Just Relax

IAMDank writes:

Part machinima, part live action, all awesome.

IAMDANK sends word of a, uh, montage?  Something like that.  It's really a mix of several video styles, but none of the individual pieces seem to suffer as a result.  Check out his brief description and link to the video below.

"Just Relax. Sit back and Enjoy Halo. Don't take it too seriously and have fun! Unless you are pro and making that paper! Hope you enjoy and make sure to watch in "HD.""

YouTube - Relax

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The Voicemail Chronicles - Volume Three

"Does anyone have a 1 month I can borrow?"

The latest edition of Bryan Simon's "The Voicemail Chronicles" is here.  If you made the list, you should probably be ashamed of yourself.  Parental discretion is advised.

YouTube - The Voicemail Chronicles - Volume 3

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Community Spotlight - Facility B5D

Just having fun with it all.

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CommunitySpotlight 2/11/2009 2:13 PM PST

Sandbox Screenshots

In the gallery and in high resolution.

The Sandbox screenshots, previously available only by way of IGN and T3, are now up in our own galleries.  It's good to have them home.  If you want to check them out in high resolution, check them out at the link below.

Halo 3 Screenshot Gallery

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Halo 3 Machinima - 'First Contact'

SD2522 writes:

What started it all.

Data Log Corrupted: Please Review Video Log.

First Contact

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Halo Final Fantasy

Domino Theory 2 writes:

You struck an Elite for Massive Damage!

Ever wondered what Halo would be like if it took on the helm and atmosphere of Final Fantasy? Well wait no longer, my friends. Hitting your opponent with 58 hit points of damage with the Assault Rifle has never promoted more map movement.

YouTube - Halo Final Fantasy

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Make a Halo-Themed eValentine!

bs AngelOfDeath writes:

A Halo-Themed eValentine community project.

Hawty McBloggy wants to be your eValentine.  Check out the description below, whip up some Halo-themed cards, and send them her way.

"There are not enough eCards out there featuring our favorite science fiction video game trilogy so let’s change that before the most romantic day of the year arrives! Create a Halo-themed eValentine using a screenshot, Paint, Photoshop, or whatever method you prefer and send it to me via the contact page. They can be sweet, funny, inappropriate, just whatever your heart desires. Worthy submissions will be published on Friday (fully accredited of course) in forms suitable for sending via email and posting in a forum setting. Now go get your eValentine on!"

Make a Halo-Themed eValentine!

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #13

Hallaer writes:

Get your gear in order.

Jim finds himself in a very strange place.  Prepare to active reload?

Chronicles of ODS Steve #13 - Get Your Gear in Order

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Reclaimer 148 - Veil

WrightOmega writes:

Monitors with attitude sold separately.

Another Reclaimer installment is up and ready for reading.  Ferial's luck seems to be running out.

Reclaimer - Episode 148

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Halo 3 Webcomics: Aesthetic Sets

Silent Vandal writes:

It's not just about the crates.

Halo 3 Webcomics has a new article up today, this one 'Forged' by HolyJunkie on how to create interesting and visually pleasing sets.  Head on over and check it out.

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Sandbox Toolkit

Questions, answers, and a peek inside the toolbox.

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Chaos Theory: Episode 11: Yesterday's Villains

Halo 3 comic book-y goodness.

The ever gracious Mr. Susskind has once again stopped by our offices to deliver another issue of his masterful webcomic, Chaos Theory.  He's also delivered some kind of cryptic challenge, but unfortunately for him, he's already lost.  Read the words and hit the links below to check out Episode 11 of Chaos Theory, "Yesterday's Villains."

"Hello Bungie.net,

This is Adam Susskind on week eleven of Chaos Theory wondering if he'll ever get a chance to do some laundry.

This week I bring you the greatest thing ever to happen to Halo3 Webcomics since 3 hours ago when Urk posted his interview with Jim Stitzel!

This story follows some fairly under used characters rather than some of the more common ones. If you've never read the series before, feel free to take it slow and enjoy all of them by reading through the back episodes, available at a "ChaosTheory.Halo3webcomics.com" near you!

In this post I'll take the opportunity to challenge Urk to see who will get his hands on the Mythic Maps first! I've got this win in the bag.

Yup, just another grueling three weeks.

Here she is: Episode 11: Yesterday's Villains

Enjoy, and remember, you can't spell Urk without the, uhm, "Urk."

Adam Susskind, Writer and Producer, Chaos Theory"

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'Twisted Metal' 'Goosetage

Four wheels and tons of fun.

Nysco and iScotteh have churned out a 'Goosetage they're dubbing, 'Twisted Metal'.  Check out all the four-wheeled action below.

YouTube - "Twisted Metal"

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Average Joe - TTL Demag0gue

"Whoa, this is different."

Not one to subscribe to convention, TTL Demag0gue, the creator of Reclaimer, Tied the Leader Gunslinger, and benefactor of Halo 3 Webcomics, eschewed the standard question and answer format in favor of pics, panels, and fancy schmancy dialog bubbles.  If you've ever wondered what drives Jim to pump out his awesome comic week after week, or why he's committed himself to helping others up the quality bar of their own competing comics, check out the inline comic below.  Click to make big.

Big thanks to TTL Demag0gue for taking the time out to not only answer our questions, but to do so is such a unique format.  Pretty awesome guy.  If this is the first time you've come across his work, make sure you check out the links above, or simply end your reading here with a quick click to check out his ongoing webcomic, Reclaimer.

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Halo 3 Mythbusters: Episode 9

The myths just keep on coming.

The Mythbusters are back with another round of myths to bust or confirm.  Check out the embedded video below, or hit the jump if you want to join the Mythbusters community and submit your own clips.

YouTube - Mythbusters: Episode 9

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MLG Player Neighbor's Song

Won't you be my Neighbor.

Bryan Simon's back with a new song series.  This time, he's going to be paying homage to some folks you might now.  First up, Neighbor.

"I'm starting a video series on Halo 3 Pro Players.  The first song is for Neighbor."

YouTube - MLG Pro Player Song - Neighbor

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Red vs. Blue: Relocated Part One

Dread Knight 92 writes:

A fresh start.  Same stupid conversation.

Last time around, we had our Recovery One series before Reconstruction. We wanted to use that short storyline to set up the back story of Reconstruction and save the "what have the guys been up to" for the big movie.

This time, we're using our mini-series to stay with the guys and see what they're up to between stories. If you've been with us a while, you know that means "less plot, more stupid". And this is a whole mini-series full of dumb.

Red vs. Blue : Relocated Part One

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Halo 3 Sandbox Interview, Part 2

Tiered?  Yup.

IGN.com has published the second half of their Sandbox interview, as promised.  Hit the link below to check out what designers Dan Miller and Chad Armstrong have to say about it and lay eyes on the newest Sandbox screens.

IGN: Halo 3 Sandbox Interview, Part 2

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Podtacular Episode 178

Luck n Hype writes:

Tales from the Halo community.

Listener voicemail, eh?  Sounds like this episode should come with a warning.  In any case, if you're looking for some community-focused info about all things Halo, injected with a little bit of humor, this might be a good cast to subscribe to.

"Podtacular has released Episode 178: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole with guest host Paranoid Sarge. In this episode the guys read some stories from the Halo community and play listener voicemail."

Podtacular 178: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

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'One Final Effort' Remade...

HaloGuru13 writes:

...in Mario Paint Composer 2

A faithful remake of "One Final Effort", using Mario Paint Composer 2.  Link to the video following the brief description offered by GuruXander6060.

"This took around 8 hours for those of you who are wondering, and is probably my most exotic but satisfying project yet. There are definitely a few spots where I went quite horribly wrong, and the latter half of =Halo3=4= just sounded weird, mainly due to the pitch restrictions of Mario Paint. But do enjoy what I have here to offer!"

YouTube - On Final Effort, Halo 3 in Mario Paint Composer 2

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Tag and Release - ODST

Battle ready.

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.  You've fought alongside them.  Come Fall, you'll suit up and drop feet first into hell as one of them.  Now is the time to fire up Halo 2 and Halo 3 to take a few minutes to get familiar.  This week's Tag and Release takes a pictorial peek at ODST screenshots snapped in Halo 3 and serves them up inline for your viewing pleasure.

The Coming Fire

Waist Deep


Even the greenest Bungie.net soldiers know how I deployed these assets into the Tag and Release battlefield, but I'll brief you again, just in case you didn't listen up when we gave you your orders.  Hit the All Tags tool to drop any and all special screenshots onto your desktop.  Tag your own with relevant waypoints so others can track your assets in realtime.  Any questions?

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Halo 3 Fails: Episode 9

xheuertagx 117 writes:

Hamster Dance Remix Warning.

The fails just keep on coming.  We're up to episode nine with no signs of slowing.

"This is the 9th episode of the Halo 3 Fails series, a video series which showcases some of the most embarrassing and wacky plays in the game. Enjoy!"

Halo 3 Fails: Episode 9

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Arby 'n' the Chief S3E07: 'Panic'

mats3r 350 writes:


Looks like the latest Arby 'n' the Chief made its way online this Saturday.  The Xbox Live drama continues. Naughty language.

"With Master Chief at his side on the sofa, the Arbiter is taking refuge within Snowbound's underground cave to avoid the masses of raging rioters everywhere across Xbox Live in response to the in-game glitches causing their Katana body pieces and Security shoulders to disappear. However, he is not alone; three other players are taking refuge with him, one of them obviously on the brink of insanity, but can any of them be trusted?"

YouTube - Arby 'n' the Chief S3E07

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Reclaimer 147 - Two Minds Are Better Than One


The latest installment of Reclaimer is up and ready to go.  Looks like Ferial might have met his match this time.

Reclaimer - Episode 147

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'A Warrior 2' - Halo 3 Music Video

Stayin' legit on the streets.

A friend of the blog sent this sweet Halo 3 music video our way for your viewing and listening pleasure.  If you like Chidomo's flow, you can pick up his album over at CD Baby.  If you like the video, check out the source over at Howling Wolf Productions.  If you just want to watch, check out the embed below.

Explicit Lyrics (that means naught words).

YouTube - A Warrior 2

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