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Events 11/17/2011 5:24 PM PST

MLG Anaheim Live

Come out and watch!

The fourth stop of the 2009 MLG Pro Circuit is set to kick off from Anaheim, CA on Friday, November 6th. Come out and be a part of the event by purchasing a spectator pass for just $20. A pass covers one person for the entirety of the three day event (November 6th-8th). If you're not lucky enough to come out and spectate, MLG will be streaming the entire event all weekend long on our homepage at

For more information on being a spectator, click here:

For the entire Live Stream Schedule, click here:

EventsHalo 3 10/28/2009 2:18 PM PDT permalink

Bungie Day '09

Non facete nobis calcitrare vestrum perinæum.

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EventsHalo 3 7/7/2009 1:06 AM PDT

Brawlin' for Recon

Double the EXP and a chance to win Recon.

Mythic Brawl is up for this weekend's Double EXP Playlist and we want proof that you participated.  Fire it up and get your Free For All on, then fill up your File Share with the evidence.  Want more details?  Rules and regulations are below.

* Entry into the contest is granted by snapping a screenshot of your play in the Double EXP Weekend Mythic Brawl Playlist.
* Screenshots must be taken and uploaded today, Saturday, May 9th, 2009 (PST).
* Screenshots must be uploaded into your File Share and remain there until next week's update.
* Screenshots must be tagged (not named) with the word "Brawl."
* Maximum of six (6) entries per player.
* Cheaters and boosters need not apply.

You can take screenshots of any action you like, but you'll have a better shot at winning if you catch our eye with something that isn't staged.  Play to win, try and capture the essense of Mythic Brawl, and keep your fingers tightly crossed.  If you've already played in Mythic Brawl this morning, you're ahead of the game - you can use screenshots from those matches.  If you haven't, fire it up and get your brawl on.

Want to talk about the contest?  There's a discussion thread attached to this news item.  Good luck.

EventsHalo 3 5/9/2009 10:35 AM PDT permalink

Winter Pentathlon Preview: The Road Crew

Sans sleeveless jean jackets and sweet sultry mullets.

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Inside BungieBreaking InHistory of BungieEvents 12/2/2008 3:21 PM PST

Fight Like a Girl - Update!

Now with more Bungie!

Looks like the Cavegirls found some new folks for you to play against in their Fight Like a Girl Tournament: Bungie employees!

"We're happy to announce that we've added a 2v2 challenge this weekend in addition to our FFA and 4v4 tournaments. The 2v2 challenge will be your team versus Bungie! That's right, various Bungie employees are ready to take on challengers this weekend to help raise money for our cause. All you have to do is go to the sign up page, and donate for 2v2 event. The amount you want to donate is up to YOU. Only one donation is needed for both players. Here are the details:

Saturday October 25th 2 PM Pacific / 5 PM Eastern ALL NIGHT LONG
Sunday October 26th 2 PM Pacific / 5 PM Eastern ALL NIGHT LONG

If you're already playing in FFA or 4v4, you can still sign up for the 2v2 event as well. Bungie will be on all night both days, so you will have time to do all events. The 2v2 will have open scheduling, you play when you can, and is mostly for bragging rights. You will play at least one game, maybe more.

So, head on over to the Sign Up page, and register for the 2v2!"

What are you waiting for?  Click on the link and get your charity on!

CommunityEventsHalo 3 10/23/2008 4:37 PM PDT permalink

Playlist of the Living Dead

On All Hallows Eve, when witchery is afoot, so walk the decaying remnants of man. Feast on brains for 27 terrifying hours.

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EventsHalo 3 10/30/2007 10:25 AM PDT

Video Games Live! Hits Europe and South America

If you haven't been anywhere near the past Video Games Live! concerts, as in continents away, but have been dying to go, then you'll be happy to know that VGL! is going to be performing in South America and Europe later this month. Check their site for the date, venue and all the other details.

They'll have shows in Rio de Janeiro on the 12th, Sau Paulo on the 19th and London the 25th.

Events 11/10/2006 11:20 AM PST permalink

Video Games Live! in Hollywood

It's like a sonic cathedral of sound! Halo 3's trailer music is just one of the live, orchestrated pieces being blasted out of the aural amphitheater known as the Hollywood Bowl. It's your chance to see and hear a musical spectacular with special guests. It's Video Games Live.

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Events 9/18/2006 4:09 PM PDT


This past weekend in the sizzling Georgian suburbs, 30 people gathered to play Halo, yell at each other and eat Tijuana Mamas for two straight days of uninterrupted gaming. Except for bathroom breaks.

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CommunityEvents 8/15/2006 5:02 PM PDT