Halo 3 Single EXP Weekend Begins!

This weekend on Halo 3 Matchmaking: Play Halo 3 online, and earn the same amount of EXP you get during the week!

This is a general reminder for everyone that there is not a Double EXP weekend this week as we continue to work toward the release of Title Update 2 and the September Matchmaking Update. Double EXP weekends will be back on schedule next week starting with Legendary Brawl. Until then, thanks for your patience!

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Double EXP Weekend on Vacation

Work on the September update means a couple "regular old" Halo 3 weekends.

As I'm sure most people are aware at this point, the September Matchmaking update is slated to be released at the same time as TU2 later this month. Due to the fact that we did not release a Matchmaking update on our standard cycle (on or very near the beginning of the month), both this weekend and next will be mostly Double EXP free. By "mostly," I mean that Ranked Big Team Battle is and shall continue to be worth double until it retires with the September update. However, there will not be a bonus Double EXP weekend this weekend, and tentatively there is not one planned for next weekend as well.

Our apologies to DEXP fans, but we assure you that after the update is released, Double EXP will be back on schedule! We appreciate your patience.

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Three Ball's back!

Three balls, four teams? Well, this is awkward.

Starting now, 3 Ball returns to Halo 3 as a Double EXP weekend. There's lots of oddballs laying around, but not enough for every team. Sucks to be the odd team out!

3 Ball begins at 11am PDT Thursday, September 04 and lasts until 2am Monday, September 08. Heroic and Legendary map packs are required.

Have fun!

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Team Snipers Double EXP Weekend

I'm out of jokes about sniper rifles that meet the minimum maturity requirements for employment at Bungie.

Starting now, Team Snipers is back to star as the weekend Double EXP playlist. Long rifles paired with magnums or shotguns in a primarily slayer, somewhat objective playlist for two teams of four.

Team Snipers is available from 11am PDT August 21st until 2am on the 25th. Legendary and Heroic maps are required. Cheers!

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Yay Grifball!

It's sorta like Quidditch with gigantic gravity-warping hammers. Also, no broomsticks!

That's right, starting today Grifball is back as the weekend double EXP playlist! Warm up your hammers and break out your playbooks. If there's anyone left out there that hasn't yet played Grifball, here's the basics: Neutral Assault, Gravity Hammers, and shenanigans. Of course there's more to it, so feel free to read the official Grifball website for more info!

Grifball is available from Thursday, August 14th at 11am PDT until Monday the 18th at 2am PDT. Heroic Map Pack is required. Have fun!

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Legendary Brawl Returns

So many targets, so little time.

Starting right now, Legendary Brawl returns to represent as this weekend's Double EXP playlist du jour. Uh, I mean... Double EXP playlist de la semaine. Or maybe du weekend. Languages are hard.

...Anyway, for those unfamiliar with it, Legendary Brawl is a 12 player free-for all romp through the Legendary maps (with several of the normal maps and Heroic as well). If that description and the name of the playlist are not an indicator, that means that you need at least the Legendary Map Pack if you want to participate. Legendary Brawl is ranked, so this is a great opportunity to get those last couple achievements that you have been so wrongfully denied. Good luck!

Legendary Brawl is available from 11am PDT on Thursday, August 7th until Monday the 11th at 2am. Heroic and Legendary Map Packs required (But not Cold Storage).

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Team Melee Weekend Begins!

Gametypes for people that like to play up close and personal.

Starting this morning, Team Melee is available as a Double EXP Weekend feature in Halo 3. As you might guess from the name, Team Melee focuses on everybody's best friends, the Gravity Hammer and the Energy Sword. Three teams of three face off in a combination of slayer and objective gametypes. Try not to lose an eye out there.

Team Melee is available from July 31st, 11am PDT until August 4, at 2am. All DLC is required for participation. Enjoy!

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Grifball Summer League Begins!

The New Classic returns with a slightly tweaked map.

Starting at 11am PDT, Grifball Double EXP weekend returns once more. The map has been updated to Summer League, but if you've played Grifball before you'll feel right at home.

Grifball Double EXP Weekend lasts from Thursday, July 17, 11:00am PDT until Monday, July 21st, at 2am. Heroic Map Pack required, as Foundry is the only map in the playlist! Have fun!

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Fiesta Double EXP Weekend Now!

As the Bungie Day festivities settle down, we're throwing one more party.

Starting right now, Fiesta is available as this weekend's double EXP playlist. People that enjoyed our Cinco De Mayo playlist will feel right at home, as Fiesta uses the same 8 player FFA format and variants on the fiesta theme. For those of you that missed out before, Fiesta is a gametype where you spawn with random weapons every time. Could be a Plasma Pistol, or it could be a Rocket Launcher. Good luck out there!

Fiesta is available from 11:00am PDT Thursday, July 10 until 2am Monday the 14th. All downloadable content (Heroic, Legendary, and Cold Storage) are required to play.

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Bungie Weekly Update: 7/03/08

What's the deal with Cold Storage's release date? How much is it going to cost? Read.

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3 Ball Weekend Begins!

Multi-team shenanigans ensue.

Starting now (11am PDT), 3 Ball is available in Matchmaking as a Double EXP playlist. 3 Ball, as the name implies, is a gametype featuring three oddballs. The catch: There are four teams of three players, which means it'll be pretty difficult to share the wealth. Horde all the skulls you can!

3 Ball is available from 11am PDT Thursday, June 26 until 2am Monday, June 30th. Heroic and Legendary map packs are required. Have fun!

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Team Snipers Weekend Begins Now!

Break out your long rifles. It's time to go hunting.

Starting this morning (Thursday, 6/19, 11 AM PDT) and ending Monday the 23rd at 2am, Team Snipers returns as the weekend double exp playlist. Team Snipers includes a combination of slayer and objective variants with Sniper Rifle spawns.

Also: As of this weekend's playlist all Snipers gametypes (those in the weekend as well as those in full time playlists) are now 50 kills instead of the previous 25. Cheers!

Food for Thought: How would you feel if we made future Snipers weekends 3v3 instead of 4v4? Give me your feedback in the Optimatch Forum here on Bungie.net.

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Grifball Spring League starts today!

Yes, the ball carrier is orange this time.

Starting this morning (June 12, 2008 for the archeologists) Grifball comes back to star as the weekend's Double EXP playlist. Unlike normal weekend playlists, Grifball requires only the Heroic map pack, so those of you still holding off on purchasing Legendary have a chance rake up some extra EXP all weekend long!

Grifball Spring League Double EXP starts today at 11am PDT, and lasts until Monday, June 16, at 2am PDT. Heroic Map Pack required.

Next month: Grifball Summer League Map!

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Cancel Watch: Ranked Big Team Battle

Facing near-certain death, the restrictions were lifted on Ranked Big Team Battle and the playlist rewards Double EXP for the month of June. Will it survive?

With Ranked Big Team Battle on the chopping block, Shishka and I have been taking a look each morning at a report of the Ranked Big Team population. These numbers include how many unique players, how many games (on average) are being played per player and how many total games were played in the Hopper during the previous 24 hours. We're pleased to report that through the first third of the month the playlist has seen a continuous and steady rise in population and games played.

I've also included the version of the RBTB threat level chart that I created in MSPaint so that you could see the type of artistic skills I bring to the table when Stosh is out of the office. I think the rugged simplicity and ironic use of Comic Sans is pretty sweet. Web devs were not amused.

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Rockets Weekend Begins Now!


Starting immediately, the Rockets FFA playlist is available in Matchmaking. Unranked explosive frivolity ensues.

Rockets Double EXP weekend requires the Legendary map pack for participation. The Double EXP weekend lasts from 11am PDT June 5th until 2am PDT June 9th. Enjoy!

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June Matchmaking Changes Go Live Tomorrow

Head to Head and 3 Ball are just over the horizon.

Barring any unexpected emergencies, the June changes for Matchmaking will go live tomorrow morning, roughly around 10:00am PDT. What follows is the final change list:


ADDED Head to Head (Ranked) 
  • 1 vs 1 hopper 
  • Relies primarily on Duels-style Slayer (indicator over the head of the person with the high score) 
  • Smaller maps customized in Forge 
  • Low weighted instances of Oddball and KotH
  • Map variants added 
  • Forge map “Amplified” added for Slayer and KotH 
  • Blackout replaces Guardian as Oddball map 
  • Legendary not required on this playlist.
  • ShWATguns variant added (Shotty starts No shields, 150% damage resistance)
  • SWATball variant added (SWAT style oddball 200 points to win)
  • SWAT 2 Flag variant added (SWAT style Capture the Flag On The Pit and Snowbound. Players can not return flags, returns after 15 seconds on its own. 3 Flags to win) 


UPDATED Team Slayer
  • Slightly decreased weighting on BR start gametypes
UPDATED Team Doubles
  • Mixed Party Skill Restrictions turned back on to thwart boosters
UPDATED Team Objective 
  • Increased weighting on symmetrical map/gametype combinations, Example: Multi Flag on The Pit 
  • Increased weighting on asymmetrical map/gametype combinations, Example: 1 Flag on High Ground

UPDATED Ranked Big Team 
  • Ranked Big Team will be worth double EXP for the month of June 
  • All restrictions are being removed. 
  • Fixed bug from May Mid-Month update that made the playlist require Legendary (The June playlist will only require Heroic) 
  • If Ranked Big Team does not perform well this month, it may be retired in July.


  • Reintegrated Heroic Maps
  • Objective Increased focus on asymmetrical games on Avalanche, symmetrical games on Ghost Town
  • Reintegrated Heroic maps

Double EXP Weekends

(In order of appearance)

ADDED Rockets
  • 8 Player FFA Insanity
UPDATED Grifball Spring League 
  • Bug fixes from the May version so that Carrier Damage Resistance is correct Bug fix so forced player color is correct when carrying the bomb.
UPDATED Team Snipers 
  • Score to Win requirements increased to 50 for slayer games
  • 4v4v4v4 Gametypes with 3 Oddballs

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More Legendary Brawling!

Shishka writes:

So many targets, so little time.

Starting right now (11am PDT), Legendary Brawl returns one more time to claim the throne that is "Double EXP Weekend." For the uninitiated, Legendary Brawl is ranked 12-man FFA. This means that not only will you be climbing the EXP ladder at a quicker pace, you'll have the opportunity to get that Mongoose Mowdown you've been working on for fourty levels now.

Legendary Brawl runs from 11am PDT Thursday, May 29th until 2:00am Monday, June 2nd. As the name would imply, Legendary DLC is required.

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Living Dead Double EXP Weekend Returns Once Again!

Shishka writes:

They simply can not get enough of those tasty, tasty brains.

Starting this very moment (That's 11am PDT for you time travelers out there), Living Dead is back as the weekend Double EXP playlist. This time, some small tweaks have been made to the existing gametypes. Furthermore, an unprecedented two (count 'em!) gametypes have been added to the roster, and the Legendary Map Pack makes its presence known in some pretty peculiar ways. Eat up, kids; a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Living Dead weekend will last until Monday the 26th at 2am PDT. Legendary and Heroic map packs are required.

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