Mr Sark's Halo 3 Sarkathlon 4

Flames are the new Hayabusa.

Okay, that might be a bit heavy-handed.  As the grand prize for Mr Sark's Halo 3 Sarkathlon 4, we'll be bestowing one player with the same ultra rare armor permutation that we wear.  Are you so totally freaking out right now?  Find out how to enter and win at the link below.

Mr Sark's Halo 3 Sarkathlon 4 - Do You Want The Bungie Exclusive Flaming Armor?

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Laird's Child's Play Ebay Auction

Buy some Halo stuff.

Laird has a pretty choice collection of Halo and community-related goods.  Feel good by bidding on a few items.  Proceeds benefit Child's Play.

Laird's Child's Play Ebay Auction

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MLG Anaheim Live

Come out and watch!

The fourth stop of the 2009 MLG Pro Circuit is set to kick off from Anaheim, CA on Friday, November 6th. Come out and be a part of the event by purchasing a spectator pass for just $20. A pass covers one person for the entirety of the three day event (November 6th-8th). If you're not lucky enough to come out and spectate, MLG will be streaming the entire event all weekend long on our homepage at

For more information on being a spectator, click here:

For the entire Live Stream Schedule, click here:

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Community Spotlight - ReconLIVE

Settin' up tournaments and offering something more.

ReconLIVE started as a place to host Halo 3 tournaments, but evolved into a site to facilitate something more community driven.  They're not the largest offsite community going, far from it, but hey, not every group we take a look at needs to be the size of a small army.  If you're looking for a close knit group of Halo 3 players to square off against over Xbox LIVE, you should give ReconLIVE a look.  Here's what they had to say about themselves, in their own words:

Everything started back when a friend and I had participated in a local Halo 3 tournament at a Play N Trade. We enjoyed every minute of it, even though we lost. Since then, we’ve always wanted to participate in more tournaments and compete against other great gamers. Unfortunately, Play N Trade rarely hosted Halo 3 tournaments, and if they did, we always missed them. This got us thinking: Why not play in Halo 3 tournaments over Xbox LIVE? After doing some searching for a website hosting online Halo 3 tournaments, we came up empty handed. That’s when an idea sparked; we could make a website for the Halo 3 community and host tournaments over Xbox LIVE.

ReconLIVE started back in February of this year with only five people lending a helping hand in getting things started. I was the only one that had any background working on websites, and none of us had any experience assembling a tightly knit gaming community. What we did have was commitment to a specific view. We knew what we were looking for and what we wanted to offer the community; it was just a matter of making it a reality. When we officially launched we didn’t see a very large turnout. The toughest aspect of starting a new website is getting your name out there. After about three months, we realized that not everyone was interested in tournaments alone. They were looking for something more. As a collaborative effort between some old friends, we improved our site to offer multiple contests as well as a place to chat and relate with people that have familiar interests. Specifically, Halo!

Since this realization, we've begun to expand to a more community based hub. Aside from tournaments, we've also begun to offer other competitions, such as caption contests each month. There’s also a very strong community spirit. People often meet and help each other rank up or play custom games out of the blue. These are people they've just met, and now they're on each other’s friends lists!

The funny thing about all of this is that, since we’re the ones who actually setup and host the tournaments, we don’t really get to compete. What’s in it for us is the fact that we can offer these tournaments to everyone else, something that wasn’t available to us. We do occasionally set up matches that let us compete against the community for fun, and of course LET them win a few matches. (Just kidding, we fail.)

The ReconLIVE today won’t be the ReconLIVE you see tomorrow. We’re always open to ideas and suggestions from our community to improve our website and make it a more enjoyable place for them to be. It’s a great feeling to be able to offer something back to the community that you’ve shared so many games with over the years. Bungie has created a gaming environment like nothing ever before it. We’re just glad to be a part of it.

Q. What are some of ReconLIVE's favorite maps?

A. A map we love to play on is an old favorite from Halo 2 – Last Resort. It’s an amazing map for objective game types and ridiculously fun to play on with your buddies.

With Avalanche being a remake of Sidewinder from the original Halo, it became another instant favorite. From the outstanding look and feel, to the many different types of strategies, it’s a perfect map.

Guardian. The map has a great layout and a very familiar feel to it. Lockout was one of the best Halo 2 maps and when Guardian was released with Halo 3, it brought back that same close combat feel; while still leaving enough room for those epic BR battles.

Q. And your favorite Game Variants?

A. We’re really big CTF fans. It all goes back to the memories of LAN parties on the original Halo…playing CTF on Blood Gulch. Another, of course, is Team Slayer with its raw carnage. What else could you ask for?

Q. What would you like to see in Matchmaking that isn’t there today?

A. We were really sad to see Team Objective go. The decision however made sense; hardly anyone ever played in it. Being the CTF fanatics we are, we loved playing in the Team Flag Double EXP weekend. It’d be really amazing to see that become a permanent playlist. Team Slayer who?

We'll, speaking of going, there goes ReconLIVE's first week in the Community Spotlight.  If you want to see what kind of content they think you should be looking at, make sure you check out their selections for Bungie Favorites.

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Top 10 MLG Plays Episode 9

bmcgann17007 writes:

Better than ever.

Top 10 MLG plays brings you, you guessed it, ten top MLG plays.  HD quality and about four and ahalf minutes of footage.  If you have plays that make the grade, they're looking for submissions.

"This is the 9th edition of the Top 10 MLG Plays Series with 10 new jaw dropping clips in HD quality! Enjoy."

YouTube - Halo MLG Top 10 Plays 2 (Gameplay)

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'UFO2' Halo 3 Montage

Billdebeast writes:

"Brings new meaning to the word Funtage."

I don't think Funtage is a real word.  If you want to know what it means, watch the video below.

"Billdebeast showed up here a few months back boasting his first Funtage, "Unidentified Failing Object". You may remember it. Well, now he's back with another installment, creatively coined "Unidentified Failing Object 2", or UFO2 for short. This less than three minute batch of fail is sure to give you a few chuckles, and at less than three minutes isn't exactly a marathon. Check it out."

YouTube - A Halo 3 Funtage :: Unidentified Failing Object 2 - HD

If you want to star in the next episode of UFO, contact Billdebeast over Xbox LIVE. Yes, that is his gamertag.  No, you shouldn't spam him or send him dirty messages.

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'Just Another Puzzle'

YoinheII writes:

There is no promise of cake.

Full disclosure: I'd be way more apt to take on this puzzle if there was a promise of cake.  If you're not compelled by sweet treats and you're looking for to put your problem solving to the test, check out this puzzle map.  If you can't do it on your own and want some hints, there's a walkthrough video that explains everything, step by step.

"If you love putting your brain to the test and throwing things at your television, then you should take this puzzle for a spin. While you're dancing about enjoying the delightful map you might find yourself stuck somewhere in the puzzle. I took the honor of making a nifty demonstration, which you can see below this paragraph. Although, you should give the map a whirl before you view the video."

YouTube - PU22LE NINJA #1 Walkthrough - Map Variant - Game Variant

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'Touch the Sound'

Halo 3: ODST OST Giveaway.

Wanna touch the sound?  Yeah, me neither.  Don't worry though, it's not a euphemism.  Domino Theory over at HBO wants to hand over a copy of Halo 3: ODST's OST.  Hit the jump for more details.

HBO Halo 3: ODST Sountrack Giveaway - Registration

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Helljumpers Halloween Pumpkin

Sweet gourd-like squash.

If you're thinking about getting in on HBO's 343 Guilt O' Lantern competition, you should check out your early competition.  Hit the jump below to see some skilled carving.  Hit the jump above to enter your own into the mix.

Helljumpers Pumpkin

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #46

Finders Keepers.

Steve keeps what he steals.  And he steals underpants.  Shiny, metal, underpants, to be exact.  Check it out.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Finders Keepers (#46)

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'Let's Get Cereal!' - An MLS Funtage

Helveck writes:

"Only the most serious can enjoy how truly cereal we are."

Man, now I'm hungry.  Be right back, cereal.  While you wait, check out this not so serious montage.

"Well I've been away for quite awhile I suppose, so I've finally got around to throwing together some clips that I find to be rather amusing from these past few months. I hope you boys and girls enjoy this video though, as it will be my last montage for Halo 3. But do not fret! I will sometime in the future be making more content related to ODST / Reach (When it arrives). So, until then I bid you farewell!

And remember to keep it Major League Serious! Cheers."

YouTube - Lets Get Cereal - An MLS Funtage

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Average Joe - Dropship dude

Master of the dropships.

Our ninjas have the week off.  Well, not from patrolling the forums and banning fools, just from the forced interviews we've been making them endure these last few weeks.  No worries though, we're dipping our bucket back into Average Joe well.  Up for today, Dropship dude.  He jingles, owns a sweet Crystal Xbox, and he's underage.  Sound like your kind of guy?  Read up.

Q. Who are you and what do you do?

A. A lot of people around here will know me as Dropship dude. Some will know me as Ross. Others will know me as “the Brit” (yes, I’m British), and a few will still wonder who the heck I am. I’m 16 (bet that was a surprise to a lot of you), and when I grow up I want to be a racer. No, really. Hey, some people can hope, right?

I’m an A-level student studying Geography (so I know why the land looks like it does), Biology (so I understand what’s going on in my body when I see a... never mind), English (bcuz i r know speek inglesh vury will), and Maths (so that if I ever need to know the graph for a cubic equation, in a real life situation, I can look back and say: wow, it really was useful).

When I’m not in school sleeping, I’m at home sleeping, or sitting at my desk playing on my PC or Xbox. I’ve been playing a lot of this new game which came out a little while ago. Something by a developer named after an extreme sport. Unfortunately for my social life, gaming is a huge part of what I do, hence the pale skin and glasses. Nothing a fake tan and contacts can’t sort – after all, that’s what women these days do, right?

Moving on...

Q. Yeah, let's skip right past the battle of the sexes and head into less dangerous territory.  Where did you drum up your gamertag?

A. This fancy jingle? It all started back in the days of Halo: Combat Evolved. I just got an Xbox (Crystal, might I add – oh, and another thing I want to add: that Xbox still works, after an awfully long time. Odd that), and a few games. Halo: CE was my first shooter ever, and it got me hooked. After I finished Halo: CE on Legendary for the first time , I saw an advert on the telly for Halo 2. Naturally, I wanted it.

About a week after getting Halo 2, I bought Halo: CE for the PC. It was on that fateful day when my online alias was created. While playing on the level “Halo”, I got to the point where it’s just before you first get a Warthog. A Covenant dropship flew overhead, and glitched. It floated there, and never moved. I managed to get on top of it, and at that moment, I proclaimed myself “Dropship dude”, the master of the dropships.

Hey, I was 11 – can you blame me?

I never actually got onto Xbox LIVE until I got my first Xbox 360, back in 2005, and even then, all I played was Halo 2. That’s when I plonked in my old ‘tag (which I will not state. It was too horrific). In 2006, I visited BNet for the first time, and needed a name other than that horrible failure I already had. So, I used Dropship dude. Earlier this year, my old ‘tag was finally complained about enough to get Microsoft to make me change it. I was saved!

Q. Yeah, don't be bringin' any horrible failures up in here.  Now that you got that all sorted out, where do end up spending most of your time around these parts?

A. I’m a regular here at BNet. It’s my home inside my home. Try looking on the Halo 3: ODST forum for me – I’m usually found pointing out people’s faults, and making large, boring posts. If you can’t seem to find me, I’ll likely be on one of the 25 private groups I’m in. Mostly ODST 4th Battalion, because they made me a moderator. Oh, OK, and for some other reasons too.

I’m also a bit of - OK, a HUGE - elitist, so I hang out on the Mythic Members group a bit too. Nothing there but awesome people and awesome things you regulars can’t see. Well, I guess we could let you in, urk.

Q. Very nice of you.  Lemme think about it.  I get kinda squirmy when people ask me to commit.  While I'm mulling it over, tell me why you enjoy playing games.

A. I find gaming a very relaxing, sometimes aggravating, time-consuming past-time. As such, I love it. I’m on my Xbox an unhealthy amount. I usually chill on Halo 3 and ODST with my main men Daft Whiteboy, BlandKitten, Slayer6070, and Kirbacious D. Ever since Combat Evolved, I’ve been a gamer. I mean, it was a large step up from Spyro the Dragon on PS2, to shooting aliens in the face with big-ass guns on the Xbox.

Saying that, I still enjoy far more casual games. I love Burnout games (Takedown especially), and that new “Split Second” game looks hella fun.

Q. What was the first Bungie title you played and had hella fun with?

A. I remember playing a Marathon game once, but not well enough to say when it was. So, I’ll just stick with Halo: Combat Evolved. It was so good, I did what Johnson told me to do at the end of the PC demo, and bought another copy for the PC. So I have three copies of Halo: CE, two of Halo 2, two of Halo 3 (limited, and regular) and one of ODST. Why so many? Well, I like to game while I game.

Q. Are you surprised that you like to get involved with the community afterward?

A. Not really. It’s the best online community of all. I wouldn’t trade it for anything – the witty remarks, the great discussions, and the extremely active members, all make a great place to visit while I just sit in a chair, drink Pepsi, and listen to some good music.

Q. Are you involved with any communities outside of

A. Nah, although, I am hoping to go to PAX sometime. It’s a bit too expensive for a student to go to Seattle for a week, but if it means a trip to Bungie Studios, I’m willing to pay. Speaking of which, any chance I can bunk with one of you guys while I stay? Just trying to reduce costs, ya know.

Q. No chance. You can, however, make some shout outs and say some stuff before you shove off.

A. While I was writing most of this, my dog was nudging my arm and liking my wrists. I think he wants a walk. Ah well.

As for shout-outs, I want to thank all the active folks at O4B, the Mythic Member crew, the moderation team (apart from Achilles because he won’t ever accept my friend request), the Bungie team (duh), my Endure team of Marcara 08, ZaRoC 19, and Sl Loboz, my main men mentioned above, everyone on my Xbox LIVE friends list, and Marty O’Donnell, for making such kick-ass music.

Oh, and one more thing: Can I haz Re-


I see what you did there.  Ask me again in Fall 2010.  In the meantime, you should head off to the thread this news article has automatically created.  Say hello to your throng of adoring fans.  All that stuff.  (Oh, and don't forget about your dog.)

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The Hollow - Halo 3 Map Variant

Glufer writes:

"No one can hear your cries..."

Good lookin' map is lookin' pretty good.  How does it play?  Download it and check it out for yourself.

"If you thought there wasn't a map out there that didn't complement Sandboxes theme and create and entirely amazing, aesthetically beautiful awesome map. Think again. The Hallow is the new bar set for forging." - The Hollow

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Zoxin It Up! LIVE - Episode 6

Zoxin1 writes:

Announcements, prizes, and costumed hosts!

Looking for a pre Halloween podcast?  Zoxin It Up! LIVE has you covered.  They also have prizes for participation.  Check it out.

"Another reminder that Episode 6 of Zoxin It Up! LIVE will be taking place on October 29th @ 9:00pm EST! We will be interviewing some staff from!

They will have a few big announcements for us during the show! We'll also have prizes available for everyone who watches the LIVE recording, where the host himself will be getting into the Halloween spirit! Hit the jump below @ 8:30pm EST on Thursday night (29th) for a chance to get in the game with us!"

Zoxin It Up! LIVE

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'The One' Halo 3 Machinima

FatalEra writes:

The story of a gaming god.

HBO popped this into their blog a few days back, but we're just now getting around to showing it off.  Too busy playing Xbox LIVE.  Didn't run into any gods though.  Check it out.

"Rumor spreads of a god-like player on Xbox Live. It's no longer fun and games folks..."

The One - Youtube

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Laser-Tek 3000


It's great for kids!

Probably the best voice acting I've ever heard.  You should tune in just for that alone.  Or maybe just for the 'splosions.  Either way.

"Introducing the Laser-Tek 3000, the one solution for all of your problems! Feel free to start destroying all sorts of things in your surroundings with the Laser-Tek 3000. Did I mention it's great for the kids?"

YouTube - Laser-Tek 3000

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Red vs. Blue: Recreation Chapter 19

LordOfBlah51 writes:

"Think You Know Someone."

The latest episode of Recreation is up and online.  It features three-way man on man on alien action.  If that doesn't send you scrambling to click, you're probably not the target demographic anyway.  Link and embedded video below.

"The Valhalla squad continue their escape attempts while the Reds, Aliens & Caboose all chase after CT in a three-way race to get control of Epsilon."

Red vs. Blue: Recreation- Chapter 19

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'The Lighthouse' - Halo 3 Machinima

Zoxin1 writes:

An unknown terror awaits...

Things are getting spooky as we creep headlong into Halloween this weekend.  Euphorian Films is marking the occasion with a film.  Check it out.

"A Halloween based Halo 3 horror machinima short released by Euphorian Films. This one is sure to leave you unsettled. Directed by Drift0r, with great voice acting from Tori Kamal. Hit the jump below!"

YouTube - The Lighthouse

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Tag and Release - Rally (Night)

Shadows and screenshots.

Once again we're eschewing convention and plucking out this week's Tag and Release content by using the drop downs that let us sift through the Community Files collection.  Up for today, Rally (Night).  We figured some nighttime shots were in order since we're coming in hot on Halloween.

Mission Select: Rally (Night)

Caught Hammer Handed

October Azure


Even though we've been switching up the method as of late, the advice still remains the same.  If you think you can do better, make sure you're tagging your content so other people can find it.  And if you just want to find more, all you gotta do is dig through the entire collection.

Halo 3: ODST 10/26/2009 10:47 AM PDT permalink Survey

Help us, help you.

Answer some questions for us and we might give you some prizes.  There's only twenty four queries in all and we know you've got nothing better to do.  Why not spend your valuable time at to help us make your time here more valuable? Survey

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HALOween Zombies Charity Tournament

Get your Trick-or-Treat bag filled with goodies and swag.

PraetoriaGuard is hosting their second annual HALOween Zombies Charity Tournament.  Rules and regulations at the jump below.  If you're going to be out of the house begging your neighbors for free candy, you can still help out by donating to their charity of choice.  Thanks to HBO for the heads up.

Welcome to the 2nd Annual HALOween Zombies Charity Tournament!

Be The Match Foundation

"The need is great. You have the power to help, the power to heal.

You make bone marrow and umbilical cord blood transplants a reality for patients when you give to Be The Match Foundation. Thousands of patients with leukemia and other diseases depend on us to raise funds to grow the Be The Match Registry, provide financial assistance to help patients throughout their transplant journey, and advance medical discovery. You have the power to save lives."

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Hard Justice S2: Episode 9

Things to do in Canada: build an igloo.

DigitalPh33r drops Episode 9 of this season's Hard Justice.  On the run, the duo finds themselves in the Great White North.  Parental guidance is suggested.

"Mason Clark and his duo of ruthless mercenaries are hot on the trail of runaways Bernard and Eddie, who, on their journey across Canada, come across a cave and some unexpected inhabitants."

YouTube - Hard Justice S2: Episode 9

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343 Guilt O' Lantern

Now with prizes!

If you plan on defacing a pumpkin this year with Halo-themed carvings, you might want to check out HBO's annual 343 Guilt O' Lantern contest.  They have prizes on offer for winning entries.  Awesome prizes.  Check it out.

HBO's 343 Guilt O' Lantern Pumpkin Carving Contest

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Operation Chastity Warthog Unveiled

PeteCooper writes:

Gun's not up and running, but everything else is.

Looks like Weta aren't the only ones to have access to a fully realized Warthog.  Operation Chastity built one of their own on the back of a Land Rover.  Check it out.

"Operation Chastity, the Halo fan-film, made a big and important step to realization today with the unveiling of their custom made full size M12 ‘Warthog’ LRV today at the London Expo. The beast is built on the chassis of an old Land Rover by the talented guys from Custom Creations and certainly looks the part complete with internals and a mounting point for your gun of choice."

Operation Chastity unveil Warthog to the London masses

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The Chronicles of Lyle: Chapter 3

Carl BOS writes:

All is not well in Lyle's little world.

Looks like Lyle's making new friends (sort of) and losing others.  He's also got a new website up and running.  Check it out.  If you're unfamiliar, Lyle's a bit extreme.  If you're easily offended, don't click.

"I can't tell you any more. You have to watch it. It's that epic. When you're done, head over to the fan site to chill with the other Lyle fans at Whifff Productions."

YouTube - The Chronicles of Lyle: Chapter 3, The Epic Two Parter Part One

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