Halo Community Scenery Montage

whitesoxrule writes:

Sending a message.

Several Bungie community groups known for their ability to capture still shots of Halo got together and crafted this montage made up of still frames.  They took screens from both Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST.  You should take a look yourself.

"The world of Halo is full of beautiful vistas and jungle canopies, but not only does Bungie's dynamic universe look beautiful; it offers artists a way to capture what they feel in life. Each great picture has a meaning to it but its the scenery that truly delivers the message."

YouTube - Community Screenshot Montage- Beauty of Halo

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The Firestream Firefight

emilio30 writes:

It's payback time!

The Running Riot is taking a step back from the Live Podcast series to hold a special event.

Back in July, TRR interviewed Firestream from HaloCharts live and the broadcast did not record and it was lost forever. To make it up to him we are holding a LIVE event on Tuesday, November 17th 9:30pm ET called "The Firestream Firefight".

We will be broadcasting Firefight matches with some members of the Halo community you might know. The following gamertags may seem familiar to you:

bs angel from Hawty McBloggy

Insane54 from Forge Hub

Louis Wu from HBO

Jironimo from Ascendant Justice   

Come over to The Running Riot on the 17th to tune into the live show and chat along with us!

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Bungie Store Updated!

Now with even more stuff!

We've got backpacks, we've got water bottles, and we've even got some battle armor for any Bungie babies your friends and family have dropped feet or head first into this bewildering business we call life!  Click any of the images below to get yourself dropped into a wondrous wonderland of wonderful Bungie merchandise.

Bungie Battalion Backpack

"You've got quite the load to bear, soldier. Ease your burden by packing your personal valuables into this sturdy backpack and strapping it onto your equally sturdy back. There are plenty of compartments, close to a zillion zippers, and there's even a handy dandy pocket to store your portable, field-rated laptop. Product not recommended for military operations."

Bungie Crested Water Bottle

"I am your shield. I am your sword. I also contain 24 ounces of the liquid of your choice."

Many Moods of the SI Water Bottle

"Halo 3: ODST's Superintendent has been through some rough stuff. The power is out, the zebra is as dead as a doornail, and the Covenant aren't ever pretending to clean up after themselves. You'd be pretty scrambled up yourself. Make sure you're taking care of your own body as well as your mind by sipping some crisp, cool water out of this awesome Superintendent-themed bottle."

The Superintendent Turbo Hydration System

"This bottle is suitable for all sorts of refreshments, but we recommend good ol' fashioned H2O. Whether you're on a hike, riding your bike, or kicking some alien ass on the mean streets of New Mombasa, make sure you're prepared for anything by dropping some aqua pura in one of these bottles."

Halo 3: ODST Superintendent Infant Body Armor

"Prepare to Drop your lil' Rookie into this ultra stylish Halo 3: ODST Superintendent-themed Bungie onesie. Lower hatch unsnaps for routine diaper deployment. Infant sold separately."

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Know Your Ninja - Duardo

Takes what he can get.  (Including Foman's mom.)

Duardo wants you to feel right at home here at Bungie.net.  So much so that he's put together a whole pile of words in order to help you get acquainted and acclimated.  Follow his advise and you should do just fine.  Don't and he'll smash the hell out of you.

Q. Who you are and what you do when you’re not banning fools.

A. My name is Drew, and I’m a college student majoring in Mass Communication, particularly news writing, cinema/television, and public relations.

Interestingly enough, this semester I found out I was a senior (I didn’t even know I was a junior!). While scheduling classes for next semester, my advisor tells me that I can graduate a full semester early due to the university changing their criteria to graduate.

When I’m not at school I’m working at a local movie theater, where I’m the assistant manager and head projectionist. Basically, I’m the guy who puts the previews and movies together, and loads them onto the screen for your enjoyment.

I got my name, “Duardo,” from Spanish class my freshman year of high school. We had to choose a Spanish name, and the teacher suggested to pick one using the first letter of our name. I found “Duardo” and thought it sounded cool. Turns out that, not only is it a nickname for Eduardo (Edward) which I have no connection to, but also is a variant of Duarte, which means a wealthy guard.

Q. What did you do with your time on Bungie.net before you took up "guard duty"?

A. I was introduced to the site in 2002, when my friends and I would have LAN parties with Halo: Combat Evolved every weekend. One of my friends would go to the old Tru7h and Reconciliation site, and read the updates and whatnot. I never really looked into the website until 2003, where I would read the updates and the forums.

I loved reading the theories for Halo 2. I loved how everyone seemed to be so excited about it. The site soon changed to the New Hawtness in 2004, and on September 17, 2004, I finally joined. I already knew where everything was and what the rules were (mostly), so I got right into things. I think I joined initially to answer someone’s question, but then decided to introduce myself.

Funny about that thread is that a moderator had posted in it saying, “Welcome Duardo. Make sure you know what forum is what. But also make sure you don't let people get to you. This place rocks! Enjoy yourself.”

I feel that that is the essence of what all of us need to do for newer members. Make them feel welcome.

I would log on each day and roam Zanzibar, and then New Mombasa (the Halo 2 Forums) and the Septagon (Community Forum now). After Halo 2 was released and Zanzibar became a spam pit, I switched over to visiting the Septagon, Underground (Universe Forum), and the Flood.

The Septagon was having an Unofficial Promotional Video Contest, and I loved making and editing movies, so I felt really involved with the community at the time.

Couple years later changes came, people left, new people showed up, Foman’s Mom showed up, etc. Halo 3 was releasing soon, and I was getting annoyed seeing repeat topics all the time, so I created a FAQ where I, and some others, would answer people’s questions.

Then the Member Titles came out, and once again I got annoyed seeing repeat topics - Bam, another FAQ. Surprised to still see it’s alive and well after two years.

After going to PAX 08 (which was amazingly awesome – got to meet so many awesome people), I was asked to join HFCS and became a Ninja September 19, 2008.

Q. Do you ever get annoyed enough to want to make an escape for a spell?

Of course. Who actually likes getting hate PMs all day (besides you)? As a ninja, our job is to enforce the rules and keep the forums clean of rule breakers. Look for the bad before the good. This can get depressing sometimes, haha. Sometimes it’s better to let the forums burn for a bit, instead of having the ninja’s too burnt out to care about enforcing the rules. Thankfully I have school and work to keep me preoccupied when I don’t want to get one. That’s the beauty of the Internet. I can just click a button and turn off the computer, or go live my life if I want.

Q. When you click buttons with an eye toward checking out some other sites, where are you looking to find cool stuff?

I enjoy reading about video games, so I’ll venture to Kotaku after I get off Bnet. I usually go there, Cracked.com (hilarious site), Rooster Teeth, Hawty McBloggy, some Apple sites (not the fruit), and I enjoy reading random Wikipedia articles if you can believe that. I just find things interesting.

‘Course since I work at a movie theater, I get to watch all the latest movies, and not pay a dime. I also enjoy playing my video games (currently playing Left 4 Dead, Shadow Complex, batman: Arkham Asylum, and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom hourglass.

Q. And what keeps you coming back to Bungie.net for more?

Foman’s mom.

No really.

Seriously though, I love the community. I love seeing so many people dedicated to a particular company/game, and I love being a part of it. There have been bad times, sure, but there have also been so many great things too. I love that Bungie employees take time out of their day to interact with us. It makes Bungie.net feel very home like. You could say it’s my Internet home.

Q. How has your view of your Internet home changed during your residence?

The Community has evolved over time. It was once a place where everybody knew everybody, and slowly grew with the release of new games, and now people have developed real life friendships because of the bond they share with Bungie.net

This community will only get bigger as time passes. Is that a good thing? Sure! Look at all the fansites dedicated to Halo or to Bungie. It’s really amazing how one game can change everything.

Q. How sweet is it to swing the Banhammer?

Imagine if you were the Incredible Hulk and just started smashing things for the hell of it. It’s that awesome. I’m glad that I was trusted enough to help keep the forums clean. It can be a rough job sometimes, but it’s usually made up with chocolates and hookers (who all happen to be wearing the Webmaster’s face for some reason). I’ll take what I can get though.

I’d like to acknowledge some people if possible.

Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for being awesome. Thanks for becoming my friends. Thanks for the good times.

Curtis, Quincy, Marshall – you guys were there in the beginning, and deserve a special shout out.

Lord Snakie, Helveck, Cryptic, my fellow moderators (particularly Qbix, The Slayer Bro, El Roboto, Butane, RN54, TGP, Yoozel, Nos, stosh), Foman for being awesome with myself and his mom (he got me back, damn him), Halcylon, BS Angel, CAVX, Sonic John, Cortana 5, Gamerz, Predator, True Underdog/NinjAg/Mr Mousetrap/True Underdog, T1B3R7uMB0YXVI, Evilcam, brutenextdoor, dmg04, Dropship dude, Faulty Jaboom, Guitarplay123, Hawkeye, Obi, immortal eNeME, Kapture, Ouizer, Radekk, Sadistic, Zayne, and all the rest of you whom I love, especially you urk.

Aw, I totally love you too, Drew.  That's why I bought you dinner when you came into town.  Too bad you didn't pick up the signals then though, I think there might have been some magic between us.

If you just read this interview and want to send some of your own signals Duardo's way, stop on into the discussion thread attached and say hello.  Might want to play nice though, he's looking to keep things clean.

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Paper-Mache Master Chief Helmet

What a world!

Hawty McBloggy ran across this interesting paper-mache Master Chief helmet.  It looks all ooey and gooey.  She made some off color remarks about it.  Wanna see it?  Click the link.

Paper-Mâché Master Chief Helmet

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'3 Minute Montage'

Exactly like Seven Minute Abs...

...only BladedExpert has way better timing and all kinds of no scopes.  He's also saying this is the last montage he's gonna crunch out for us.  Lame.

YouTube - BladedExpert's 3 Minute Montage

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Stuck on Spikers

Don't try this at home!

Smick6 is a trained professional and HBO's got a news item up with some shots of his work.  It's pretty awesome.  Make sure you click through to check out the Spiker Rifle he cooked up a while back while you're there.

OC's Spike Grenade

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'Tunnel Vision' - Halo 3 Montage


He got a no scope.

We'll, several actually.  Check 'em out.

"We've all seen those montages with fifty single no scopes, but triples and overkills with no scope required is unseen. Introducing one of the most creative and groundbreaking montages of all time. No scope involved."

YouTube - Tunnel Vision

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Top 10 MLG Plays Episode 10

bmcgann17007 writes:

Now with commentary!

Bmcgann17 is back with more MLG plays.  This time out, his top 10 list comes with a little bit of commentating.  If you like it, let him know at the jump.

YouTube - Top 10 MLG Plays - Episode 10

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We Came. We Saw.

We stuck it.

Wondering what happened with HaloCharts.com's Sticktoberfest?  Hit the jump below to get informed!  Winners and a written round-up await you (and a whole lotta website packed full of Halo stats).

For the past month, several of us have taken part in a challenge like no other found out there in the vast Halo Universe. A challenge that in order to be truly successful would require a certain degree of luck, an even greater degree of skill and above all, an elevated level of consistent dedication. The singular task at hand on this particular challenge was simple in concept...

...find your opponent and stick him with a plasma or spike grenade for the kill."

HaloCharts.com - We came. We saw.  We stuck it.

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When You First Saw Halo 2...

...were you blinded by its majesty?

Okay, admittedly that title and subject are more than a touch self-serving, but we figured hey, if we were gonna make mention that today is the five year anniversary of the second installment of our dear Halo franchise, we figured we might as well go all out.  How awesome are we?  So awesome.

Of course, Halo 2 would have been far less awesome without all the players.  If you counted yourself among the masses that made it your business to give our inaugural matchmaking run a good, hearty spin, thanks for playing.  If you're among the tens of thousands of players who are still going round and round in the Halo 2 hoppers, trading Battle Rifle blows and rushing headlong into, well...Headlong, double thanks. 

That's two times the thanks!

If you haven't played Halo 2 in a while, go ahead and slap our old gal in the disc tray tonight and get your nostalgia on.  You might have finished the fight, but the war still rages.  Rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.  Oh, and there's this one multiplayer map where a friggin' runaway train comes blastin' down the tracks like a lightning bolt shot sideways out of Zeus' blamhole.  It's awesome.  Trust us.

Halo 2
November 9th, 2004
Earth will never be the same...

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Tag and Release - Lost Platoon

What once was lost...

...now is found.  We dropped into the LZ and salvaged these assets for you.  Make sure you put them to good use.  And yeah, the astute observer will notice that we didn't dig out any shots featuring Choppers.  Because they don't count on Lost Platoon (or Last Platoon, either).

Mission Select: Lost Platoon

Above Glass

Final Moment

Take It to Make It


If this fearsome foursome of screens aren't to your liking (or you want to see some shots featuring the Brute Chopper), go ahead and get your own stuff.  We can't do everything for you.  Time to leave the nest and fly, little birdie!  Learn how to navigate by checking out our Community Files collection.

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Nom Nom Nom

Who's hungry for some screenshots?

Yeah, once again ihearthalo3screenshots dropped a set of screenshots on Friday and once again we're late getting them to you.  We're sorry.  Please accept this link as a token of our apology.

Nom Nom Nom

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F99 UCAV 'Wombat' Cleared for Takeoff

Mid7night writes:

Fly your very own Wombat in X-Plane.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a...wait, yeah it's a plane.  If you don't want to keep your boots on the ground, read the description below and then hit the links to climb aboard the Wombat.  You'll need the latest and greatest version of X-Plane, but otherwise, you are cleared for takeoff.

"As mentioned elsewhere on the webz, I've released my flyable version of the F99 'Wombat' for X-Plane 9.40.  This is that little UCAV jet you see flying overhead in ODST.  And if you have no clue what I'm talking about, it doesn't matter, just go fly the F99 - it's fun."

Download and read about the F99 HERE!

And if you're unsure, click here to see what you're missing...

 ~ Mid7night"

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'Star Fell' Teaser Trailer

FireDragon04 writes:

A Halo 3 hybrid.

Star Fell is a Machinima.com exclusive CGI/Halo 3 Machinima Hybrid Short Movie been released later this year.  For now it's all teaser, but if you're into that sort of thing, you should tune in and check it out.  Looks like the two mediums just might mix.

YouTube - Star Fell Teaser

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'Splat' - Halo 3 Montage

Tucker RvB fan writes:

It's a highway to Hell.

Don't let the opening fool you, there are actually some pretty sweet splatters in this video.  If you're into seeing stuff slam into other stuff and seeing the second stuff we're talking about right now get so very splattered, you should tune in.

"Crazy Fish Productions just finished their next montage, and I can tell you, you're in for one hell of a ride!"

YouTube - Crazy Fish Productions Episode 4: Splat

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Five Years of Fandom

The Penny Arcade Forum Halo Clan is bringing cake.

Okay, so they don't have delicious cake, but the crew over at the Penny Arcade Forums are offering up prizes in celebration of their fifth anniversary.  If you want to help them celebrate by submitting your own "awesome" screenshots, hit the jump below to learn how you can participate.  HBO let us know.

Penny Arcade Forums - TBK: Five Year Contest

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In the Dead of Night

Testing out the hardware.

Adam Grumbo over at 405th.com cooked up some excellent live action footage featuring some custom-crafted ODST gear. He says it was really just a test for his fancy pants low light capable camera, but if you want to try your hand at slapping in some special effects, Adam's made the raw footage available for download.  Thanks to HBO for the link.

Direct Download

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'Oh, Hayabusa!' Halo 3 Noob Song

Gonna take the world by storm.

Louis Wu over at HBO says this is his very most favorite song in the whole wide world.  I think it's okay.  Maybe a bit repetitive.  What do you think?

YouTube - Oh, Hayabusa (Hao 3 Noob Song)

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343 Guilt O' Lantern Results

Pick a winner.

Well if you participated in the voting, you already made your selection.  Either way, see which pumpkin was plucked out of the patch and chosen as this year's winner.  It's kinda like American Idol, only with pumpkins.

Pumpkin Picking - The Results

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Bungie Weekly Update: 11.06.09

Light housekeeping this week.  Stay out of the kitchen.  Floor's wet.

Read Full Top Story

Bungie Weekly Update 11/6/2009 4:19 PM PST

Watch MLG Anaheim Live All Weekend Long!

Time to cancel your plans.

Seriously.  MLG Anaheim's gonna be awesome.  If you want in, MLG's gonna make it easy on you with an all weekend pass to the official livestream.  Details below.

"The MLG Pro Circuit makes its triumphant return to Anaheim this year as the best pro gamers in the world descend upon sunny California. We'll be streaming live gameplay all weekend long for your viewing enjoyment, highlighted by our four high-quality produced shows. There is no charge to watch the MLG Live Stream. To witness it all, simply head to our website: http://www.mlgpro.com."

Live Tournament Gameplay: All Weekend Long!
Pregame Show: Friday, November 6th 4:30 pm PT
Friday Night Kickoff: Friday, November 6th 5:30 pm PT
ESPN Saturday Night: Saturday, November 7th 5:00 pm PT
MLG Championship Sunday: Sunday, November 8th 3:00 pm PT

Complete MLG Anaheim Live Stream Schedule

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Halo 3 Mythic SLASO 2.0 - Sierra 117

The Tyrant returns.

He never really went anywhere, but that's a cool subject line, eh?  Like, imagine that he went away and things went to hell in a hand basket, but now he's back and you know what that means.  Somebody's gonna get their comeuppance.   While you wait for the drama to ensue, check out the Tyrant's updated guide to all things Mythic.  He's made some revisions to his Sierra 117 strats.

HBO - Halo 3 Mythic (SLASO) Walkthrough v2.0 - Sierra 117

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Teabag Prevention Presents

How to Suck Less at Firefight Week 2.

The Geekscape! gang - who we should mention isn't the kind of gang who will mug you a darkened alley - wants to help you with your Firefight game.  Cuz you stink.  Get better.  (Thanks to HBO for the link.)

Teabag Prevention: How to Suck Less at Firefight Week - 2

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HaloContest's October 2009 Montage

A brand new montage and a call to arms.

Check out HaloContest's October winners.  They submitted their clips and screenshots and won fabulous prizes.  If you like prizes, you should read the description below, check out the site, and submit your own best work.

"HaloContest has finally finished putting together all of the best clips and screenshots from  this month! Enjoy this collection and vote for your favorite!

YouTube - HaloContest's Oct. 09 Montage

This month's winners will get 1600 Microsoft Points. Do you want better prizes, including Halo games, accessories, and Bungie Store goodies?

Tell all your friends and have them come over to HaloContest.com! Make sure to submit your clips and screenshots to us! The more hits we get on our webpage, the more funds we have to buy sweet prizes and Bungie schwag for you!  So please, don't hesitate to roll on by and send in your content. Who knows? The next winner could get a copy of a certain new game fresh from Bungie!"

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