Achronos Rides Along With The Ancients

Grizzled Ancient, meet Ancient Warriors.

As the school-on-school violence demanded by the Bungie Winter Pentathlon approaches, the mood in our studio has become edgy.  Coworkers stalk one another around the snack bar, casting sidelong glances over shoulders to size up their opponents.  The tension between young and old hangs in the air like fog exhaled by the evaporating snowbanks that delayed our inevitable skirmishes.

On frequent occasions, the silence is shattered by proclamations of pending Fist ownership.  Sometimes, the talking of trash spills out into the streets, as it did last week on the forums.  These grudges have even lead to an abuse of executive power.

To all who frequent the social environs of, the wizened visage of Achronos should serve as a warning about the fate of trolls, as well as a reminder of the traditions that define our community.  He is the overlord of all he surveys, locked into a dangerous partnership with the Disembodied Soul itself.  When he posts to his word is as good as gold.  So mighty is his control over our domain, that not even your faithful Assistant to the Community Manager can escape its grasp.

On the fateful day of our class warfare, Achronos will fight alongside the most tenured of Bungie citizens as a student in the school of the Grizzled Ancients.  Seasoned by years of battle, he has smote many challengers on the mountainside of the Pentathlon.  To delve deeper into the history that shaped Bungie, I requested an audience with the benevolent overlord of our online community.

It was reluctantly granted on the eve of our Community Ride Along with the Bungie Private Group, the Ancient Warriors. (More on that in a moment.)

Based on the official warning that you issued to me via The Soul, are you truly confident that the Grizzled Ancients will win the Pentathlon?

Cup stays here.

You mean, Fist.  After our games last night, you rushed off to practice playing MW3.  How were your training maneuvers?

Practicing went well, except for the one particularly brutal game where we got owned by our random opponents.  However, our honorary team member and chief morale officer (my wife) kept things positive by providing helpful advice like “you should stop running into bullets with your face,” or “man, that helicopter lit you up…oh, look at how high your body bounced,” and even “did you just die by shaking?” (after numerous explosions nearly killed me and I died from a single bullet while in a slow-motion red haze) - all loud enough so that her commentary can be heard over voice chat, much to the amusement of my teammates.

As the leader of my own school in the Call of Duty tournament, I must ask if you really think you stand a chance against us Newbies.

We stand an excellent chance – we have solid teamwork, and I’m getting better about not running into bullets with my face.

Alright, alright.  Enough of this.  We have company.  During the games we played on our ride along with the Ancient Warriors, there were many expressions of thanks for all of the fun they have had playing Bungie games over the years.  Since I am new to the show, it was hard for me to take a bow.  How long have you been here, keeping the pillars of strong?

I have been employed at Bungie since January of 2001.  I used to be just the web developer guy, but over the years I’ve expanded my role to do all kinds of server-side engineering (stats, services) with a dash of community support on the side as has become much more than just a simple web site for posting news and forums.

That is a lot of lines of code and locked threads.  Throughout all that lost time, what is the biggest change that you have observed at Bungie

The number of people is easily the biggest change.  I knew everyone on the original Halo team, even if I didn’t interact with them as part of my job.  As the years have gone by, and the pace of hiring continues to be fast and furious to meet the demands of the future, it is really difficult to recognize people I don’t work with regularly that haven’t been here all that long.

On the flip side, what is the most important thing that has stayed the same?

The ridiculous amount of passion of the people at Bungie has never wavered.  I’ve been here through the furious crunch to get Halo to the Xbox launch, the trials of Halo 2, the amazing and scary additions to for Halo 3, ODST, and Reach (no ODST love?), and the online launches for all of those games (many of the server team visibly age for the first 48 hours or so of a game launch).  The one thing that has always been true is that people here put everything into their creations.  People stay late when they don’t have to, just to make the latest milestone a little bit better.  It’s always more than just meeting the deadline or the baseline expectations – it is about being our own harshest critics and pushing each other to be better.  Building a new game that exceeds our previous work after coming from Halo should be scary, but with the passion of everyone here… challenge accepted.

Speaking of unbridled passion, even with nothing to report, we enjoy a visit from Bungie fans every day on our website.  Can you tease them with something to look forward to in terms of an update to their clubhouse? has changed a lot visually over the lifetime of Halo, but it has been fundamentally altered only twice during the Halo era – once in 2001 when we changed it from a Myth site to Halo site (and added the fanclub chapters), and then in 2004 when we switched to the code base that has been in use since then.  The transition to the post-Halo won’t just be a visual change with a few new/altered features.  It has served us well this last decade, but we have a window where we can build ourselves tech that will last us the next decade.  I won’t talk specifics, of course, but we’re taking everything we’ve learned over the last decade and building ourselves a brand new battle station.   I can’t wait to share it with you.

I can’t wait either.  We’re lucky to have had such a faithful monitor of this facility for so long.  Good luck to you and your fellow Grizzled Ancients on Friday.

Thanks, but it is my privilege to work here.  Not many people can say that they have fun and enjoy their job, but I do, and a lot of that is because of the community of Bungie fans.  Except for Achilles1108 - he’s kind of a jerk.

Right around the time that The Soul was being exploited to scold me for overstepping the boundaries of my youth, a similarly-grizzled emissary from a tribe of ancient Bungie fans came knocking on my door.  For longer than some members of our community have been out of diapers, the leaders of a private group called the Ancient Warriors have been hosting a virtual old folk’s home on, catering to a withering minority of gamers who hold onto the controller past the ripe, old age of (gasp) thirty.  One of their leaders games under the tag Maddog1953.  The number in his call sign is the year of his birth, betraying the true extent of his ancientness.

Having found myself suddenly surrounded by my elders on all sides, I decided to conduct some research into the psyche of gamers who refuse to go gentle into the good night.  Here was a chance to know my enemy.  If I could lure Achronos into a ride along with his decrepit kin, I could study them and learn of their weaknesses.  To peer into the mind of gamers who believe that age and experience overcome youth and vitality, I tricked Maddog into sharing with me his darkest secrets.

I would usually kick off a conversation such as this by asking if you have always been a gamer, but Video Games were actually invented during your lifetime. Tell us the story of how you came to be a digital warrior.

Maddog1953: (gets teeth off the table and puts them in) Well, sonny... All kidding aside, I'm 58 years old and I've enjoyed gaming since I was a child. It was a natural progression from pinball machines to arcade games.  Finally, I got an Atari 2600.  As my kids got older, we had to get a Nintendo.  Of course, I had to get in there and play along, so I always kept my hand in it.  I discovered the Halo-verse when I was at a meeting at church and happened to walk by the youth group...they had Halo: CE fired up and I was amazed how far home video consoles had come. Once they put the controller in my hand, I was pretty much hooked.

Your career as a gamer is a long and winding road.  It looks like you made every stop along the way.  Tell me about your current destination. What makes the Ancient Warriors a special place to hang?

Maddog1953: One thing we all have in common, other than our love of video games, is that we know what it's like to try to balance our gaming habit with the demands of our careers, family, and "life-taculars" that come along. We are a very diverse group - our members are from all walks of life and from all over the world. We have husbands and wives who are members, as well as brothers and sisters, and some of us are old enough that our sons meet the age criteria.

How long have you been gathering together the old guard of in the games of your choosing? How did your group get its start?

Maddog1953: The Ancient Warriors will celebrate our 4th year of existence this August. In the beginning, I did a search of and found a group whose purpose was to help people improve their game.  I met another senior gamer, BC Miltiades, and we figured that there had to be others who shared our love of the game, and that we could benefit from teaming up. We borrowed the name of the group from another "chronologically challenged" gamer we had met, anci3ntwarrior, and the group was born. We provide a fun, MUTUALLY RESPECTFUL environment in which to play and discuss Halo and life in general.

Congratulations on using the tools at your disposal to build your own castle.  Do you sit alone on the geriatric throne?  Or do you have help leading this kingdom of geezers?

Maddog1953: My good friend BC Miltiades has since moved on to other things, but he was very instrumental in the formation and continued survival of the group. We are led by a committee of eight - myself and Muad Dib, OCCR, Cease2xist, DadWithAGun, John McGhee123, airfalcon2, and Mauro Fire.

 A round table, even!  How do you go about finding new ancients to retire in your keep?

Maddog1953: We are always on the lookout for prospective members when we're online - you might spot something in their gamertag, or just in talking with them in the lobby. I also periodically post a recruiting thread in the Classifieds.  Referrals from our current members are another way.

You sound like quite the networker.  What sort of tactics do you use to bring your Ancients together in a game?

Maddog1953: We try to mix things up to keep the group vibrant and energized. Some of our members are very skilled, and borrowing from what we learned at the Halo 3 Academy, we have regularly scheduled events. Currently, Fridays are ODST nights, Sunday, we are having Map Awareness classes, and a staple for us has been Monday nights, where I host Maddog's Monday Mayhem (it's sort of a grab bag - one night it'll be Rumblepit, another we might re-visit Halo 3, another will be Big Team, or customs). We post sign-up threads in advance of the events and it's pretty much first-come-first served, and we always have a list of alternates.

What does the future hold for the Ancient Warriors?

Maddog1953: As I mentioned previously, we are a great group of friends - I've met several AW's in real life, as have some of our other members. Although we are Halo-centric, we allow discussions of pretty much any game or topic, as long as it's kept civil. All good things come to an end, but I hope we're around for many years to come!

As the setting of our ride along, the Ancients selected Halo: Reach.  Achronos and I (temporarily) buried the hatchet of our interschool rivalry to enter matchmaking on the same team as a squad of early arrivals from the Ancients’ camp.  Immediately, the benefits that Maddog spoke of were apparent.  These gamers move, shoot, and talk as a team that is well-oiled like a wheelchair axle.  Before it could even be spoken, we were holding the balcony on Countdown like a phalanx of Spartans in the pass of Thermopylae (look it up, kiddies).

As the rest of the ancients arrived to our gathering, we opened up the battle to accommodate a bigger team.  In a game of Neutral Bomb on Ridgeline, I was able to display my prowess as a community manager.  Practicing that which urk took the time to teach me about stoking the fires of fandom, I expressed my appreciation for the loyalty of the Ancient Warriors by luring them to a safe place where I could run them over in my car.  In truth, that folly was all my own.  Even though Achronos defended me with the observation that he was clearly in the way of a blitz, I am offering the public apology that was promised to Max Sterling for betraying him as a member of my team.

In a game of Team Slayer on a remake of the ancient Halo: CE classic Hang ‘Em High, the lead was swapped more times than an aging mind could count.  All the while, the mood was like a family reunion, stocked with cheery grandparents.  Tactical chatter was balanced by friendly taunts like “Maro, I know you can hear me!  And I want you to know you are NOTHING without that shotgun!”

To cap off the evening, we stress-tested the fading recollections of our elderly guests with a stroll down the memory lane that leads to a remake of Headlong, one of Halo 2’s most popular cityscapes.  As even the most “chronologically challenged” gamer might recall, the threat matrix for a game of Team Slayer on this map is highly vehicular in nature.  Unfortunately for Maddog, he forgot all about the dangers of standing in the landing-zone opposite the broken bridge.

This ride along of ancient proportions was enjoyed by all.  Achronos and I would like to thank our hosts for the honorary place in their ranks.  If you find yourself keeping company half your age in the wilderness of Xbox LIVE, you might want to stop by the clubhouse of the Ancient Warriors.  As for Bungie, one of the very few things on which all schools of thought can agree upon this week is that we love to see people using our website to form friendships that they will have for several lifetimes.

As for the Grizzled Ancients, our temporary truce ended with the party lobby.  The Pentathlon trophy is in play, and will choose the school that speaks their lesson true.

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The Pentathlon Awaits

Four Schools.  One Cup.

"If any of my competitors were drowning, I'd stick a hose in their mouth."
-Ray Kroc, McDonald's Founder

Were you to peek into the maximum-security recesses of our dark lair on any other day, you would find the fine men and women of Bungie toiling as a unified team in the quarries of art and code.  But on Friday, January 27th*, we will be torn from our desks, divided into four schools by tenure, clustered into strike teams led by captains drunk with power, and sent into battle.  This is our day to shed the thin veneer of friendship and ruin our workplace relationships in ways that will take all year to rebuild.

This is the Winter Pentathlon.  It begins with an opening ceremony to reinforce the oaths that we all have sworn.  On bended knee our veterans will prostrate themselves at the altar of World Domination.  The fates themselves will then collide in trials as diverse as the warriors that will participate in them for glory, honor, and immortality.

*Seems even the fates can't make it into work when it snows in Seattle.

Along with Bagel Fridays and Chuckie’s naked ass, the Winter Pentathlon is among the most cherished traditions at Bungie.  It’s a celebration of games, and a reminder of why we make them.

To lend some context on this cornerstone of our shared culture, I paid homage to the Exalted Committee that plans the affair.  Behold the historic wisdom of Grizzled Ancient, Dave Dunn.

How will this Pentathlon live up to the wild expectations that are swirling through the studio?

We’ve jumped up the number of scored events to 9 to try to encourage all the employees to play in something. With so many more people having joined Bungie, we felt we needed more opportunities for people to participate.

Which School (or “Skool” if ye be Olde) will emerge victorious?

I think all the pundits agree that the Grizzled Ancients will scrap and claw their way to another victory.

You are clearly abusing this official inquiry to exercise a position of bias.  Explain the process.  How do you  guide this event to victory year after year?

We procrastinate as long as we can until we realize that we’re screwed and then we organize a bunch of frantic meetings to draft captains into service, pick events, and plan the day.

Aside from procrastination, what values are weighed most heavily in these frantic meetings as you give shape to the pentathlon? 

We try to foster an environment that caters as best we can to all the different types of gamers we have; hardcore competitive, casual, players of videogames, players of traditional games, strategic, etc.

Cater to us Newbies and describe the origins of the trophy that our elderly seem insistent upon calling “The Cup.”

Way back in the day, we decided we needed something to play for other than bragging rights.  Joe Staten, I believe, took it upon himself to craft a trophy from a lamp, a colander, and a plastic skull.  On a visit to Chicago for the summer pentathlon, the Oni team lost the battle but won the war by stealing the trophy back to California with them.  Thus began the phrase “Cup Stays Here” which the Grizzled Ancients have adopted as their battle cry. 

But why do you call it a cup?  It doesn’t look anything like a cup.  My attempts to drink from it have been met with nothing but broken teeth.

Because it sounds better than “Trophy Stays Here.”  About four years back we decided we needed a real trophy for the Pentathlon so I came up with the idea of a trophy inspired by the Stanley Cup.  I wanted something that represented Bungie – thus the Fist – and had space to engrave the names of the winning team members, like the Stanley Cup tradition.

Behold!  The Fist!  Now that Dave has revealed all he can about the Pentathlon planning process, allow me to introduce you to the schools who will strive for eternal commemoration on the metal plates that adorn The Cup.

To those about to Pentath, we salute you.

The Four Schools

Grizzled Ancients
Huddled over their tennis ball-capped walkers, the Ancients will stalk slowly and painfully toward a victory that they feel is their birthright.  Attempts to retrofit a typewriter to serve as a peripheral to play DOTA2 were abandoned, in favor of bottle-thick bifocals to focus in on the ideal hand in poker.  Can this beloved Cup be pried from the vice-like grip of their tonic-soaked dentures?

Old Skool
In a desperate attempt to grasp the fleeting residuals of their youth like sand in an iron grip, the Old Skoolers have intentionally misspelled their own school name.  Glory days of Pentathlons past will drive them forward as they defend previous titles.  Are their best days behind them?  Or have the ages seasoned them as the ultimate power in the studio?

Middle School
Like the adolescent child striving for attention alongside adorable infants and distinguished adults, Middle Schoolers will struggle to make a name for themselves in the family.  Having shrugged off the naïveté of early childhood, the Middle School will issue forth with textbooks strapped to their backs and a prowess to prove.  Can they take their rightful seat at the grown ups’ table?  Or will they be sent to clean their room without supper?

The pacifier will be spit onto the dusty grotto so that teeth can be gnashed in a blood-thirsty snarl.  The voice-stifling fear of saying the wrong thing in a meeting will be replaced with a barbaric yawp.  Newbies don’t know well enough to be afraid – very afraid.  Will this be their tactical advantage, or their untimely undoing?

The Games

The day-long event planned for this cast of players represents a gauntlet of competitions from almost every genre and category imaginable.  From the desktop to the tabletop.  From the fog of war to the fog machine.

Let’s do this.  The competitive shooter in the line-up boasts a class system that fits in lock step with the theme of the day.

DOTA 2 Beta
Each school will cast their best spell to conjure up victory while a live cast tells the tale of their magical battle.

Forza 4
Take the wheel.  Mind your torque.  Keep that priceless prototype off the wall.  It would be a shame to scuff your custom paint job before it
can be judged by race fans.

Puzzle Hunt
The boundaries of human intellect will be stretched to the point of shattering.  Complex riddles will require the mindshare of entire teams to crack the codes therein. Root beer will be mercilessly drunk.

This challenge will draw from both sides of the brain.  Problem solving meets creative expression.  Communication will be forced through the prisms of numerous artistic mediums. Including clay.

Blongo Ball
It’s like a game of horseshoes, only slightly more (if not completely) suitable for indoor use.  We already have the divots in our drywall to serve as evidence of much practice.

Texas Hold ‘Em
There is no limit to that which will be wagered.  All cards will be wild, from a certain point of view.

Dance Central 2
So you think you can dance?  The Bungie Webcams make a triumphant return, andfor those with two left feet there will be nowhere to hide.

Rock Band 3
No celebratory gathering of family would be complete without a house band to murder the classics.  A panel of distinguished judges will make the star makers of reality television look like the nicest people you have ever met, while our alpha-geeks channel their inner rock star.

Our At-Home Audience

While we play the roles of the gladiators on a stage of our own making, you will be invited to serve as the carnage starved audience.  You are all invited to the party, attending through the virtual interfaces of your choosing.  Feast your eyes on this Friday to witness the revelry as it unfolds.

Monitor webcams that reveal the feast and the dance.

Browse photos, uploaded to illustrate the story as it is written.

Decide the winner of the Forza 4 paintjob fashion show in a forum election.

Spectate the gilded mediocrity of our DOTA tournament, along with expert color commentary provided by Tobi Wan from

Keep an eye out for episodic updates to our scoreboard.

Follow the chorus of Bungie Tweets (@bungietweets)

The Pentathlon awaits. 

Victory will choose only the most cunning of the four schools entered into this pageant of jubilation and sport.  The rest will be sent home to sulk in a vanquished state, waiting for their next opportunity to settle old scores, birth new legends, and totally redeem themselves.

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Stop the Stop Online Piracy Act

Make your voice heard.

At Bungie we tend to keep our collective nose out of state affairs. We can’t even come to a consensus on which bus line to take into Bellevue in the morning, let alone arrive at any unified conclusions regarding our equally congested political roadways. But we all agree that SOPA sucks. And we’re not alone.

In a clumsy effort to curtail online piracy, this messy piece of legislation will, if passed, negatively impact both the games we make and the people who play them. If that sounds like very bad news to you (and it should), we encourage you to take a few moments to learn more about SOPA by reading the bill itself, by visiting the Electronic Frontier Foundation for more information, and by contacting your representatives in United States Congress and the Senate to make your voice heard.

Bungie is opposed to any legislation that curtails free speech, stifles innovation, and prevents the open sharing of information on the Internet. SOPA fits that bill. If it passes, it will hurt our community, the gaming community at large, and it could very well cripple the kind of games we love to create and play.

Just like online piracy, that would be downright criminal.

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Bungie Mail Sack 2.0

More Questions. More Answers. More Bungie.

Welcome to the first mail call of the new year.  On this occassion, I have broadened the conversation to include some fellow teammates.  Your curiosities ran a wide range of topics.  To tackle the broad spectrum of interrogatives, I got by with a little help from my friends.

  When is the next major update?

As soon as I finish sorting through these questions, I will update the site with some answers.  How's that?

Onyx81  What did the Bungie team do to celebrate the Holidays?

We sacrificed a turkey at the altar of Rooster Teeth.

The Storm  Can we have a community ride along on a game other than Halo?

    HOOBLA 911: Didn't we have a CoD one recently?

I am the one answering the questions around here!  Community Ride Along events will showcase the games that we are playing while Bungie is dark.  What are you playing?  Tell us all about it on the forum.  Start a group with the other people who play it.  Play it together.  Make enough noise, and I am very likely to come knocking with a ticket to ride.

Sir Killalot33  Why are you on fraternizing with fans and not completely leaving us alone for the holidays? We must deteriorate your sanity on some level.

I gave up my last vestiges of my sanity when I accepted the challenge to manage the fanatical hoard that is the Bungie Community.  I no longer had any use for it anyway.

JBSpudster  Who would win in a fight between the Millennium Falcon and Godzilla? By answering this, you would be settling a 5 year debate with my best friend.

For an answer that is better than the one I could give, I have wrenched a laptop that is blistering hot from running Star Wars: The Old Republic for 12 hours straight from the death grip of resident graphic designer Halcylon, who says:

“I think it's pretty clear that, although Godzilla has radioactive breath and strength, the falcon can still make .5 past light speed - and can make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.  That should be adequate enough to escape a giant lizard that needs sunlight to warm his cold blood.  Space is cold.  Lizards are slow in cold, as illustrated here...”

We hope this lays the issue to rest.  Five years is a very long time to be debating such things.

Malfar  If Bungie were a test pilot, what type of test pilot would they be?

Only the very best test pilots can land a plane that is on fire.

Supernova33221  Do you have to be part of a group to be part of a community ride-along?

You do not have to be part of a Private Group to be drafted to ride along, but it does up your chances.  When I am planning these events, I try to match a notable persona with a group from that shares their interests.  From time to time, I might flash-mob a board on our forum for random participants, but those occurences will be far from predictable.

antony X1000  When are we likely to see the next site update?

This question again?  I will update the site in a minute.  These questions don't answer themselves, you know.

ExquisiteDragon  Why does Stosh hate toast?

You people are killing me!  This question is so 2011.

Moose427  What kind of snacks are you all eating these days?

All of them.

xgeua  How many employees can the new Bungie Headquarters house?

All of them.

Blue Jesse  How many people standing on each other’s shoulders would it take to reach the ceiling in the main (largest?) room at the new digs?

All of them.  Actually, we have not had to stoop to such crude tactics to reach the ceiling, thanks to our rock wall.

ECOH Cam  Any word on if the Average Joes interviews are coming back?

That’s was urk’s beat.  While I will continue to find new and exciting ways to recognize the pillars of our community, those celebrations of particular individuals may not be packaged in the ways that you have come to expect.  In other news, I am also changing the name of The Flood to “Mr. Giggle’s Happy Time Explosion Zone.”

HOOBLA 911  When will stosh be accepting Avatars and Themes again? I know many people wish to know this.

The discussion thread that was used to solicit these contributions was four years old.  To save me the confusion of trying to figure out where stosh leaves off and I pick up, I have shut it down.  The fanbase crowdsourcing department is back in business, under new management and with a new challenge in play.

lord of dahorde  Who is your favourite normal user on

As soon as I find a normal user, I will raise them up on a pedestal as my favourite.  Each of you displays a dangerously abnormal love for the playing of great games.  For that, we are eternally grateful, and cautiously terrified.

YahwehFreak4evr  A few years back there was a Bungie baseball cap in the Bungiestore. Can we please see that make a return?

I passed this question along to Christine Edwards, the content coordinator who (among other awesome things that keep you entertained) stocks the Bungie Store with sweet offerings that let all of you express your commitment to our goal of world domination.  She said:

“We are definitely planning a grand return of baseball hats to our store in the near future.  We’re currently tweaking our designs and testing out the best production methods to make these hats as awesome as possible, so stay tuned!”

Izak609  What level are you in Skyrim?

Zero.  I used to play Skyrim, until I took a job offer from Bungie to the knee.  Actually, I have never played a moment of that game.  Many of my coworkers would be ashamed of me for not dabbling in their current favorite digital excursion.  I tend not to play games that lack firepower, spaceships, or Ferraris.  This is just one gamer’s opinion, of course.

GPK Ethan  Are there any new Aerospace games coming out in the near future?

I went straight to the oracle for an update on the Aerospace front.  Please allow me to introduce you to Bernie Yee, the producer of our mobile applications portfolio.  When grilled for comment, Aerospace Actual got all philosophical on me:

"Even for smaller games, the process is like giving birth. Not that I would know, since all I did was stand next to my wife while it happened - ready to help in whatever way necessary. I should have gotten a producer credit.  The short answer is “Yes.”  We’re working on a couple of small, interesting (and, as of yet, unannounced) projects, and some more ambitious ones.  When they are ready, you will be the first to know, and download, and play."

Bob Bobinson  What is best in life?

Being on the original Team Conan.

borrowedchief  Any chance of a Pentathlon preview?

An epic showdown will be described in graphic detail.  Newbies will clash with Grizzled Ancients.  Middle School will battle Old Skool for dominance and bragging rights.  Puzzles will be solved.  Cars will be raced.  Gunfire will be exchanged.  Yours truly is leading a competitive shooter team to the front lines of battle.  Hanging in the balance is a place in history, engraved onto a sweet, sweet trophy.  Achronos calls it a "cup," but it is clearly a trophy.

IliKEpOPtaRTs54  Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Uhhmmm… No?  Having read that question four times, I took a guess. Don’t hold me to that.

Kboyz07  If one offered to lick a window in bungie studios clean, would they be given a full free tour?

No, but we would provide them with a tour of Bellevue, WA in an ambulance that would deliver them to a hospital to have their stomach pumped clean.

NobleBeat  Is Martin O'Donnell (Marty) good playing Halo?

I thought he was pretty good the other night.

UnderTheKnif3  What music genre is seen as the most popular at Bungie?

The last time I opened the Mail Sack, one of you asked what is the most popular game at Bungie.  Allow me to set the record straight.  Bungie is not unified by a singular mind.  Our big, happy family is more like a multi-headed hydra with colliding opinions and conflicting passions.  There are hundreds of us.  While we can all agree on many things, there is no way we can settle on one genre of music.

Butane123 Which class should I play in Dark Souls?

I don’t play Dark Souls.  You know who does?  Multiplayer Design Lead, Lars Bakken.  If you have paid attention when Bungie has marched employees in front of the camera to talk about their work in our ViDocs, you would recognize him.  When reached for comment on Dark Souls, Lars said:

“I would recommend starting as a Warrior class. Your initial gear is really quite good, and, most importantly, the shield you get early on will help immensely. If you really want to try magic, but still want to have access to good weapons relatively early, you could also try a Pyromancer. The great thing about Dark Souls is that your starting class is just that.  You can mold your character in any direction you want over the course of the game. Good luck!”

Kr1egerdude  How pumped are you for future Community Carnage and what are some of you plans for it?

I am most definitely pumped about The Community Carnage events that members of host for one another.  However, the plans are not mine to hatch.  That is a fan-owned and fan-driven event.  I have received some interesting messages from leaders of Private Groups that want to form a network of event management that keep the action in the Bungie Community steady, but I will leave that for them to announce.  Anyone who wants to know what they have planned, or throw their weight behind their movement, should join the group.  They host a great party.

talon2000  What’s the atmosphere like in the studio at the moment?

It’s a mix of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide; with minute, but pungent traces of methane.

Sven Nietzsche This is more for Lee Wlison: Can we expect any "ass shots" in the next IP's cutscenes?  (I know you wont answer this)

Shows how much you know, Sven.  For this priceless pearl of wisdom, I went straight to the source that was cited in your interrogative.  Lee R. Wilson, the cinematic design lead who is hard at work in our Spandex Palace, had the following tease for you:

“Absolutely. With our advances in character rigging and performance capture you can expect truly dynamic and expressive asses.”

Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to assist in this process should check out one of the newest job postings on our careers page.

Butane123 What does Marsellus Wallace look like?

What?  I will answer your next question in the same way, even if you double dare me.

MetalxTongue  When will there be sleepovers on never sleeps, friend.  Our servers are as constant as the Northern Star.  Our network of Ninjas is global.  The sun never sets on our virtual domain.

Insane Monx  Do Bungie Employees (other than the Webteam) ever get on I know there is a few that do, but it seems like the majority of Employees don't even know we're here. That makes me :(

Don't be :(

Someone is always watching.  You might see some of us some of the time.  You might see all of us some of the time.  You will never see all of us all of the time.

RigZ Boi  What is your current stance on t-bagging?

Standing straight up.

MilesDude32  What was the first game you've ever played?

Space Invaders.  It was a game that told a story very similar to Halo, only with better music.

t0ast n jam  Can I rap battle the urk? Please?

I didn’t just approach any urk with this invitation.  As requested, I approached the urk with a track suit and some wicked bling to prepare him for your rap battle.  Alas, your passive approach didn't inspire the legendary freestyle fury that he uses to fill our studio with sick rhymes at the drop of a hat.  The urk said:

“Asking someone if they'll allow you to battle them is like asking a basketball if you can dunk it.”

Moral to the story?  There is no "please" when requesting a rap battle.  You have to step up and just bring it!

burritosenior  Do you have any more as-of-yet-not-unveiled plans to keep us occupied until the darkness is over?

Yes.  They are, as-of-yet, unveiled.

burritosenior  If I sent you another 50 PMs and finally got you to send me one back saying to leave you alone, does that give me the right to say we're best friends and I talk with Bungie Employees all the time?

I will never tell you to leave me alone.  I might ignore you.  And, you have the right to say whatever you want.  As to whether or not you are telling the truth?  Well, that is another question entirely.

ctjl96  Will our questions still be read even though this is the 8th page?

Yes.  Whether or not they will be answered is another question entirely.

IonicPaul  What happens if I ask a question that's already been asked?

I answer the version that is asked most eloquently, unless both questions are equally unanswerable, in which case I commit them to the dark void that is my desktop recycle bin.  On this occasion, you won.

MetalxTongue  Can you ask me a question?

I can and I will.  What motivates you to visit the website of a developer that has sworn to keep all of its secrets until a time at which they can be told?

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Bungie IT Rides Along in Battlefield 3

An invitaton to a private party.

In the lull that gripped the world over the holidays, a member of the Bungie IT Team approached me in need for some fresh cannon fodder.   On, you know him as hdubya, and he manages the systems that keep you entertained on this site.  At Bungie, we know him as the Combat Commander.  That’s his title.  It appears on his emails and everything.  When I asked him for the official translation, I was provided with no substitute.  Bungie is as bizarre a place to work as you might imagine, friends.

“Do you have any ideas for how we can promote our Battlefield 3 server?” he asked.

Our IT Team is an elite squad of alpha geeks who keep the machines in our office – and the network that brings them together in smooth, working order.  When they are not tinkering with the gadgets that enable our collective magic, they are playing (among other things) Battlefield 3 on a private server.  As you might expect, people who make a living working with computers play it on the PC.

Until last week, their server was a lonely place.  The sprawling battlegrounds of Battlefield 3 were home only to them.  When the question was put to me where they might find people who were ready and willing to engage them in large-scale vehicular combat, the answer was quite clear.  The Bungie Community was likely to be home to gamers who could add some noise to the party they were hosting.  I warned them, however, to be careful what they wished for.

On most occasions, a Ride Along focuses on a specific private group hosted on  On this occasion, we created that group ourselves.  The Bungie IT Team needed an army.  Fortunately, a pool of eager recruits lives right here as members of our beloved community.  The invitation issued on the forum resulted in a stampede to the front lines.

Even before I could conduct an official Ride Along, the games started to flow.  Several nights later, Bungie IT hosted a more formal evening of mayhem.  The party was hosted by Sergey, our Super Awesome Server Dude.  Did I mention how bizarre some of the titles are here?  That’s the owner of the server, piloting a fighter jet from his desk, a workstation that would make any villain from a James Bond movie burn bright green with envy.

To sweeten the pot, one of the only people who can beat Marty O’Donnell at a Bungie Poker Night taunted our fans with a dare and a bribe: Anyone that could collect his dog tags with their knife would receive an autographed collectible from his personal collection.

I told them to be careful what they wished for.  The first to collect this bounty that Sergey placed on his own head was scapegoat413.  Over the course of the evening, three more players claimed their prize.  Your loot has been shipped, gentlemen.  Good games!

What makes this event special is that the ride does not end once the evening is over.  The server is still standing, as is the group that filled it in the first place.  On the day of the Bungie Winter Pentathlon, the Bungie IT Team will be hosting fans all over again.  Details will be made available in the private group forum at the appropriate time.  Stand by for further orders.

If you play Battlefield 3 on the PC, you are invited to join the Bungie Army.  When we play games we want to play, we want to play them with you.  Keep your eyes on for the next invitation.

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Marty Rides Along With His Army

Respect your Elders.

Our quest to recognize some of the most notable Private Groups on continues.  For the Holiday Edition of the Community Ride Along, we shined our spotlight on the ghosts of many games past to celebrate the very first Private Group that was created in this iteration of our domain.

In October of 2001, The Marty Army was founded as Fanclub Number One.  That’s ancient history in Internet years.

Like a present wrapped in ribbons and bows, this musical appreciation society was given an audience with their favorite Grizzled Ancient – elder statesman and master composer Marty O’Donnell himself.  That's him depicted above, clad in emerald armor and commanding a Warthog with all the poise of a symphonic conductor.  For over a decade, the artist behind the music that spurred us on while we played Halo has held court with the gamers that follow the beat of his drum in a private clubhouse right here on 

To better understand the relationship that Marty has with his most dedicated fans, here is a collection of excerpts from a recent question and answer session that was conducted in their private forum.  The rules are simple.  The Army asks, Marty answers; so long as the questions do not give him a headache.

BlueBears50: What do you do when you are bored?

I'm doing it now.

walshypru: Which part of the process of creating audio (all aspects included) for a game do you find most satisfying?

Final mix on music.

Eraclio: What is your favorite instrument?


obbsesedwithhalo: What is it like writing for a new universe?

A bit scary.

MangudaiFritz: When looking into a possible new career-path writing music for video games, where are the great places to start looking for contacts?

Game Audio Network Guild.

Editor's Note: Here, have a link!

Elite_Buddy: What game (in your opinion) had the best soundtrack this year?

I'm currently on a panel that will determine that.  My own opinion hasn't been formed yet.

Doodlebox: If you could work with any contemporary composer for a game's soundtrack, who would you want to work with?

More on this to come.

paulmarv: What are your three favorite film scores?

Ben Hur, Lord of the Rings, Cool Hand Luke. At least today, it might be different tomorrow.

THORSGOD: You and Jason Jones get into a bar fight. Who wins? 

I win by body weight, Jones wins by brain weight.

Doodlebox: What's the strongest animal you think you could best in combat?

Depends on my firepower.

Top_Gun_2021: Does it mean a thing if it ain't got that swing?

It don't.

paulmarv: What is the best state in the U.S.?


obbsesedwithhalo: What mood is going around the office, now that you are "dark"?


PyroSporker16: What makes your poker game so strong?

My sweet face.

Editors Note: That same sweet face strikes fear into the hearts of all who attend Bungie Poker Nights.

EvilEye: Have a headache yet?


Im SteelAssassn: What's your favorite dialogue line from any Halo game?

I need a weapon.

J0man1: If you were to compose a theme song for a bungie employee, who would you choose?

Joe Staten.

Anelf3: What is the best scene in any Star Trek movie?

Death of Spock.

cortana 5: Does the sword that sits in your studio have a name? You know, the one behind you in the "O Brave New World" video.


paulmarv: What is your biggest life regret?

Should have been a CPA.

Top_Gun_2021: What is the most popular buzz word at work?


Editor’s Note: I really hate to contradict my elders, but this is a total fabrication of the imagination.

obbsesedwithhalo: Why wasn't I invited to the get together? Hope you guys had fun though!

Ask DeeJ.

Awwwww, man.  This bus under which I have been thrown is so heavy!  Sorry, obbsesed.  The ranks of your group are obviously too big to fit into a custom game lobby for Halo: Reach, the venue selected for this Ride Along.  On the last Thursday of 2011, Marty conducted an inspection of his private army.  The mood was kept light, playful, and 100% headache free.

One highlight of the evening was "SUMO," a custom game concocted by some Gunslingers I know.  As the name would suggest, the objective follows that time-honored tradition of territory control by brute force.  The object of the game is obvious.  Players must force their opponents beyond the boundaries of a court that is suspended dangerously high above Forge World.

The catch is that disqualification also results in a terrifying plunge to one's demise.  To make matters worse, the court is littered with mines.  The Warthogs themselves are indestructible.  The mines serve the purpose of tumbling drivers from the relative security of their rides, and turning them into splatterbait.

The name of the game, however, is not running over one's opponent.  The most honorable victory is obtained by forcing them over the edge.

Of course, this goal is best met without succumbing to gravity one's self.  Yet, all too often, literal stampedes of wrestlers were met with the same fate at the same time.

Here, we see The Elder leading his Army right off a cliff, like lemmings lured to the slaughter.  When you follow the leader of the band, it is always a good idea to check his compass once in a while - especially when he invites you to participate in a scored event.  Have we learned nothing from the warnings about his sweet poker face?

On the way down to the killzone that lies below, some players will refuse to give up.  They abandon their doomed vehicles to engage in aerial shootouts as the ground rushes upward to meet them.  While admirable in bravery, the tactic in practice is useless.

These parting shots are always fired in vain.  In SUMO, it is the soil of Forge World that claims the most victims.  What goes up, must come down.  The grotto awaits for the first driver who falls.  You can give this experience a dance on your own, or with some friends, if you like.  It's in my file share.

Thanks for dropping in, Marty.  And, to the members of the Army, thank you for all of these years of faithful service in the ranks of our first fanclub.  Your longevity sets a standard for which all others can strive.  This evening of casual play was more about mutual appreciation than healthy competition.  Your love for the score of the game is far more important than the score of the game.  Wait a minute... did that make sense?

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Bungie Mail Sack 1.0

Your Questions.  Our Answers.

Welcome to the first installment of a new feature at  As a series of random and completely unpredictable events, a mailbox will be opened on our Community Forum.  The questions and curiosities that pour in over the course of several hours will be painstakingly sorted in search of pearls of conversation.  Without further introduction, let’s open the Bungie Mail Sack.

CmdrScott1701: Should I submit myself to the gaming industry?

Your career path is among the most important decisions you will make in this life – right up there with who you will love and what helmet you wear in combat.  I can’t answer this for you.  Follow your passions.  If you want to see how other people have made the jump into the madness of the video game industry, take a stroll through our archive of Breaking In features.

spartain ken 15: Will more events like Ride Alongs be planned for the future?

Count on it.  I am here to keep you all company during this time of darkness.  Bungie missed you guys badly enough to abduct me from my former life and traffic me half-way across this country.  There will be blood.  There will be conversations.  There might even be candy.

kashinfist: Collectively, what is Bungie's favorite game?

Oh, man.  That question is like an incendiary bomb – a literal red-barrel of conversation.  There is no way I am asking that out loud.  Bungie plays many games.  We play the games we make.  We play games that other people make.  Some are on consoles.  Some are on PCs.  Some are on table tops.  At any given moment, you might hear debates about everything from Skyrim to Dead Souls.  We have designated servers for everything from Star Wars: The Old Republic to Minecraft.  There is no one game on which everyone can agree.  Everyone here is a gamer, and everyone is passionate about their opinions.

MURDUR 587: What's the next game about?

Don’t abuse my hospitality!

HC Swat Is Back: Why does Stosh hate toast?

Yeah.  What’s up with that?  As a Newbie at Bungie, I had seen many a mention of Stosh’s furious disdain for toast.  I approached him for comment, and he told me the story about how his breakfast preferences became a thing of legend.  When I asked “But, why?” he said:

Because toast sucks. Bagels are better.

There you have it.

Zee JollyRoger: How does working for Bungie change you?

At first, you think it won’t change you.  Foolishly, you think you can stay the person you were.  Then, they make you throw away all of your pleated khakis.  After a while, you don’t miss them.  Over the longer term, you can’t even remember the feel of them against your skin.  That’s what hurts the most.

Breadisgood91: Will you answer my question?

Hypothetically, no.  I will caution you to keep your username hidden from Stosh, however.

relliK42: What gaming genre, or genres, do you prefer to play/are interested in?

I have always loved first-person shooters.  I like to play the role of the hero.  Many games I have played in the past have also enabled me to pilot a vehicle of some sort – everything from a Perseus Intercept Fighter to an Apache Helicopter.  Halo rescued me from a GTA phase that started to manifest itself in the form of worrisome road rage.  I suppose this would explain my love for the Warthog.

Don’t read a lot into any of that.  There are better minds at Bungie making the next game.  I am here for you.  If I tried to advise them on their craft, they would march me back here to lock some threads.

OMARRCHR: How is Marty doing?

He is locked in his Ivory Tower.  When approached for comment, he told me that he had a slight headache - probably because of something one of you did.

Sven Nietzsche: Will there be some sort of write-up for the 2012 Bungie Winter Pentathlon?

Why yes there will!  Stay tuned to toward the end of January for a day filled with bulletins about an epic clash between new hires and veteran founders.  I will be splitting my time between covering the events and captaining the competitive shooter team for the Newbie school.

goldhawk: “A fistful of banana's” My question is, simply: What is the question to that answer?

What does the Webmaster have for lunch?  Next, I will take “Obscure Master Chief Trivia” for 700.

Raptorx7: What is a normal day composed of at Bungie?

0900 Hours: Passage through the metal detector
0915 Hours: Debriefing and reprogramming by Jerome
0930 Hours: Weapons and Demolitions training (live fire range)
1200 Hours: Lunch!
1300 Hours: Comb lunch crumbs out of urk’s beard
1330 Hours: Classroom Training: Forum Moderation and Mind Games
1430 Hours: Twitter Patrol
1500 Hours: Lock daily quota of threads in Community Forum
1700 Hours: Pretend to read The Flood
1730 Hours: Resist helping self to catered dinner for graveyard shift programmers
1800 Hours: Really bad traffic

Duardo: How can we occupy ourselves while you (Bungie) are dark?

I want you all to misbehave as colorfully as possible in an attempt to provoke all of the Forum Ninjas to quit.  This will allow me to install my own fanatically loyal force of killer robot police that will unflinchingly execute my every order.

Editor’s Note: I am merely harassing Duardo, a notorious Forum Ninja, with this response.  Don’t actually misbehave, Bungie Community.  The Ninja’s swords are sharp, and they operate with enthusiastic impunity.

EL: Can you guys give my mom back?

Not until she finishes her work.  Where did she learn to create such life-like shaders, by the way?  When I look over her shoulder, I feel like I am peering out a freaking window.  She asked me to tell you that she loves you, and to eat your vegetables.

Eraclio: How many bagels are usually consumed on bagel Friday?

All of them.

THORSGOD: Did you have a time period where you walked into the doors of the Bungie offices and you said to yourself that you can't believe you work there?

Every day, friend.  On the day when I become jaded about all of this, I will quit.  The people working on these games, and the people who love playing them, deserve no less.

cortana 5: How much of the company budget goes toward snacks?

I am unsure of the exact ratio, but our budget for snacks is the same figure that the United States Air Force spends on jet fuel.

Homeboyd903: Your initiation. Tell, please.

I have trouble talking about it without visibly shaking.  The horrors.

GPK Ethan: What is your favorite part of the day?

Whenever urk says: “Hey!  Come here and check this out.”

st3althsniper22: Truthfully, which Halo campaign do you enjoy playing the most?

Truthfully?  Halo 3.  I played it straight through in one night – something I used to mock people for in the past.  It would not let me go.  At the end, I was trying not to get all misty at the Chief’s tribute service.

Politically?  “All of the Halo games represent the finest craftsmanship in gameplay and storytelling.”

Personally?  Halo: Reach.  I have a non-player character named after me.  See if you can find him.

Sentimentally?  Halo: Combat Evolved.  That’s where it all began for me as a Bungie fan.

Xplode441: What non-Bungie game do you find yourself sinking the most time into?

For the past six years, I have had the pleasure of leading a clan of gamers that were born of Halo 2.  They were able to port their brand of teamwork and friendship into Call of Duty as well, so I followed them there.  In between Bungie games, I spent a lot of time on that front.  There were also some experimental forays into Battlefield, Gears of War, and anything else that let people play games as a member of a team.  When I game solo, it is usually in something that Valve made. 

Cay330: What is your opinion on CERN's finding of the Higgs Boson & the potential for humanity's progress?

I believe the jury is still out on the God Particle.  Discovering the quantum unit that is responsible for all mass would be a stunning vindication that our aesthetics and mathematics are genuinely connected with how the universe really operates.  Even without a watershed discovery, relativity and quantum mechanics underlie practically all modern technology.  I would hope that we will use those insights to improve our lives in the long run. 

Editor’s Note: I had to look that up. 

Leprechaun209: You guys should make a movie about Bungie and have Tom Cruise play all of you!  Thoughts?

All Hail Xenu.

Editor’s Note: If you are getting ready to make the accusation that these last two questions are straying toward the variety of religious discussions that are verboten on the Bungie forum, I would offer up that (A) the God Particle is a Theory, (B) Xenu is Science Fiction, and (C) you are not reading the Bungie forum.  Moving right along…

ChampRKO117: Where am I?

Look down.

IHaveTURRETS JR: What are your ideas for improvements to The Classifieds?

What are YOUR ideas for improvements to The Classifieds?  Until the Online Team tells us otherwise, we will use the tools that we have been given to amuse ourselves.  I think that The Classifieds could be more useful with some renewed attention on your collective part.  I see groups inviting people to join.  I see people inviting groups to recruit them.  I would love to see more chatter back and forth.  There are invitations to play games with people issued on that board every day.  The best thing about right now is the other gamers who flock here.   Y’all should form up into some parties and play some games.

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Halcylon Rides Along With The WorkPLace

The Artist and the Board of Directors.

All work and no play makes a gamer a dull boy (or girl).  For the most recent edition of the Community Ride Along, we matched a new Bungie employee who turned gaming into work with a group that turned work into a game.  Sound confusing?  Read on.

The purpose of these events is to celebrate community – that phenomenon that occurs when gamers create something together that the creators of the game may have never even envisioned in the first place.  This week, a designer on the Bungie Visual Identity Team was drafted to ride shotgun.

He is known to us as Halcylon.  You see evidence of his work every day you visit this website.  Just like you, he started out as an impassioned player of Bungie’s games.  Now, he creates art alongside the people who make them.  To give you a sense of the contribution he makes, and how he arrived here, I cornered him under the hot lights.

Put that coffee down!  How did you come to work for Bungie?

Halcylon: The details of my life are quite inconsequential.  I actually got my start in the community doing fan art and screenshots, and eventually started working with BS Angel and Firestream on their sites ( and  As I’m told, when I did my “We Are ODST” Star Wars style poster (and the two follow up pieces), a few employees sent them around the studio and my current bosses took notice.  When a contract job opened up, I put together my resume and portfolio and applied.  At first I didn’t get the job.  It wasn’t for another three months that another job opened up and Bungie decided to take a chance on contracting me to help ship Reach.  I guess I did something right, because I’m still here – along with another amazingly talented artist who started on the same day.  He’s the guy who’s designed all the sick Bungie Store apparel you’re wearing.

People like urk, stosh, and agdtinman were paramount in helping me as well.  Bungie’s always been very transparent and open to questions about opportunities.  These qualities were crucial to my getting this job.

Glad you made it.  Now that you are here, what do you do at Bungie?

Halcylon: I make cool -blam!-.  Honestly, that’s the easiest way to describe what I do.  I work for the Visual ID & Marketing Teams as a Graphic Designer.  We work closely with how Bungie is seen both internally and externally.  My projects revolve around graphic design and animation for marketing, PR, and web.  We work internally with the Dev Tools teams, Recruiting, HR, and IT, but also on projects for Bungie Aerospace like Crimson and for our Foundation and even Bungie Day.

You were obviously inspired to create art about Bungie games before you were paid to do it.  What has it been like to work alongside the people that provoked you to pursue a career in the video game industry in the first place?

Halcylon: It’s ridiculous to think about.  I’m a fan boy.  I look up to everyone around me as giants in an industry packed with talent.  To be able to contribute to, and in a lot of cases work alongside with, some of the industry’s leaders in art and design is a dream.  Lorraine McLees is my senior designer and she’s a master of just about anything.  From print to web, sculpting to drawing, it’s humbling to see how talented she and everyone else here is.

What are some examples of your work that members might remember?

Halcylon: Well, DeeJ, your phone has my wallpapers on it… so that’s something.  But we touch so many facets of what fans see, to front and back of packaging, posters, in store signage, screenshots, Avatars on Xbox LIVE, the list goes on. has recently had some facelifts, too, and with the guidance of the web masters, we have been able to help start the reshaping of Bungie.

What is your favorite accomplishment as a member of the Visual Identity team?

Halcylon: The Bungie Day animated banners were some of my favorite projects.  Actually, everything Bungie Day related – Bungie vs. The World, the web layout, and Steaktacular were all really fun to design and help layout.

Internally, I’ve helped design and develop a tool that is used daily now.  My team director and I had to come up with a solution for a project that went through almost a year and a half of iteration.  The internal site now stands as something that everyone at Bungie participates in.

What is on the horizon for you?  What are you working on right now?

Halcylon: Right now?  You know we aren’t working.  We are all playing games all day and eating turkey.

But other than being lazy and suffering from an overdose of tryptophan, I am currently working with Stosh and the web team designing some interesting new stuff.  But that’s all I can say.

What would you say to aspiring young gamers who dream of following in your footsteps?

Halcylon: This is the coolest and most rewarding opportunity I’ve ever had in my life, and it just keeps getting better. For anyone out there interested in the field of game awesomeness, my advice is to work hard, develop a “no-quit” attitude, and prepare to jump into the deep end without warning. It was literally months before I was hired that I was doing web work and some fan art and not really going anywhere.  On my first day at Bungie, I was working on a Dorito’s bag design and Reach assets that the world would see. 

Bungie recognizes talent.  If you have the skill, the tenacity, and the drive to continually challenge yourself and your peers, then you’ve got what it takes.  Oh and a little luck and timing doesn't hurt either.

The private group chosen to ride along with Halcylon has been a break room on since Halo 3, catering to working stiffs who just want to daydream about playing video games when they should be hard at work.  For years now, The WorkPLace has spiced their water cooler conversations with war stories and chatter about all kinds of digital engagements.  Their track record as a company of gamers includes architecture of better multiplayer battlegrounds, mass invasions at fan conventions like PAX, and staunch solidarity among its employees.  To gain an insider perspective on their operations, I audited JoeSki73, a stalwart member of their Board of Directors.

Take us back to the beginning, to a humbler time before a sprawling corporate headquarters home to 195 members.  How did the WorkPLace come into being?

JoeSki73: The WorkPLace started out as “Halo 3 in The Work Place” back in January of 2008. A few of our current members used to create a weekly thread in the main forums every Friday as kind of a hangout for older gamers juggling their jobs and responsibilities with their love of gaming. Someone suggested the bright idea that we start a group (because we would tend to get off topic in the various main forums) and TWP was born.

Speaking of juggling jobs with gaming, the theme of the command structure for your group is all business (i.e.: Desk Jockey, Middle Management, Supervisors). Tell us how the metaphor for the WorkPLace as… well… a work place flavors your interactions.

JoeSki73: It just naturally fit us from the first time they were implemented. We are comprised of all older gamers, holding down jobs and surfing primarily while we are at work. It's actually pretty ironic when you consider the fact that we use a business model structure for our goof-off place to escape from our business model structure places. Although, our WorkPLace BreakROom enforces a strict keg party on each day that ends with “y”... so we have that goin' for us.

Those keg parties might explain the odd capitalization in words like ‘WorkPLace’ or ‘BreakROom’.  Are those drunken typos?  Or are they a secret code that embodies some hidden intrigue revealed only to the members that stride the halls of your online club?

JoeSki73: I would love to tell you that it's something really awesome that has really deep meaning and anyone who knows it’s true origins has mysteriously gone missing, wait... let's stick with that.

Your secret is safe with me.  Let’s talk about what has kept the WorkPLace strong since you first opened up for business.  What keeps loyal employees rooted to your offices?

JoeSki73: Halo 3 was the clear catalyst that brought us all together, but it didn't take long before lifelong friendships emerged, seemingly overnight. I couldn't brag enough about our members and the awesome ways they constantly step up to help out their fellow WorkPLacers. From something as trivial as helping someone get that last achievement to sponsoring a WorkPLacer's son's hockey team so they could play this season to pooling our resources so we could extend our love to the family of a dear friend. WorkPLacers never cease to amaze me and through all the ups and downs, good times and bad, everyone is always there for one another. We definitely have our arguments too, but that's just part of being a family.

“Family” is a bold comparison for a group that shares a common passion for playing video games.  Like other families, has your involvement with the WorkPLace reached beyond the virtual world that you all share?

JoeSki73: It may seem like I'm overstating the friendships we've built in The WorkPLace, but they are sincere. With that said, WorkPLacers tend to jump at the opportunity to meet up with one another and events like PAX Prime, PAX East and Comic Con have all played host to some of the larger meetups. Those are obvious though. What really sticks with me is how multiple times a year you will see in our forums news of WorkPlacers traveling, for whatever reason, and their desire to meet up with any other WorkPLacers in that area. It's not uncommon to see a thread in our forum with pics of a recent get-together of different WorkPLacers every couple weeks.

How does a group as tightly-knit as yours go about recruiting new members?  Do you invite anyone on join you?

JoeSki73: We do have a hard 21 years or older rule in place (for various reasons) but primarily The WorkPLace is open to anyone who an existing member knows them well enough that they are comfortable adding them to our family. We are always looking for great people to share in our shenanigans and BreakROom keg stands.

While I usually see The WokPLace abbreviated as TWP, during our games your squad was sporting a DP72 clan tag.  What is the significance of your dazzling team uniform?

JoeSki73: Unfortunately, we unexpectedly lost a fellow WorkPLacer and a dear friend, this past October. "Deathpimp" was family to many of us and the clan tag in MW3 is just a small tribute to our buddy.

Terribly sorry for your loss!  That tribute is a true testament to the strength of your friendships.

Since you chose Modern Warfare 3 as the game for your ride along, it begs mention that a group born of Halo 3 has evolved to play a lot of games together over the years.  Your forum has always been abuzz with talk about everything worth playing at any given moment.  Yet, when asked, members of the WorkPLace will defend the notion (rather vehemently, in fact) that TWP is not a clan.

JoeSki73: That's because we're NOT a clan!

By some appearances it seems we are a clan and honestly I'm sure we share many characteristics with some clans out there... but what we feel sets us apart from a typical clan is that we aren't as focused on "performance in gaming" and are more focused on just enjoying our hobby together in-between changing our kid's diapers and finishing up that PowerPoint presentation for our big meeting at work the next morning. That's not to say we can't hold our own when we put a party together, though.

Editor’s Note: That actually sounds like many clans I know.

As far as what keeps us playing... sure, we do various little things like in-house tournaments for fun or "Fustoms Friday" events, but day in and day out it all boils down to friends just simply enjoying games together.

To be sure!  Some of the better customs I played in Halo 3 came from your group.  And, I recall seeing a lot of your Forge creations loaded into Matchmaking as official venues for combat.  What does the future hold for the WorkPLace?

JoeSki73: Bungie's new hotness is obviously on top of that list, but honestly, we're going to keep on keeping on regardless of what the future holds. We are all pretty proud of the home we've carved out here on

To see where the WorkPLace is currently conducting their hostile takeovers, we infiltrated a squad on maneuvers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  What’s that, you say?  Talk of a game not made by Bungie, right here on  What treachery is this? is home to gamers that play many titles.  And, it must be said that Activision is a publisher of some of the finest games available (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  The WorkPLace is a great example of a group that was born in Halo, but ported their friendship and teamwork into other experiences.  Their adaptability will help them to remain loyal to Bungie's quest for world domination.

Answering the call of duty with the WorkPLace squad was a real pleasure.  Tactical chatter was mixed with the sort of barbs that old friends trade.  Despite the fact that their teamwork won them victory in match after match, the party line sounded more like poker night than war.  A variety of games were played throughout the evening.  Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination.  We even made an experimental foray into Hardcore Search & Destroy that was met with angry protest and spirited debate.

As a cap to the evening, we played a more social variant called Gun Game.  Every man fights for himself, and every man starts out with a lowly pistol.  As the bodies hit the floor, a player’s weapon is upgraded.  If a combatant is dispatched with a blade, however, he is sent back to the beginning with that same sad pistol in hand.

Which is exactly what Halcylon did to one of the WorkPLacers before the game was over.  Our killer instinct got the best of our desire to be nice to our hosts.  You just have to watch your six, even when you are wielding a really big machine gun.  These matches were great fun.  Bungie thanks TWP for the ride along, and for making our website a more meaningful place for their members.

If you cross paths with Halcylon, JoeSki, or any member of the WorkPLace, be sure to pat them on the back for their contributions to our community.  This website is what you make of it.  Each of us has a chance to create our own experiences here.  A grouping of friends like this one could be waiting for you on these forums.

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Happy Holidays!

It's the Holiday Season.

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Community 12/19/2011 9:33 AM PST

Louis Wu Rides With Community Carnage

Pay tribute to the Godfather, and jump into the game.

For the most recent Ride Along, the organizers of a matchmaking nerve center on were taken on a pilgrimage to pay tribute to the Godfather of the Bungie Community.  Before the crowded grotto that you know as existed, there was  In the days before this site provided a meeting place for gamers to discuss, converse, conspire, and debate, the fans of Bungie games were hosted by a man we have come to know and love over the years as Chocolate Thunder. (You may know him as Louis Wu.) 

Editor's Note: Yes, urk still has editing privileges.

Halo.Bungie.Org was where the Bungie Community was born.  Throughout the course of all our lost time, even before a game called Halo, a vibrant society of people who play Bungie games have been sharing their experiences and perceptions on the forum.  All the while, Louis Wu has operated as the fan of all fans, showcasing their finest creations and documenting their every move like a cyber-anthropologist on the front page of his site.  Every carved jack-o-lantern.  Every panoramic screen shot.  Every meticulously Forged map.  Every skillfully edited combat montage.

It was on HBO that your new Community Manager (that would be me) first addressed the Halo Nation with a link to a blog.  You could say that this is his entire fault, which is why I sought him out to play some games.  Partly to offer thanks – partly to expose Bungie Community newcomers to their true Forerunner.  Fan sites come and go.  Halo.Bungie.Org is the tent for the circus.

If your only involvement in the Bungie Community is on, we dare say that you do not know the full extent of the Bungie Community.  To put his long and illustrious campaign of nation building in perspective, I approached Mr. Wu slowly and carefully with some questions that would unearth some long-forgotten history…

What games are you playing these days?  What playlists or in-game activities are sustaining your interest in Halo?

I have pretty limited time for gaming these days – Halo: Anniversary and Halo: Reach take up 100% of my console minutes. I've been enjoying the new Anniversary lists - but my older staples (Squad Slayer, Team SWAT, Firefight Score Attack) still get some love.

Editor's Note: 4,500+ games and an Eclipse ranking does seem pretty limited. ;)

There has been a lot of love to be gotten at HBO over the years.  What do you think is cool about the Halo Community right now?

I continue to enjoy the amazing creations people manage to generate to show their love for this franchise - the physical and digital alike. Communities like the 405th have become mature enough to be able to support propmaking for a surprisingly large number of fan-made Halo films currently in production... and machinima continues to look more and more polished.

From the physical world, back to the virtual world, what interesting things are being done at HBO to bring your community together to play games?

We've got several regular Customs groups that get together weekly, we've got organized Co-op Campaign nights, and just recently the idea of a Secret Santa exchange was floated - and jumped on. All of this happens without any need for me (or HBO staff in general) to corral, cajole, wheedle, nag, or otherwise annoy regulars - they do it all themselves. It's a joy to watch.

What do you think motivates gamers to keep playing Halo after 10 years of service in the UNSC?

Gameplay has changed a bit over the years - but all of it, from the first game to the most recent, they're all Halo. For people who got hooked on any one of those games... it's not hard to fall back into it if you find yourself with some free time and a controller nearby.

While some things about Halo have stayed the same, what is the most profound change in the Halo Community since you first started hosting it?

Well, when Halo FIRST started, the biggest part of the community cared about the story, the universe, the (then) upcoming campaign.  Multiplayer for the first game was an afterthought - one that was nearly cut at the last minute.  It wasn't until Halo 2 that online multiplayer showed the world what Halo could do to bring people together. 

I think that marked the start of the biggest shift in the community. The average Halo fan today plays much more multiplayer than campaign, and many don't even realize there IS a 'universe' of stories out there. HBO has moved away from the mainstream, in this respect - a huge percentage of our regular userbase DOES care about the extended universe, and the immediate environment in which each game is played.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you in a game of Halo?

I still remember an incident that happened at E3 2001, 6 months before the game came out.  I've told this story before, but it STILL nails, for me, the glory that is Halo. We were playing on Blood Gulch, and I was out in the middle somewhere with a fully-loaded hog coming towards me. I threw a grenade and the hog took flight, spinning in the air above me. It landed on its wheels BEHIND me, and continued towards my base. Yes, I failed miserably at stopping the enemy - but the adrenaline rush from the moment was astounding.

2001 feels like a long time ago.  Doesn't it?  After all these years, why are you such a fan of the fans of Halo?

Because even after all these years, they CONTINUE to create truly amazing stuff I've never seen before. A Fistful of Arrows was finished up just a month ago. Operation Chastity is still in production. New maps come out - and within days there are new panoramas to look at. I'm STILL seeing new and cool Forged gametypes. It hasn't stopped yet, so I haven't stopped loving it yet.

Meanwhile, on the Bungie homeworld, there is a Private Group that upholds traditions all their own.  To bring the members of together in the games that they play, there is The Community Carnage.  These ringleaders of custom game nights and recreational tournaments seek to turn forum chatter into game-based mayhem.  I sought out The Community Carnage for this Ride Along to learn more about their efforts to turn into a place where people can make friends and play games.

For the unacquainted, what is the reason for the existence of The Community Carnage?

Index: The nomenclature is our guiding light. We provide the means to bring folks on together and throw down in Bungie games. The community takes it from there.

The community is good like that.  And where are they taking it next?  Are you planning any events again in the near future?

MURDUR 587: We've started basing our Carnages around specific events such as the release of Map Packs, Title Updates, etc., but we do try to launch events if there's increased interest in the Carnage or increased activity. We usually try to set up Carnages within scenarios which have a high probability of us filling up the roster, preferably with new faces.

Believe it or not, new faces still show up at everyday, looking for people who share their love of games.  How can people join?

MURDUR 587: There will be a thread posted in the community forum whenever a carnage event is happening, you simply state that you would like to participate.  After you have done so, make sure to add the Gamertag "Carnage Event" or you won't be added to the roster.

This all sounds like quite an elaborate affair.  So who beats the drum that leads people to the front lines?  Who leads your group?

Rokit: We proclaim no leader. We work together in rotation with careful guidance provided by two of our acquaintances - Tom T and Qbix89.

Ah, a democracy overseen by Ninjas.  Sounds dangerous!  The lifeblood of any good online democracy is new members.  Are you recruiting? Do you need new “fungineers” to organize your events?

Rokit: We're always looking for input on other Carnages from the masses. The only major role we're actively looking for at the moment is Content Guru - if you have a capture card and can record in-game audio, let us know.

Combat Correspondents apply within.  How has your involvement in this group enhanced your experience as gamers?

burritosenior: The Bnet community is huge, so I consider it a privilege to bring together so many parts of it into one place. Everybody has something unique about them and it only makes the game that much more fun when I get to experience those things first-hand.

There can be no doubt that games played with friends are better than games played with hostile strangers who will turn on you for your favorite weapon.  What would you say to someone who is going it alone on Xbox LIVE?

burritosenior: Make friends! With so many different kinds of people here, if you look around in the Classifieds, Private Groups, etc., you're bound to find people you'll fit in with. And when you find those people, you're going to enjoy your games and this community that much more.

On the subject of enjoying games and community, I invited Louis Wu and the leaders (who do not proclaim themselves leaders) of The Community Carnage to enjoy some action in Halo Reach.  The outcome of this clash was a series of explosive games on elaborately Forged maps.

At this moment in any event recap, you might expect to be invited to feast your eyes on a gallery of screenshots intended to immortalize the simulated violence and actual glory.  Unfortunately, all of my game films were nuked by Bungie colleagues who accessed the Xbox in our Arcade to quench their thirst for Street Fighter.  Have I mentioned that Bungie plays lots of games?

Fortunately, The Community Carnage came to my rescue with a buffet of multimedia all their own.  Thus, I will yield center stage to Index, their current Content Guru, who operated as our combat correspondent for the evening.  Check out the highlights from our romp through their File Shares.  You can also visit Carnagenet, the YouTube channel dedicated to chronicling the Community Carnage experience.

Warning: The combat chatter is for adults only. Get your parents' permission before viewing.

In Your Base, a custom game played on a custom map named Stealing Your Flags, was my favorite engagement of the night.  I like the rocket-fueled action so much, I asked to play it twice – much to the chagrin of our special guest.  The premise is simple: Rush the base wall on a Mongoose.  Dodge the volley of munitions that rain down from the ramparts to steal flags and return them to your beach.

BUNGLE Pen Hill on 4 Corners was heavy on ‘splosions and light on strategy.  In keeping with Community Carnage tradition, the Hill was the Mongoose.  The battleground was… cramped.  The result was nine minutes in a slaughterhouse of plasma.  The hill traded drivers more times than we could count.  Perhaps you can come up with accurate number yourselves (LIke we said: Game experience may change during online play)

Special thanks go out to everyone who rode along on this matchmaking event.  To Louis Wu, thanks for enabling the best that Halo fans have to offer, since the time before there was even a Halo on which to crash land.  To The Community Carnage, thanks for enhancing the experience to be had by the people who visit in search of gamers who share their pastime.

To echo burritosenior, make some friends.  You don’t have to wait for an invitation from us to play games like these., and Halo.Bungie.Org are packed with souls who would love to make your acquaintance, and blast you all the way back home with a volley of rockets.

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Bungie Community Ride Along

Attack of the Ninjas.

This ain’t no Humpday Challenge.

This is more social.  Selected activities that shape our interaction from week to week will be more varied.  We will pay attention to the notable players and private groups that make special, and make them a little less private.  So, we’re going to shine our spotlight on the people who comprise our ravenously loyal community, and we’re going to share the virtual experiences that we have in common.  Let’s use the time we spend on to enhance the games we love, and to form even stronger bonds with the people we play them with.

For this opening salvo of gunfire and ‘splosions, the private group of all private groups on was selected as the squad of honor: The Forum Ninjas.  Cloistered in their mysterious chamber, they secretly regard themselves as Team HFCS (whatever, that stands for).  This volunteer army of moderators and peacekeepers maintains a constant patrol over the forums that serve as the venue for our community. What better way to kick off our series of weekly ride along events?

To better understand the culture shared by these elusive regulators, I convened a meeting of their elite council and deciphered their cryptic code so that we all may understand them better.

What does HFCS stand for?

Qbix: Helt fantastisk creme saus
[Editor’s note: Q is Norwegian, not illiterate]

Lord Revan: Here For Commander Stosh

True Underdog: Having Fun Cracking Skulls

Old Papa Rich: High Fructose Corn Syrup

Who is the leader of your group?

Foman: I'll tell you who is NOT our leader: Qbix.

evilcam: Spartan Ken

Bobcast: Harrison's mom

Tom T: I just listen to the voice inside my head that says "ban", repeatedly.

How does one strive to become a Forum Ninja?

Old Papa Rich: You see the first part of Batman Begins? It's mostly like that.

True Underdog: It involves a toothpick, an empty bag of Big League Chew, a shot glass, and a sack full of dirty silverware.

Duardo: I battled my enemies to great snowy peaks of a mountain. I sought a magical element that would transform myself into a mythical force. I rode atop the great beast of legend. I was scathed and battered. Sweat pierced my eyes as though the great sun was mocking me. A coarse laugh was heard from afar. I turned to face my greatest enemy. Swords clashed. Bones were broken. Blood was spilled. I thrust my scabbard into his gut. My enemy had fallen. I climbed to the peak, and sitting atop was Foman's Mom. I claimed my reward. That is how I came to be.

evilcam: I don't know.

What is your favorite thing about the Bungie Community?

Recon Number 54: In a word? Diversity.  In more words? The fact that there is such a wide and varied group of people who for one reason or another choose to spend their time gathered around in this cluster of people.

Qbix: Every day is different! Personally the private groups, the Septagon and the Flood are what keep me coming back.

Tom T: When members come together, united around a goal, to create something awesome.

True Underdog: I like how passionate the Community is. When they get behind something, they are pretty outspoken about it, even if that passion sometimes makes them's still pretty cool.

[Editor’s note: Awwwwww...  See?  Despite all of the banishments, dismemberments, and halted conversations, the Ninjas love you.  All of you.]

Special guests selected to ride along with our Ninjas included a sampling of perennial citizens, selected at random from an avalanche of Xbox LIVE Friend Requests.  Within moments of issuing the call to arms, my inbox became the site of a literal flash mob of eager players.  The full power of the Bungie community rushed to my door, anxious for mayhem and thirsty for carnage (or maybe it was Doritos and Mountain Dew).

The fates were left in charge of the games we would play – at the click of a button, 15 players (we saved a seat for Foman) were thrown to the winds of Matchmaking.  Servers hidden away in the Microsoft industrial complex sorted us into teams.  Collective spamming of the gametype voting system turned map selection into a lottery.  Our 16th warrior ended up being mute, having deprived himself of an active headset – serving up yet another reminder that the best way to ensure chatty teammates is to take matchmaking into your own hands.

Over the course of 90 minutes, the bonds of community were defined and strengthened.  In all, six games were played (1 2 3 4 5 6). 

A recurring theme of the evening was panicked cries of "Get Foman out of the Wraith!"

Starving and outnumbered, but not outgunned, the blue team on Abridged waged a battle two players short, due to drops.

This did not stop them from sweeping through red team defenses to detonate their bomb.  Three times.

Did I mention Foman?  Next time, we will fill that guy's seat, instead of waiting for him to arrive and lay our precious vehicles to waste.

During the scuffles that ensued, forum chatter caught fire.  Alternative lobbies started to form, filling up with players looking to get in on the community action.  Those that remained on the boards were entertained with random updates posted by SonicJohn, who assigned to himself the role of combat correspondent.  He even compiled a morsel of multimedia to commemorate the night’s event.  

To all that braved the blind curve that led to our impromptu battle royale, we say “Good Game.”  Thanks for joining the party.  And, thanks for being part of a kick ass community, ready to pick up and throw down at a moment’s notice.

This is just the beginning. Keep an eye on the forum. Keep checking your favorite private group for chatter.  The call will come at a moment’s notice.  The games we play will be up to you.

Let’s ride.

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Marathon for Free!

Happy Holidays from the Aleph One development community.

You might not have your head wrapped around the Holiday Season just yet, but the Aleph One development community is ready to drop some season's greetings on your unaware, slack-jawed face! Out of nowhere, they've just announced a new version of the Aleph One engine that not only makes playing Marathon a breeze on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, but also brings it up to date with the most modern bells and whistles.

Read on for the full press release, and hit the link below to travel back in time to a distant future where space-docking was novel, rampancy was in its infancy, and the only good Bob was a dead Bob.

Bungie's Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity; polished, packaged and ready for download with the brand new Aleph One 1.0 engine.

December 1, 2011 - The Aleph One development community is thrilled to release version 1.0 of the Aleph One game engine. Since the release of the Marathon 2 source code, the team has worked diligently to deliver a cross platform game engine capable of bringing the classic Marathon games, as well as fan-made modifications to the modern Mac, Windows PC and Linux platforms.

Aleph One, an open source project, enhances Bungie's original Marathon games with modern OpenGL shader support, Internet co-op and multiplayer, modern mouse-look and gamepad support and plugin support for modifications.

To celebrate the 12 year development of Aleph One, the original Marathon games have been upgraded to take advantage of the new engine features.

  • Marathon has been updated with a modern HUD, high resolution graphics as well as extensive changes to the scenario to create the most authentic Marathon experience since 1994.
  • Marathon 2: Durandal has been updated with the high resolution graphics previously only available for the Xbox LIVE Arcade game.
  • Marathon Infinity has been updated with high resolution graphics.

All three games can be downloaded for free!

CommunityMarathon Series 12/1/2011 11:34 AM PST permalink

The Beta: Still Super Awesome

Enter the Lab. 

As Bungie continues its quest for world domination, the opportunity exists for you to do your part!  Brave volunteers are still being conscripted as willing test subjects for the Bungie Beta.  The work will be dangerous.  The missions will be highly classified.  The pay will be minimal (in truth, it will be non-existent).  However, the honor and the glory will all be yours.

Sign up!

At this very moment, mad scientists are hard at work in the Bungie laboratory conducting experiments on willing gamers just like you.  Your preferences, opinions, perceptions, assumptions, and tolerance for electric current could have a direct impact on the next killer application that is currently in development at Bungie.  We need gamers of all breeds to participate – from the hardcore competitors who crave the rigors of matchmaking to the casual players who engage their imaginations in campaign.

To join the pool of willing test subjects, make your way to our enrollment portal.  If you have signed up, but have yet to hear from us, now is a great time to verify that your contact information is accurate and up to date.  Each test scenario requires gamers of different varieties.  Please remain calm, and await your orders.  Your number could get called up any day.

Surveys will arise to be filled out.  Questionnaires will emerge as a vehicle for your insights.  An elite band of test subjects may even be invited to visit Bungie and be subjected to a playtest of our next game.  You have to enroll to participate.  Report to the recruitment office and make your mark.


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Bungie Store: Still Open For Business

DeeJ writes:

Sale Over.  Hunting Season Still Open.

Did you sleep through your chance to secure sweet loot at a discount from the Bungie Store?  Fear not, faithful gamer.  While the holiday weekend was the best opportunity to score mission-critical resources, our Black Friday sale was the kickoff to an entire season of swag hunting.

To the Bungie Store!

Yes, the sale prices are gone, having vanished like an off-brand DVD player from a bargain table in the midst of a raging department store riot.  Nevertheless, intriguing gifts still hang in the balance for your consideration.  There is something for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

The “See You Starside” Collection presents a unique opportunity to be the first Bungie fan on your block to sport the bold new look, before it was cool.  Gear and accessories are available to curb your insatiable hunger for new information.

Of course, this is not all about rampant consumerism.  Proceeds from the sale of selected items in the Bungie Store also benefit charity.  Expressing your solidarity for our goal of world domination is one thing.  Taking up arms to benefit the Bungie Foundation is even more meaningful, and it is never too late to “Burn Bright, Burn Blue.” 

Get in there and get yourself some while supplies last.

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Bungie Store Black Friday Sale

New gear just in time for the Holidays.

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Community 11/23/2011 1:37 PM PST

Community Manager Plank Walk

Official Hazing begins now.  Plus, win codes to download content for Crimson Steam Pirates!

On the advent of my unmasking as your new community-facing punching bag, it was promised that you (the community) would have the opportunity to haze me (the punching bag) in the face.  Since then, several of you have been frothing at the mouth in anticipation – plucking feathers and boiling tar.

Why the wait?  No challenge is complete without a reward hanging in the balance.  This is more than an invitation to humiliate your new faithful community manager.  I am sweetening my rite of passage with a contest that will enable some of you to score codes to download Crimson: Steam Pirates for iPhone!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make your way to the Bungie portal on Facebook.  There, you will be subjected to several rounds of trials.  Don’t worry; this will be much harder on me than it will be on you.  The winners of each round will impress their friends by being the first kids on their block to play the explosive finale of Captain Blood’s saga of piracy and intrigue on the iPhone.

Why Facebook?

World Domination, my friends.  If Bungie is to conquer all that we survey, we must be willing to leave the relative security of our fortified base from time to time.  I am inviting you on an off-world incursion of the utmost importance.  If you have come this far, perhaps you can come a little farther.

This is an outrage.  I don’t even have an iPhone!

The booty to be won in this collision of creativity and cruelty is completely transferable.  With a code in hand, you could even run a contest of your very own.  Surely someone you know is in possession of an iPhone, and would be enthralled to partake in a swashbuckling tale by sea and air.

What are the details of the contest?

I am thrilled to tell you all about it!  No, really.  The razor sharp and slightly rusted tip of the sword that urk has leveled at my back has absolutely no bearing on my complete and total willingness to participate in this public act of shaming.  Here is the pitch: You are all be invited to superimpose my ugly mug on the body of a pirate.  Extra points will be awarded for the inclusion of elements of Steam Punk.  Content that is not safe for work or family gatherings will result in a ban from  Host your creations somewhere online, and link to them in the discussion thread for this post.  I will take our favorite selections and migrate them to Facebook for voting.  The more people "Like" a photo, the more it stands a chance of winning a download code for the artist that created it.

Whoever wins, I lose.  For the purpose of illustration, the warning shot that resident Bungie designer Halcylon fired over my bow is featured below.  Samples of my face will be provided.  The pirates are for you to find on your own.  Good hunting and happy photoshopping.

Get thee to Facebook, ye scallywags!  Time to make the new guy walk the plank…

Community 11/18/2011 10:12 AM PST permalink

Crimson: Steam Pirates for iOS

The Adventure Continues on iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

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Events 11/17/2011 5:24 PM PST

Straight Outta Gotham

Unveiling your new Community Manager.

Unless you’ve been squatting in the Seventh Column to talk about how audaciously rugged my strapping ginger beard has grown, these might be the first substantial words you’ve read from me lo these many months. My apologies, my working hours have been monopolized by all this plotting and scheming, the fruits of which won’t touch your sweet lips for quite some time. So, I picked up a new guy to help out from one of those Bungie-stroking feel-good websites that saturate the Internet like so many drops of rain falling upon the streets of Seattle.

DeeJ is gonna be doing exactly the same thing on our forums and community hotspots that he’s been doing under the strikingly similar, albeit slightly more difficult to pronounce pseudonym over at Tied the Leader:

1. Kicking ass
2. Taking names

Literally. Short term, his handiwork will mostly involve applying heaps of his expertise and glops of elbow grease in private behind studio walls, bustin’ out the old studs to make way for a new framework that will boast an even stronger community focus.

Long-term, well, we’ll just have to wait and see. For now, here’s what our newest community dude had to say for himself. With perfect form, he’s asked and answered a slate of his own questions. (If you want to ask him some of your own, stop into our community forums, like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter  – DeeJ will be running the show at all our external venues from here on out.)

What’s with the new guy?

Greetings, gamers.  I come to you in peace, basking in the glow of excitement about the privilege to address you as Bungie’s freshly minted Community Manager.

Accepts hand-written note from urk.

Very well... Assistant Community Manager.  Of course, titles are not as important as the mission-critical function that I will be carrying forward.  The makers of the games that we all love to play have seen fit to appoint me as the faithful emissary to their most prized ally: Their Fans.  If you’re reading, that’s you.

Back up.  Who are you?

They call me DeeJ, and I am at your service.  Ever since Bungie conscripted digital warriors to play Halo from every household that could connect an Xbox to the Internet, I have been fighting and dying [and gladly respawning] alongside the players of their games.  You could say that this is not my first blog post about the glory and agony to be found in multiplayer matchmaking.  If you are a veteran of Bungie games, you may have crossed plasma swords with me.  If you are a constant reader of this website, you may have seen mention of the antics I have been cultivating in my own field of the fan-driven landscape.

I have watched this community of skirmishing combatants grow beyond its borders with the release of every new title.  I have lent audience to your war stories, served up in explosive moving pictures.  I have thrown my lot in with the heroes of the post-game lobby and opposed its villains.  I have tracked the clans that have controlled their own territory on the battlefield, all while guiding my own.  I have dealt in lead. 

What can we expect from you?

As I am abducted by the mother ship, you can expect from me the same thing that you have come to expect previously from Bungie’s face to the world that plays their games.  I am filling the boots left by stewards of community who have come before me.  The torch has been passed to me by urk, but it has not been reinvented.  My role is to enable you, the gamer, to seek out your very best game through the interactions to be had on this website.

We are in for a great deal of fun together, you and I.  As the newest member of the Bungie team, it will be my distinct pleasure to peel back the curtain ever so slowly to reveal the universe that has been created for us to fill with our shared mayhem. I will bring you along on a fascinating journey of discovery and exploration.  A steady stream of official updates and communiqués from the development bullpen will bring you out of darkness.

But all of that will have to wait.  For now, I beg of your patience.

Where can we find you?

I will be around. You will see me in all the familiar places, shooting all the familiar faces. Stay tuned. My public hazing begins tomorrow.

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Careers in the Spotlight

Five great opportunities to help guide the future of our studio and the games we create.

We’re always on the hunt for talented and passionate people to help our studio create the best games possible. This week, our recruiting team spotlights five open positions that will have a big impact on our brand new universe.

Lead or Senior Graphics Engineer
Senior Environment Artist
Senior Multiplayer Systems Engineer
Senior Mobile Application Programmer

Careers 10/25/2011 10:13 AM PDT permalink

Bungie Mobile for Android and iOS

Connect to your Xbox LIVE friends, Halo stats, and Bungie’s news feed. For free.

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CommunityWallpapersSite UpdateHalo: Reach 10/19/2011 10:22 AM PDT

More Crimson: Steam Pirates Reviews

No moneyhats necessary.

If you're one of the few iPad owners who has yet to set sail on Harebrained-Schemes latest adventures with Crimson: Steam Pirates, here's a few more reasons to give it a go.

Game Guide 9/16/2011 4:23 PM PDT permalink Maintenance (Complete)

urk writes:

Do we cut the red wire, or the green wire?

The guys who make our computers work tell me that they'll be yanking on some wires tonight. As a result, will be offline between the hours of 12:00AM and 2:00AM PT. You've been warned (but please feel free to squawk about the outage on Twitter).

Site Update 9/7/2011 4:16 PM PDT permalink

Last Chance to Buy Bungie Pro (Updated!)

Details inside.

As part of Halo’s transition to Microsoft management, Bungie Pro will soon be going dark. On September 15th, we’ll stop offering the current 6-month subscriptions, and full support will be phased out around March 22nd, 2012.

What happens after September?

Bungie Pro Video will only be offered in pay-as-you-go form, via the Render Minute Packs available through, and you’ll no longer need to be a Pro member to buy them.

More information about the last time to use up your minutes will be available after that March date, but you’ll have until then for sure.

We will NOT be removing Pro features, including expanded File Shares or Bungie Pro Nameplates for any Pro accounts that expire after 9/15, and Microsoft has let us know that once that last Pro subscriptions have expired they intend to allow you to retain your 24 File Share slots.

Group Memoranda 8/24/2011 1:57 PM PDT permalink

Bungie Mobile App Updated!

Wallpapers, Private Messages, and Xbox LIVE Friends Status.

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Community 8/15/2011 2:03 PM PDT

A Word on Using Protection

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Xbox LIVE Security has notified us of an internet creeper who's registered a fake website to try and trick you into divulging your personal information. Bungie will never ask you for your account credentials and you should never divulge your personal information, especially to online asshats.

Group Memoranda 8/15/2011 9:46 AM PDT permalink