Humpday Challenge: Oh, Mods
Posted by lukems at 10/18/2007 5:04 PM PDT

And this week, we’re throwing in some e-celebrity and a good old fashioned beat down in the Bungie vs. the Forum Moderators Humpday Challenge.

Confusing the Humpday with the NHL (both boast similar television ratings) the Forum mods decided to adopt a Line Change-style system with their two four-man squads. They were trying to be egalitarian and let as many mods as possible stand still in front of us like paper targets at the shooting gallery.

Paper Targets:
Perry Duffin

Senor Leche
Anton P Nym

New0001 – Joseph Tung, Producer and dream killer.
Thug Larz – Lars Bakken, Designer and nice guy.
Eamon – Eamon McKenzie, Engineer, super genius and tactician.
TJ Scoot – Luke Smith, good fo’ nothing.

Game 1
Team Slayer, Guardian
Tone of Game: See-Saw-y and then Lockdown

Objective games require an awful lot of teamwork and coordination, Slayer games require a lot of hoping that singular performances in adverse situations lead to the triumph of the human spirit and the ultimate desecration of our foes. What’s cooler? The very souls of your foes being consumed by evil or hearing Lars in your head say “Hay guyz, I can has the flag now”? ‘Xactly, we feel the same way, so it was off to Guardian for game one.

The best part, undoubtedly, of playing with Joe Tung isn’t the support and stability he adds to your team, but rather the cheerful anecdotes he relays throughout the experience, which I can really only describe as enriching.

Here’s some from last night:

“Are you a hot chick?”

All kidding aside, playing with Joe is hilarious and playing against him is like being forcefed Gerber Apples and Chicken through your nose. Enjoy the snacks!

Final Score:  50-39
Download the Film

Game 2
Team Slayer, Construct
Tone of Game: Sad, so sad

Lots of folks on the Internet like to complain. It’s something our moderators (and most-unfortunate foes) deal with on a semi-regular to Oh-God-I’ve-had-too-many-prunes level of regularity. If we were to transcribe the chatter overheard on proximity chat, it’d read like a sea of forum posts crying about Construct.

The mods brought in Line 2 for this game, and I’m not quite sure they were ready to play the hand they were dealt.

We held the top, we invaded the bottom, we did all manner of cruel and unusual things to the mods. We spilled their Fail all over the Construct's forerunner architecture.

Final Score: 50-26
Download the Film

Game 3
One Flag CTF, High Ground
Tone of Game: Gridlock

So, at this point we've already won. This is just game 3 in the name of "tradition."

Remember that whole coordination and teamwork thing? Yeah, so do I. Ugh, can we play more slayer now? I don’t even know if these films are fun to watch, there’s probably not enough killing in them! The scoring line got it together though and capped and then shut us down in the final round, when hope was blotted out like, eh, whatever, enough flowery business. Hope you aren't looking for 1337 strats on how to cap, because you aren't going to see many strats in this Saved Film!

Final Score: 1-1, undoubtedly a folly
Download the Film

Maption Sack Double EXP Weekend Live! 

Posted by urk at 9/10/2010 9:09 AM PDT

Oh, we're not done yet!

A 4v4 mix of Double EXP Slayer and Objective gametypes on a whole mess of your own community created maps.

Category: Double EXP Weekend
Max Party: 8
Max Team Size: 4
Heroic/Mythic Map Packs Required
Updated 12/03/2009


  • Team Slayer (33.3%) - First team to 50 kills wins. 12 minute match time limit.
  • Team BRs (21.6%) - First team to 50 kills wins. Players spawn with Battle Rifles and Assault Rifle secondary weapons. 12 minute match time limit.
  • One Flag CTF (11.8%) - Round based Capture the Flag, one team has a flag while the other attempt to capture it. Most captures after four rounds wins. Four minute round time limit.
  • Multi-Flag CTF (21.6%) - Both teams are attempting to capture the other team's flag. First to three captures wins. 20 minute match time limit.
  • Multi-Flag CTF BRs (11.8%) - Both teams are attempting to capture the other team's flag. Battle Rifle starts. First to three captures wins. 20 minute match time limit.


  • Actuality-Break (Foundry)
  • Apex (Sandbox)
  • Backdraft (Sandbox)
  • Battle Dome (Sandbox)
  • Ber Ber Creek (Sandbox)
  • Borderline (Sandbox)
  • Breakdown (Sandbox)
  • Bridgeo's (Sandbox)
  • Chimera (Sandbox)
  • Colonnade (Foundry)
  • Conduction (Sandbox)
  • Coup d'Etat (Sandbox)
  • Cryptic (Sandbox)
  • Cryptic Fate (Sandbox)
  • Deity (Sandbox)
  • Eighty Grit (Sandbox)
  • Elysium (Sandbox)
  • Emperor (Sandbox)
  • Exhibition (Sandbox)
  • Fortress (Sandbox)
  • Fracture (Sandbox)
  • Gauntlet (Sandbox)
  • Haven (Sandbox)
  • IZ9 Courtyard (Sandbox)
  • The Kingdom (Sandbox)
  • Lotus (Sandbox)
  • Neosho (Sandbox)
  • Nocticulent (Sandbox)
  • Onyx (Sandbox)
  • Pantheon (Sandbox)
  • Paranoia (Sandbox)
  • Pilaster (Sandbox)
  • Pivotal (Sandbox)
  • Rat Trap (Sandbox)
  • Ravinia (Sandbox)
  • Reflux (Sandbox)
  • Regicide (Foundry)
  • Reminiscent (Sandbox)
  • Renovation (Sandbox)
  • Requiem (Sandbox)
  • Salvation (Sandbox)
  • Sand Towers (Sandbox)
  • Sentiment (Sandbox)
  • Skystation (Sandbox)
  • Solarium (Sandbox)
  • Static (Sandbox)
  • Stonehenge (Sandbox)
  • Subversive (Sandbox)
  • Synapse (Sandbox)
  • Tartarus (Sandbox)
  • Topple (Sandbox)
  • Transgression (Foundry)
  • Tribal War (Sandbox)
  • Undulation (Sandbox)
  • Vengeance (Sandbox)
  • Workplace Bravo (Sandbox)

Tags: Halo 3


Where's Mah Dooble EXP?! 

Posted by urk at 9/2/2010 5:52 PM PDT

Fix your -blam!-, Bungle!

So, yeah, This week's Double EXP Weekend is running a little behind. I blame Ninja 0n Fire. (He tells me that some fairly large updates are being deployed and as a result, we'll likely not see the Double EXP Weekend go live until tomorrow, or, *gulp* "later").

When it is ready to go, we'll let you know.

'Under Fire' - ubald Render 

Posted by urk at 9/2/2010 9:00 AM PDT

Feet first into awesome.

Looks like ubald unleashed another render over at HBO. This one's a WIP and part of a much larger collection that will ultimately serve as a webcomic. But you should check it out now.

ubald: Halo Rendered Comic

Tags: Halo 3: ODST


Chronicles of ODS Steve #81 

Posted by urk at 9/1/2010 9:30 AM PDT

Faux Chief.

This week's Steve's getting all Batman on some Scarab carapace.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Faux Chief (#81)

Tags: Halo 3: ODST


Top 10 Halo 3 Kills on The Pit: Episode 59 

Posted by urk at 8/30/2010 9:00 AM PDT

You know the deal.

Anoj didn't submit his latest entry to Comm Chatter, but they gang at HBO picked up the slack. Besides, even without Anoj's familiar wordplay, we all know what this video's about anyway. There's like ten kills. You can submit your own for next week if you're astute enough to figure out how to make it happen.

Top 10 Halo 3 Kills on The Pit: Episode 59

Tags: Halo 3



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