Reclaimer: Takedown

Now with more explodey goodness!

Today's Reclaimer starts off with a bang, and ends, of course, with a lead into next week's strip. Check it out.

Reclaimer: Takedown

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Map Spotlight Week 16 - Precipice

Raaascal writes:

Drawing the line.

Draw the Line takes forging to a whole new level with his extraordinary imagination, effort, and dexterity. Read on for more information about his most recent creation, Precipice.

Q. Who are you and why do you forge?

A. People online know me by Draw the Line, and I've been playing Halo since the original game was released. I have a strong creative side to me, so when forge was released in Halo 3, I immediately became addicted. I had a few popular creations back then, but forge 2.0 is a whole new beast.

Q. What was your inspiration for Precipice?

A. Precipice was largely inspired by the space itself. I was taking a break from forging another map and decided to start looking for a spot for my next project. I found that small ledge above blood gulch and was immediately inspired. I began throwing pieces down quickly and ended up having a rough draft of the map ready after only a few hours of forging. I also live near the city of Chicago, so my creations generally have an urban influence to them.

Q. Where is Precipice located and why did you choose that location?

A. Like I said above, it's located right above the cave (I believe?) in Blood Gulch. It's a unique space I don't see used too often, and I was inspired immediately.

Q. Did you employ any unusual forge techniques in making Precipice?

A. I wouldn't say I used any unusual techniques, but I did try to keep item count to a minimum to help the map's performance.

Q. What separates your map from other maps?

A. I definitely forge with an urban mind set. Most of my maps feel very structured and logical in how they're presented. They also tend to be less elaborate than many others I've seen. I think less complex layouts lead to some of the best Halo experiences.

Q. Anything else people should know before they download?

A. I've done a ridiculous amount of testing on the weapon set in this map. I think I've just about got it right, but if you think there is a way that it could be improved to promote map movement, let me know. And of course, I'm always open to constructive criticism.

Thanks so much for your time, Draw. As for the rest of you, please be sure to download the map file below, and provide with Draw with any feedback / constructive criticism that you deem necessary.

With that said, don't forget to purchase a charity wristband from the Bungie Store to help support those in Japan. Every penny counts, my friends.

Map: Precipice

Japan Quake Relief Wristband

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Teabag Prevention Presents - Condemned

jake_108 writes:

Space stations are my kind of thing.

Condemned features hallways, rooms fit for a firefight, a low-gravity room, and a slightly darker feel than the other maps of Reach. Firefights on this map will range from short to long range firefights. You can pretty much use any kind of weapon on this map if you play your cards right. And that's why we're here; To tell you how to play your cards right.

Teabag Prevention Presents - Condemned

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Forge Lesson 45: Pacing

Godly_Perfection writes:

The Forge Lessons are back folks... Brace [Large] yourself.

If you've been following this series, then I must first apologize for my absence. Good news is I'm back and ready to keep delving into minor but important details that can get your map on the road to Reaching Perfection.

Today's lesson is a look into how timing and speed come into play when designing your map. Pacing is one of the tools that designers use to keep the gameplay balanced for both teams. Even on asymmetrical maps like Highlands, Tempest, and Blood Gultch where symmetrical gameplay is still desired. But pacing goes a little further than that and can serve as another thing for you to consider when prepping your maps for the Community Playlists.

Lesson 45: Pacing

* Exploring pacing involves understanding how time and speed relate to your map's design
* Pacing can be used to help create fair and balanced gameplay, even on asymmetrical maps
* Understanding the pacing of your maps such as the timing to power weapons and locations can help you understand your map better and make better design decisions

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The Running Riot Podcast LIVE

emilio30 writes:

Grifball is here to stay!

Episode 32 of The Running Riot Podcast will be recorded LIVE this Wednesday, March 23rd at 9:30pm ET. Our guest will be Goose Checka from GrifballHub.  She is taking charge and letting the Halo community know that Grifball is here and not going anywhere. Don't forget! 

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Reclaimer: Time As a Wheel

Silent Vandal writes:

Father Times leaves quite the body trail...

A new Reclaimer comic is up showing off one of the new Defiant Maps and philosophizing on history -- and those doomed to repeat it.

Reclaimer: Time As a Wheel

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Community Carnage: Defiant

Homeboyd903 writes:

Prepare yourself for Carnage!

The Community Carnage presents:

Community Carnage: Defiant to the End!
Date: Wednesday; March 16, 2011
Time: 6 PM PST (Bungie Time)
DLC Requirement: Defiant Map Pack
Sign-up here

This is Carnage!

Join us, in a spectacular display of Carnage, we want you to be a part of! This week, in multiple lobbies, two teams of 8 will be pitted against one another over 5 games to see who really is the best; will it be the Red Team? Or will it be the Blue Team? This week's carnage event will feature maps from the new Defiant Map Pack and gametypes will range from Slayer variants to Objective games and other fun gametypes.

Be sure to stay after the matches to continue the fun in some FFA Carnage! Not in it to compete? Don't worry, neither are we! Our goal is to have fun, and without you, that's impossible.

What are you waiting for, sign-up already!

Want to see what you're in for before you make any haste decisions? Here's a list of the previous Carnages. You'll find write ups, stats, and even videos of the game! Stop by our official group for more information and how to become involved more involved in these events.

See you on the battleground!

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Top 10 Firefight Moments: Ep 17

Anoj writes:

Playing with Fire.

Hey everyone it's Anoj and right now it's time for the ten greatest Firefight moments from around the Halo Community. Sit back and enjoy the Covenant vs. Spartan madness! Check back next week to see the top moments from Campaign too.

YouTube - Halo Reach: Top 10 Firefight Moments: Episode 17 by Anoj

To submit your own Halo Reach clips, go to and click on "Submit a Video."

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Defiant Map Pack FAQ

It's official!

Defiant Map Pack FAQ

If you purchased the Defiant Map Pack from Xbox LIVE Marketplace and you haven't experienced a single, solitary problem, congratulations - you can comfortably count yourself among the majority. You don't need to read another word.

If you find yourself in the other camp, don't worry. We've been in direct communication with Microsoft and 343 Industries and they're committed to making sure all your Defiant Map Pack needs are met.

Here are the current technical support topics pertaining to the Defiant Map Pack.

Q. What is this “Defiant Map Pack” you speak of, and how can I get it?

A. The Defiant Map Pack is the latest pack of maps for Halo: Reach. Designed by Certain Affinity, in partnership with 343 Industries, it features two multiplayer maps, Highlands and Condemned, and one Firefight mission, Unearthed. You can get the Defiant Map Pack right now in the Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points.

Q: Okay, I gave you my hard earned monies in exchange for one brand spankin' new Defiant Map Pack, but after successfully downloading and installing it, none of the maps show up in the game menu. What gives?

A: Turns out that there's currently a technical issue tied to the number of Marketplace Content items you can have active for Halo: Reach at any one given time (this does not include Saved Games, Screenshots, or Saved Films). Right now, you can only have a total of three content items simultaneously active. Items that fit the bill include pre-order bonus or retailer exclusive armor, map packs, or your Bungie Pro confirmation.

Microsoft is working on a long-term solution, but for now, you'll need to delete one of the three items you have active. Here's how you do it:

In your Xbox 360 Dashboard, sign into your profile, and navigate to the System Settings tile in the My Xbox list. From the settings pane, select Memory.

Select Hard Drive as the storage device.

Select Games.

Select Halo: Reach.

Select the Bungie Pro Confirmation Marketplace Content item.

Delete it.

Deleting the Bungie Pro confirmation item will not impact your Bungie Pro Membership in any way.

Q. I can play the two multiplayer maps, but the Firefight map "Unearthed" gives me the error "Players failed to load content" when I select it in the lobby. This makes me sad. Bungie, you can make me happy again, right?

A. Yes! Well, maybe. You might have installed the Defiant Map Pack to a memory unit on a console that also has a hard drive. That won’t work. You need to install the Defiant Map Pack to the hard drive only.

Q. Hey! I can’t render Defiant Map Pack videos on yet. You hate me, don’t you?

A. Hate is such a strong word. Bungie Pro Video Rendering requires us to write custom code to our internal systems. Like you, we’ve only just received the latest version of the Defiant Map Pack. Our programmers are coding like the wind to ensure video rendering is up and running as quickly as possible. If you do submit a file for rendering, or already have, don’t worry, we’ll queue it up and spit it out in 24-48 hours.

Non-Defiant Map Pack video rendering is unaffected.

That's it for now. We'll keep in touch with Microsoft and keep a watchful eye on the community in the days ahead to make sure we keep tabs on any key issues you might experience.

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Bungie and Mobile Bungie Upgrades!

Spit, polish, and stats on the go.

The online team has completed some small upgrades to You might have noticed our nice, new drop down menus or your shiny new selection of user created forum avatars. They also made some significant updates to the mobile experience, including the addition of stats and player comparisons.

Like so:

If you want to see it for yourself, just point your mobile device towards

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The Animation of Halo: Reach

Straight outta GDC.

If you're ready to get your Monday morning learn on, Joe and Tam are ready to do some certified teachifying. The dynamic duo combined powers to deliver a super-sized talk at GDC, and as a result their presentation deck is no small download, clocking in at 444MB. If you have the bandwidth, and the desire to learn about how Joe and Tam helped make Halo: Reach's character performances all kinds of awesome, click the link below and get to downloading.

"With the goal in mind to improve the character performances in Halo: Reach we discuss the challenges we overcame and the concessions we made to ship on time and on budget with better quality. Bungie developed many new solutions with both process and technology to solve animation problems we had in the past. This lecture outlines the most prominent issues and provides highlights of our approach."

The Animation of Halo: Reach

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Bungie All Stars - Week 10

Let's rock!

It's hard to believe that we've already hit double digits for Bungie All Stars. We built on solid ground and we're showing no signs of erosion. Are you ready to keep on rockin' for week 10?

  1. Using the rocks in Forge World (or Tempest) as your building material, create an awe-inspiring sculpture worthy of an art museum and take an in-game screenshot featuring it from the best possible angle.
  2. You have from this very second until Thursday, March 17th at 11:59pm PT to submit your entry for consideration (and public ridicule) to
  3. Use the subject line “Bungie All Star Week 10” without the quotation marks.
  4. The size limit for preview attachments (required) is 10MB and you should use your best judgment and discretion in terms of the nature of the content you choose to submit. Fig leaves, if required, are not optional for your rendition of Michelangelo's David.
  5. One submission per person. Please include your profile and gamertag in your email.
(Apologies for the puns in the opening paragraph. Now go and make awesome.)

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Pup n' Friends - PAX East 2011

puptastrophe writes:

Getting hammered at PAX East.

If you were unable to attend PAX East this year to check out the Grifball Evolved panel, here's your opportunity to view the special video which was presented today on the big screen in the Naga Theater.

The last time Grifball had a PAX panel, I put together an exclusive Pup n' Friends compilation, so it was only fitting that I do it one more time. The video features not only many of my Grifball pals, but also a few favorite clips of folks I don't know from the Halo community, courtesy of the super handy file search. If you spot yourself in the video, welcome to your 15 minutes of fame.

YouTube - Pup and Friends - PAX East 2011

Panelists today included Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth and Red vs Blue fame, Jessica Shea (aka bs angel) of Halo Waypoint , Green Team Tex from and GrifballHub, and Goosechecka and Kalbelgarion, also from

Inspired to play some competitive Grifball? Is matchmaking Grifball just not enough smash for you? With the GGL winding down, it's nearly time for another season of the AGLA. Sign-ups are currently taking place on You've got until March 18th to assemble your team, register for the league and take part in the greatest online video game sport played inside a first person shooter.

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The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings

Tyrant122312 writes:

There will be another time...

Last week, the Tyrant released the final chapter of his Halo Reach Mythic Difficulty guide on HBO, Lone Wolf, an epic conclusion to the Mythic trilogy that began with Halo 3.  For those of you who missed the big debut, the video is now available on his YouTube channel and is packed full of Covenant carnage played to the heart-pounding soundtrack of Red vs Blue: Revelation.  And remember to catch the extended version at HBO where the Tyrant takes his Mythic bow before vanishing into the night.

The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings 

Stay tuned.  Once he hits 1000 subscribers, he will begin releasing the full video Halo 3: ODST Legendary Guide (complete with Mombasa Streets)!

"Spartans never die.  They just respawn in five seconds."

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Teabag Prevention Presents - Sword Base

jake_108 writes:

Do you have what it takes to survive in ONI's top secret base?

Sword Base is another multi-level map. The map features the interior of ONI's Sword base on Reach. There are many hallways, some bridges and a couple power weapons you and your team should definitely secure. Travel as a team through the halls. Just don't get distracted by the monitors and big screen TVs...

Teabag Prevention Presents - Sword Base

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Halo: Reach - Fails of the Weak Volume 25

Omza writes:

Geoff and Jack?

Jack and Geoff (or Geoff and Jack) bring you another week of Fails marking their quarter century!

YouTube - Halo: Reach - Fails of the Weak Volume 25

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Halo: Reach - Achievement HORSE #14

Omza writes:

Eat a letter.

Jack returns with a special guest for another week of HORSE! Jack better watch out...

All the maps can be downloaded here! (choose 'HORSE Week #14').

YouTube - Halo: Reach - Achievement HORSE #14

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Map Spotlight Week 15 - New Elysium

Raaascal writes:

Flag it up!

Flag it up on Crysis Hero's map, New Elysium! Have no idea what I'm talking about? Well, here's a little more information.

Q. Who are you and why do you forge?

My birth name is Crysis Hero. I come from a long line of Heroes. I forge because I love creating, testing, reviewing and playing on all kinds of maps. Halo: Reach's advancements have really opened up forging to anyone that has an imagination.

Q. What was your inspiration for New Elysium?

I actually made a list of my favorite Halo maps and the aspects from each of them that were enjoyable to me. I attempted to build a map that would "force" players into the type of play that I enjoy in hopes that they would find it surprisingly (if not equally) enjoyable. While it isn't overly apparent, I pulled ideas from Midship, Headlong and Beaver Creek.

Q. Where is New Elysium located and why did you choose that location?

My first attempt at a map rested in the water directly next to the waterfall. Big mistake. New Elysium is built on the framerate happy location of the Quarry. I really wanted the natural look and natural borders to contrast the complicated structures.

Q. Did you employ any unusual forge techniques in making New Elysium?

Do you consider staring at one corner of your map for hours at a time without touching a single object unusual? I put a ridiculous amount of time into this technique. I would just stare at a space and run different gameplay scenarios through my head before I'd place or move any objects. Besides that, I feel like my Sword bridge is fairly unique.

Q. What separates your map from other maps?

There are so many great maps out there and so many of the Forgers have this insane ability to create beautiful spaces that look beyond amazing. New Elysium just has to be played. I think the map looks great, but every piece was built with gameplay in mind. It's fast, it's fun, and it caters to just about every play style.

Q. Anything else people should know before they download?

I'd strongly recommend any flag game (Multi Flag/Neutral Flag/One Flag) as well as Stockpile, Crazy King, Headhunter, and Oddball. I'd like to thank Cataclysmic Hex, Action Samurai, TorturedExstacy, the guys at Maptastrophe and The T00L B0X, and Raaascal for having impeccable taste in maps!

Thank you so much for your time, Crysis Hero! Keep up the good work! As for all of you flag-happy players out their, be sure to dive into some games on this amazing map! With that said, be sure to leave as much feedback, and constructive criticism for Mr. Hero as you deem necessary.

Thanks again, Crysis, and thank you all for supporting us in these spotlights. Don't forget to join The T00L B0X (below)! ;-)

Map: New Elysium
Fly Through: New Elysium (Fly Through)
Box o' Tools: The T00L B0X

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Signups Opening for the American Grifball League of America!

CabooseKilla678 writes:

Start a beginner. Become a champion.

Register your team for Rooster Teeth's American Grifball League of America! Signups are open from Friday, March 11th through Friday, March 18th. The league, heading into its 12th season, is divided into "Pro" and "Amateur" divisions, so there is a spot for your team regardless of your level of experience.

To get a taste of the action, check out the this trailer:

For more information, check out!

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5 Second Project


Got five seconds?

Spend some quality time with some kick ass stop motion.

"The theme of the project is Road Trip. Our goal was to have fun and learn more about the process of stop motion. I will be posting the making of this video soon. While this animation is short in length my wife and I went all out to experience the entire process of a stop motion production. We even bought a green screen, lighting kit, created a stop motion rig and bought the toys (the ones I did not already have :) for the props.

Most of the environments in this animation are made from actual pictures from our road trip when we moved from Washington, DC to California this last October.We are both huge Halo fans and we hope this animation will give all Halo fans a good laugh. It was a great project and a good experience. Can't wait for the next one.

Thanks and enjoy,



My wife and I created this project together for the "5 Second Project" on GREYSCALEGORILLA

Blog Post:

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CJ Goes to GDX

We're experts!

If you hadn't already noticed, I shameless stole all of this morning's news straight from HBO's front page. What can I say, they scooped me good this morning. They even found out that CJ was going to be the keynote speaker at this year's Game Developer eXchange, and the guy sits barely a stone's throw away from me!

"SAVANNAH, Ga., March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Savannah College of Art and Design will host the 2011 Game Developers eXchange, the Southeast's premier game development conference, May 13 in Savannah. This year's keynote speaker is SCAD graduate CJ Cowan (B.F.A., computer art, 1998), who is currently the director of cinematics at Bungie Studios, the creator of award-winning Halo. Cowan was a cinematic designer on Halo 2 and directed the cinematics teams of Halo 3, Halo: ODST, and Halo: Reach."

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Marissa's Bunny Giveback Giveaway!

Their good deeds. Your great prizes.

A few weeks back we mentioned a stacked giveaway in support of Marissa's Bunny. Bad news, someone won and it probably wasn't you. There's good news, though. The winner kindly donated the prize back, and now you have another shot.

We think charitable people are the best kind of people. Drop by the site and count yourself among them.

Marissa's Bunny

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