Arby 'n' the Chief in LA: Episode 6

Clash of the Titans.

Still watching Arby 'n' the Chief? They're in LA, you know. Check it out.

"Tyrant Mario and sidekick Luigi interrogate the Arbiter, as Chief desperately tries to find a copy of his treasured Halo 3 game."

YouTube - Arby 'n' the Chief in LA: Episode 6

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'Frantic' - Halo 3 Montage

High energy.

This montage lives up to its namesake and then some. Wu's gonna hate it. Less about gameplay than its own blistering editing style, it's just over three minutes long and captured in high definition. Check it out.

YouTube - Frantic

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IGN's Top 10 Halo 3 Kills (Feb. 10)

Spree spree.

IGN isn't ready to finish the fight. Check out another week of top ten Halo 3 plays. Great soundtrack!

YouTube - IGN's Top Ten Halo 3 Kills

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Top Ten Halo 3 Screenshots: Partners for Life

Love is in the air.

At least it was last Friday. Pretty sure all these Halo 3 players have gone back to their regularly scheduled program. Just what are we all fighting over anyway? While you ponder the imponderable, check out some easy to understand and often inappropriate screenshots.

Top Ten Halo 3 Screenshots: Partners for Life

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One Life Remaining S1E9

I'm so totally captivated right now.

Strong language, adult themes, and minor Modern Warfare 2 spoilers in DigitalPh33r's latest episode of One Life Remaining. You also get to watch Jon ask himself out on a date. Sort of.

"Anthony wonders what to do with his day off while Chad plays Modern Warfare 2's campaign mode."

YouTube - One Life Remaining S1E9

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #60

Demons Come In Black Too.

Today's Chronicles explores the religious nomenclature rooted in Unngoy culture. There's also some extra crispy Grunts. Check it out.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Demons Come In Black Too (#60)

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'One Day Wonder' - Halo 3 Montage

Ever wonder what's up there?

Turns out, it's another montage. Over four minutes of quality Halo 3 playin'. You should check it out.

YouTube - One Day Wonder

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'Luck Halo' - Halo 3 Montage

Gettin' lucky.

ZaneZavin put together this brief two minute set showcasing what you can do with a little bit of luck in Halo 3's multiplayer. Ain't just the Chief that benefits from a little bit of good fortune.  Check it out.  Thanks to HBO for the link.

YouTube - Luck Halo

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Tag and Release - Guardian

Out there, past them trees. You see it? I see you.

Hot on the heels of our Guardian Postmortem it's a good time to take a traipse through the wooded spaces that encompass Guardian's ancient platforms. This week's Tag and Release features a set of images that show off the surrounds. Hopefully, they also show off our community files collection.

Tag: Guardian

Sepia Toned Spaces

Still Life

Canopy Cartography


Om Nom Nom

If you don't like what you see, then you probably have terribly bad taste. Not a problem though, you can find tons of images in our community files collection. There's bound to be something you like tucked away in our forest of fan crafted content.

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Top Ten Halo 3 Screenshots

Strike a pose.

There's nothing to it. Head over to to check out their pre-weekend collection of hilariously-themed snaps. Just make sure you're in position before you jump.

Top Ten Halo 3 Screenshots: Strike a Pose

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Firefight Friday: Lost Zoo

Up for a challenge?

HBO's FyreWulff prepped a new menagerie designed to deal death to any ODST daring enough to drop into Lost Platoon. No matter what difficulty you play on, he's got an animal that'll keep you engaged.  Jump into the ring!

"First week after launch, a new challenge for all difficulties! Drop into Lost Platoon and battle it out on foot - no vehicles are allowed. And have fun with the Wraith - the Laser has been banned from use.

The site is still in beta at the moment, but it's got a spiffy layout now. Should be out of beta in not too long."

Firefight Friday: Lost Zoo

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IGN Top Kills of the Week

The frags for the week ending February 3rd.

IGN continues to collect Halo 3 videos and throw 'em up on the old Internet so you can get your face filled. Strong offerings up this week. You should check 'em out.

IGN Top Kills of the Week

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Forest For The Trees

Steve Cotton gives Guardian a good old fashioned postmortem.

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #59

The Best Laid Plans.

Looks like Steve's not only taking on the role of squad tactician, he's also an adept. Hit the link below to have his thoughts transferred directly into your cerebral cortex.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: The Best Laid Plans (#59)

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Mythic II Map Pack Now on Marketplace!

Heretic, Citadel, and Longshore make their stand alone debut.

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Master Chief Theater 3000: Episode 403

The dynamic duo does Uplift Reserve.

Once again, HBO has the lead on MCT3K's latest release. Episode 403 is all about Uplift Reserve. Go watch some people make fun of us. It only hurts us deep down on the inside.

YouTube - Master Chief Theater 3000: Episode 403

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Tag and Release - Cool

Not necessarily frigid, but still frickin' awesome.

This week's Tag and Release screenshot offerings are a sacrifice to the gods of coolness.   Plucked from the icy caverns of our community files collection, they all feature something that someone found substantially cool. Chill out and check out these screenshots. These are "clever" plays on the word "cool."

Tag: Cool

Back Draft

Gone Fishin'


Power Rangers are cool, right?

Intergalactic Planetary

Mobilized and Ready

Planetary Intergalactic

Of course, if you think these are about as cool as a pair of triple pleated khakis, you should step up and find your own content. I can't do everything for you! Hit the full collection and get to work.

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IGN's Top 10 Halo 3 Kills

Sticky situation.

IGN keeps on keepin' on with their own Top 10 Halo 3 series. This one's all about your bright blue balls. Get ready to get a face full of high definition plasma grenade.

YouTube - IGN's Top 10 Halo 3 Kills

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360Cinema's Top 10 Halo 3 Exterminations

No need for fancy words.

360Cinema ditches the commentary in favor of a Top 10 that features nothing but exterminations. And a quirky soundtrack. And a whole lot red team rushing the territory.

YouTube - 360Cinema's Top 10 Halo 3 Exterminations

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Top 5 Plays Episode 6.

WatchThis!Gaming has five Halo 3 plays ready for you to watch. They threw in the commentary (and dog barks) for free.  Watch this.

YouTube - WatchThis!Gaming Top 5 Episode 6

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Top Ten Halo 3 Screenshots

Getting Hammered. continues to mete out the Halo 3 screenshot justice every Friday. Last week's offerings feature the gravitas of the two-handed Gravity Hammer. It may be somewhat of a cudgel, but it makes for some finely honed images.

Top Ten Halo 3 Screenshots: Getting Hammered

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Fyrewulff's Firefight Friday

Join us. Stop them.

HBO regular Fyrewulff wants to make it easier for you to start your weekend off with some Friday night Firefight. Head over to HBO to get all the details.

Firefight Friday

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Reclaimer 240 - Pure

The ultimate in universal networking...

What do The Flood and Ferial have in common? Read on to learn more about the world of Reclaimer. Things are getting even more mysterious.

Reclaimer 240 - Pure

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Grifball Double EXP Weekend is LIVE

Catch the disease!

Category: Double EXP Weekend
4 Players Per Team
Max Party Size: 8
Heroic and Mythic 1 Map Packs Required
Updated 8/06/09


  • Grifball (55%) - Teams vie over a bomb, attempting to plant and detonate the bomb on the other team's arm point. Players spawn with Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords. Player traits: No grenades,  infinite ammo, 200% damage and no shields. Ball carrier traits: Orange forced color, 2x shields and 150% movement speed. Assault bomb arms instantly, and one successful detonation ends the round. Team with the highest score after five rounds wins. Three minutes per round.
  • Mayan Grifball (20%) - Players have 110% move speed. Ball carrier has 150% move speed.
  • Grifball Up There (15%) - Bomb reset time is 10 seconds.
  • Aerial Grifball (10%) - Players have 75% gravity and 100% move speed. Ball carrier has 50% gravity and 100% move speed. Bomb reset time is 10 seconds.


  • Grifball Court (Foundry) - Variant of Foundry made specifically for Grifball tournament play.
  • The Grif Cave (Sandbox) - Grifball in Sandbox's crypt.
  • Chichen Itza (Sandbox) - Grifball court styled in the fashion of an ancient arena.
  • Ultim8 Grifball (Sandbox) - Get it? With the 8 there, it's like saying  "ultimate." Whoever came up with that should do stand up because they're, like, hilarious and stuff!
  • Grifball High (Sandbox) - Grifball in Sandbox's skybubble.
  • Grifball Naught (Sandbox) - "How did I get into the game before the map?"

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'Brothers Final' - A Halo 3 Montage

Under the Milky Way tonight.

This montage might put you into a trance with its ultra soothing soundtrack, but the gameplay should keep your eyes wide open.  Nice, crisp HD with some simple, but effective editing.  Over nine minutes.  Check it out if you have the time.

YouTube - Brothers Final Montage

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