist.   Enjoy the best 10/11 best clips submitted from hundreds of players around the Halo community!"

YouTube - Top 10 Halo 3 MLG Playlist Kills: Episode 17

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Legendary Savings - The Payoff

Thanks for Playing!

Last Monday, we told you about the Microsoft LIVE Marketplace Holiday Deal of the Week that temporarily lowered the price on the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack. If you partook in the sweet savings (or had already purchased the Legendary Map Pack) and played in a "Legendary Required" Halo 3 playlist during that week's time, you earned yourself a chance to win a sweet set of Recon armor.

All said and done over the seven day span, hundreds of thousands of unique gamertags played themselves into eligibility. From those, a sizable selection of winners were chosen at random.  After being vetted for cheating, inappropriate gamertags, and bad breath, the armor fabrication process is now in full swing.

If you want to know if you netted some spiffy new duds, you'll should rush home later this evening, fire up Halo 3, and check your available armor permutations.  For those that didn't win, thanks for playing.  Hopefully, you earned yourself more than a handful of good games as consolation.

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Average Joe - RandomSauce

Meet the man behind the myths.

Having netted nearly 450,000 YouTube views with the first entry in the Halo 3 Mythbusters series, RandomSauce and the DTHclan have made an instant and unique mark upon the Halo community.  They've even made impressions on folks here at the studio, with watchful employees heard remarking, "Hey, you can do that in our game?"  Wild stuff.  But what does RandomSauce do when he's not busying himself with busting and confirming some of ubiquitous myths about Halo 3?  Read on to find out.

Q. Who are you and what do you do?

A. I'm Matt Portner. I'm 16 years old and currently a sophomore in high school. I work part time at a construction materials company which is a lot more fun and exciting than it sounds. My hobbies include (obviously) playing video games, skiing, skateboarding, making videos - both Halo related and IRL, and browsing the web. I created the series Halo 3 Mythbusters a few months ago with my friend TURRET BUDDY. We've created a total of seven episodes now, incorporated our friend CO0L BEANS, and we just opened our website,

Q. Random tag is random.  Where did it come from?

A. A few years ago I went on a trip to Wisconsin to stay with my friend who owns a lakeside cabin there. One day we were out on a raft and we started talking about how cool it would be to create a slang term that became common, like "rad." After a few hours of brainstorming we came up with "baguette" and "randomsauce." Baguette was taken.

Q. Baguettes are delicious - of course that tag was being squatted on.  What forums do stake your own claim to?

A. I spend most of my time in the Halo 3 Forum and The Screw. Nowadays, I also frequent The Gallery forum. I love it there. There's so many amazing artists in the community! I also pop into Facility B5D every now and then.

Q. Why gaming?

A. What I love the most about video games is that when you are playing a great game and you fully immerse yourself into the story, you can experience something that even the most well made movies can't offer. I also love the relaxation. It's a great way to get your mind off things and have some fun. I am almost always playing with my friends. It's so much more entertaining to play with people that you enjoy spending time with.

Q. What was the first Bungie title you entertained yourself with?

A. The first Bungie title I ever played was Halo: Combat Evolved for the original Xbox. I received it as a gift for Christmas, a little over a month after it was released. It was the first shooter that I ever played with dual joysticks, which I'm sure made the experience that much better. What really sucked me in was the great graphics, greater game play, and amazing music. Oh the hours that I've clocked on Hang 'em High.

Q. Are you surprised by the hours you've clocked with the community?

A. Yes! I am quite surprised! I literally did not become involved with the community whatsoever until about three months ago. I hate to admit it, but the first thread I had every created on was the "What myths would you like to see busted in a Mythbusters style Halo video?" which I created at about two o' clock in the morning on the night that we were recording the first episode. After that I became hooked. I started visiting the forums very frequently as well as many other Halo community websites.

Q. So you're involved with other Halo-related communities?

A. Yep. I'm a moderator over at Real7alk, and nowadays I also frequently visit ForgeHub and Arm the Flag.

Q. Wanna make a shout-out?

A. Shout out to the Moderators, the Real7alk Staff, Toasted Ravs, and mskji…

Myth: RandomSauce is awesome.


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Fast-paced Halo 3 Minitage

Zandax writes:

Short and sweet.

For those looking for a montage that doesn't run into feature length territory, this "Minitage" might be to your liking.  Zandax found himself with some time on his hands and put this together for your viewing pleasure.  Check it out.

"Zandax is currently stuck with the RROD,but that's not stopping him from, expressing his feelings for Halo. He brings with him another Montage this time it's short, sweet, and fast paced. Not bad for being edited in 3 hours!"

Youtube - Zandax Practice Minitage
(Don't forget to turn on the New High Def feature for Youtube!)

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Playing With Your Head

Mind over matter.  Not a miracle, a fact.

Hawty McBloggy posted about a pretty interesting early stage prototype Virtual Reality Halo Gaming Helmet.  We've been hearing that VR is just around the corner for quite a while now, but these guys seems one step closer.  When this baby hits store shelves, be sure to hop in your flying car and be first in line to strap this badboy to your head and get your Halo on.

From the blog:

"A group of rather ingenious gamers over at Headplay, a website that specializes in developing unique optical and high-quality video processing technologies, recently took an existing optic piece, planted it inside a Master Chief helmet, and prototyped a virtual reality Halo gaming helmet. I’m sure a little more work than that went into it but unfortunately, beyond a few pictures and a fairly crappy video, details are light at this point. Potential however is humongous. Hit the jump and watch the short video while I go dust off my Master Chief Legendary Edition helmet. I knew that sucker would come in handy someday!"

YouTube - Halo Gaming Helmet Prototype

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Street Fighter IV at the Pentathlon

Sometimes we almost have it too good...

When I met with Frank O’Connor, my would-be boss at Bungie, he told me that my interview with him was going to be unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Frank wasn’t one of the shock troopers sent in to shine a blinding light into my eyes and grill me with a series of hypothetical questions, as I was pretty certain he would be.  It turned out the Frankie portion of my day-long loop was designed to relax me. The apparatus he employed to keep my nerves in check?

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Like it should be, Capcom’s Street Fighter series is a pretty big deal here at Bungie. There’s a group of guys who play regularly at lunch, occasionally snagging games during the day. And there’s even an email alias at Bungie, specifically crafted to contact those interested in “Fighting Games.” Like a bunch of our other internal lists (Music Aficionados, Spam, Ideas, Parents, et cetera), this alias has all kinds of fighting game related news posted to it: character reveals, new art, techniques, game balancing changes and other assorted information and discussion.

When Joe Tung asked Capcom’s Senior Director of Communications and Community Chris Kramer, and Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian (peep Capcom’s Community site) to come out to the Pentathlon and bring a version of Street Fighter IV for the studio to check out, the ask was, for lack of a better term, tall.

Yet, last Friday at the Pentathlon, the annual Street Fighter Tournament, usually played on our 3rd Strike machine, was played on a 360 build of Street Fighter IV courtesy of Chris and Seth, who hand carried builds up to Seattle to hang out with us.

And before you ask, we played with sticks, not joypads.

During the Barrython (the moniker given to the Street Fighter tournament), the crowd was bigger than usual. We projected the signal onto a wall in one of our conference rooms. Our general enthusiasm for the game – some of us were pretty enamored with SFIV – begat curiosity: Who did the particle effects? What are you doing for networking? When is it my turn at the sticks?

The Barrython is an annual test of might in Street Fighter. On the fighting gamers mailing list, we’re now trying to figure out how we’re going to get the best possible set-up for Street Fighter IV when it arrives next year.

Today, Tom Doyle, 3D Artist and Barrython Commissioner, answered a handful of quick questions about the Barrython via electronic mail:

How was the Barrython named and what started the Barrython?

Barrython was named after our own Chris Barrett (mangod art director on project X). He bought the Third Strike cab when we moved out of Redmond. Think of it as a celebration of independence in kumite form.

How is the Barrython tourney structured?

Single elimination tree with random seeding.

What maintenance work is required to keep the Third Strike machine in working order?

A servitor team of Ugnaughts from the Bespin Cloud City and a few junior Animators.

How is the “Final Boss” determined?

Final Boss? I don’t know what you are talking about. This is a fighting tournament, not some stupid videogame.

Why Street Fighter?

Because Time Killers and Clay Fighters machines are hard to come by.

Who won this year?

Richard Lico but…. he got the bad ending. Better luck next year Lico!

Special thanks to Seth, Chris, Capcom and the folks at Capcom-Unity for letting us fangasm over Street Fighter IV. It was awesome and folks should check it out when it comes out in February.

Player Select

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Breakaway: A Rock Opera Machinima

blubenz writes:

Machinima for dinner, served with a side of Meatloaf.

"Breakaway : A Rock Opera Machinima" takes an unusual, but interesting musical approach to Halo 3 Machinima.

YouTube - Breakway: A Rock Opera Machinima

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Tag And Release - 'Mongoose'

"Speed is the only protection this vehicle provides..."

...Unless of course you're riding brokeback.  The M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle, or 'Goose, might not be the most effect combat vehicle in the UNSC's arsenal, but without a doubt it has the most humorous horn.  It has also seen quick adoption as a strategic component to almost any objective strategy, lending its lightening fast speed and thin and trim frame to many an entrance and exit.

Night Rider

Under Fire

On Fire

Three shots of the Mongoose for your viewing pleasure this week. As always, there's no complex strategy needed to dig 'em up. Use the All Tags tool to search for the Highest Rated screenshots tagged "mongoose."

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Halo Line Rider Timeline

JackyBoy575 writes:

The shortest path.

There are dozens of Halo-themed Line Rider levels out in the wild, but this one made us chuckle.  Could have been the accompanying track, the Bryan Simon inspired joke at the end, or maybe just lack of coffee in the early goings of Monday morning, but either way, check it out.

"Some of you may have heard of the game Line Rider. Its a flash game where you can create a track and your little sledder "Bosh" rides the line.

Youtube - Line Rider: The Halo Timeline

Thanks to Linerider

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Hard Justice: Episode 6

The truth is out there.

"Bernard shows up for work, only to find Max, Eddie and Howard doing burnouts in the parking lot. He eventual continues further investigating the murder case against Howard and Esoteria governor Roman Drake's direct orders."

Youtube - Hard Justice: Episode 6

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Reclaimer 121 - Tool of the Forerunners

Silent Vandal writes:

"The call has been issued."

The 121st installment of Reclaimer is online.  The Reclaimer makes a dramatic entrance to an isolated outpost.

Reclaimer 121

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Winter Pentathlon Live

There's a party in our pants and everyone's invited...

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Child's Play Charity Dinner Auction

"Support the Gamer's Charity."

The fine folks over at Penny Arcade are once again hosting a dinner auction in support of Child's Play.  If you're looking for a chance to feed your face, bid on awesome auction items, and be a benevolent and kind human being, hit the links and get your tickets now.

From the site:

"Penny Arcade is hosting a swanky fundraising dinner event for Child's Play and you're invited!

Since 2003, geeks and gamers worldwide have banded together through Child's Play and raised over three million dollars in donations of toys, games, books and cash for sick kids in children's hospitals across North America and the world. Our annual fundraising dinner auction is the headline event for the drive; please come out for a delightful evening and support the gamers' charity!"

Buy Tickets

For those interested in Bungie swag, here's a brief description of one of the items we're placing on the auction block:

The Bungie Classic Sack

Before Halo, Bungie – then Bungie Software Products Corporation – operated in leaner times. Rumor has it that some of these games were hand-packaged at the Bungie of yesteryear. Hard to find, out of print for an age, the Bungie Classic Sack unearths pieces from our 15-year plus history. Enjoy untouched, unspoiled, In-the-box versions from our vault, from our history.


• Pathways into Darkness
• Abuse
• Marathon
• Marathon 2 : Durandal
• Marathon Infinity
• Marathon Strategy Guide
• Myth : The Fallen Lords box set (classy wooden box includes Myth soundtrack, Bungie holiday cards, t-shirt and Myth : The Fallen Lords for Windows 95, signed by Jason Jones)
• Myth 2 : Soublighter
• Myth 2 : Soulblighter poster
• Oni
• Oni Door Poster
• Bungie T-Shirt

Child's Play Charity Dinner Auction

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Reclaimer 120 - Reunification

"You're going to love this part."

Episode 120 of Reclaimer is online for your viewing pleasure.  "Reunification" reveals more information about the events of the past.  Thanks to HBO for the link.

Reclaimer 120 - Reunification

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Winter Pentathlon Preview: The Events

The games that will decide a year's worth of bragging rights.

Even now, a few weeks shy of a full year later, Joe Tung still gloats about last year's Halo 3 final. His Old Skool squad, dressed to the nines in matching sweater vests and sweet pleated khakis, beat a squad of Newbies in a thrilling, down to the wire finale.

He still mentions it almost every time he mentions Halo.  I can't say I blame him, though - I take every opportunity I have to remind Froman that his squad fell to mine in the first round last year.

Tonight is the last night of practice, the last night of pleasantries and the last night of preparations. Teams are making last minute alterations, walking around with envelopes, bags, hushed conversations, and the IT Ninjas Urk wrote about earlier this week are tearing down desks and setting up rooms for gaming.

Five events will determine which team earns bragging rights over the course of next year:

Rock Band 2
Wii Bowling
Secret Game
Halo: Combat Evolved 4v4

There will be no Weekly Update tomorrow. We'll all be imbibing the spirit of Competition. There will be updates throughout the day, as the events unfold their wings and we flap toward destiny.

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Real7alk Podcast #5

Randomsauce writes:

Hawty McBloggy, Halo 3 Mythbusters, Bryan Simon, and more!

"The fifth Real7alk podcast has been released and is available for your downloading pleasure. This one includes a prank call, an interview with Hawty McBloggy, a never before heard song performed by Bryan Simon, and a group interview with the Halo 3 Mythbusters."

Possibility of naughty language and innuendo is off the charts with Hawty in the recording booth, but if you're willing to risk it, go ahead and hit the link below.

Real7alk Podcast #5

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Breaking In - Tam Armstrong

Striving for perfect Bungie balance.

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Inside BungieCareersBreaking In 12/4/2008 2:34 PM PST

Matchmaking Season 2: The Horn of Nanu

Reticent Auger writes:

The Realm of the Banned.

Darkspire Films has released the first episode of Matchmaking Season Two.  Adult language (bananas, nipples, et cetera).

"Vince awakes to find himself surrounded by a strange new environment."

For HD quality visit

Matchmaking Episode One:The Horn of Nanu from Darkspire Films on Vimeo.

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Rocket Race Double EXP Weekend

Saddle up.

Shishka informs us that this weekend's Double EXP Playlist is now live and in full effect.  Grab a partner and get ready to ride, it's Rocket Race time.

Rocket Race is available until 2am PDT Monday, December 8th. Heroic and Legendary map packs are required. Go for broke. Back.

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Halo 3: ODST Trailer Stills

Prepared to Drop onto your Desktop.

We snapped some updated stills and a new wallpaper from the Halo 3: ODST Trailer and added them into our online collection.  Hit the Halo 3: ODST Project page to browse and save as.  Before you get too excited about the prospect of newness, keep in mind that if you've seen the trailer, you've already seen these shots.  We just thought we'd give 'em to you all official like and in high resolution.

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Art of War - Halo 3 Montage

Zandax writes:

We need a montage!

Some of you might remember the "Essence" video we posted on this here blog a few weeks back.  This morning, Zandax returns.  This time he's brought with him a few solid minutes of gameplay.

Nothing revolutionary here, but the editing is sweet, the beats are phat (that's what the cool kids used to say in the 90's), and the play is a bit more varied than the typical sticks and snipes found in almost every other 'tage floating about.

Check it out - in widescreen!  Hit the link below the embed for the higher resolution video.  Naughty words in the song, kids.  You've been warned.

Youtube - Art of War

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H3ITWP Fun-tage

BigCountry1369 writes:

Betrayals and suicides and stupidity, oh my!

Looks like the "funtage" remains all the rage among our community groups.  Here's another lighthearted offering.  It's on the long side and best viewed via the high quality flavor offered at the Youtube link, but if you're lazy or cna't figure out how to make the jump, there's an embed below.

"Halo 3 In The Work Place (H3ITWP) and BigCountry1369 present "The Fun-Tage," a collection of funny clips that invariably happen when playing with buddies.

I'd like to give a shout out to Mini Waz for giving me the "Fun-tage" idea many months ago with his original Mishap Montage.

Enjoy and thanks for the clips everyone!"

Youtube - H3ITWP Fun-Tage

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