Tournament Strategy Guide
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Tournament Strategy Guide

By Yeroen
Aug 1, 2002

Rules and Settings

First and foremost, know the rules! It wouldn't hurt to read them in full right here, but here are the essentials just in case. I've left out the section on eligibility; I'll leave it up to you to determine if you're eligible. I'll also leave it up to you to figure out how to sign up and to determine where and when you're playing. Don't mess this up or all the rest of this article will have been for nothing.

The Rules In Short

  • Registered Players in any game must check in at the designated Qualifying Round Center at least [30] minutes before their game begins. Failure to check in within this time period may get you disqualified.
  • Players will be randomly seeded into groups of 8 players.
  • To qualify for the next round you must take either first or second place in the first game.
  • To qualify for the Regional Playoffs you must be in the top 4 overall after the second and third games and any necessary tie-breakers.
  • No vulgarity (including in your screen name) and no taunting or teasing of opponents.
  • No smoking, alcohol or drugs, except in designated areas. For smoking I mean.
  • No vulgar or inappropriate clothing. See "The Big Day" section for more on this.

Second and second-most, know the game settings! I've summarized them below.

Game #1/August 10th
25 kills to win
All Vehicles

Game #1/August 11th
Crazy King
5 minutes to win
All vehicles
Blood Gulch

Game #2/August 11th
10 kills to win
5 second respawn time
NO shields or respawn growth
NO death penalty or kill bonus

All other game settings are default. This means all you need to do to set up these game types up when practicing is edit the existing Slayer, Crazy King, and Snipers game types with the listed changes. Give your new settings sensible names but don't change anything else!

Preparing To Play

Practice, practice, practice. Better yet, practice with 8 players. Use the Seventh Column if need be to organize an 8 player game. For a truly accurate practice session, play with people you've never played with before, like members of another chapter.

Call or visit your iGames center in advance. Make sure you understand how they're planning to handle gametype setup and profile configuration and how many Xboxes they'll have in each game. What controllers are they using, normal or type S? Can you bring your own controller? Do they allow spectators? Then adjust your practice sessions to match these conditions.

Play Smart


Read the multiplayer strategy guide right here.

Know the maps like the back of your hand. Know where the powerups are. Know where the teleporters are and where they lead.

Don't forget to use your grenades!

Be extremely watchful of the START button. I pressed it on accident the other day when I was winning a Crazy King game, ended up ejecting myself from the game, and subsequently got last place. That sucked.

Look at your opponents' screens. It's a cheap trick but it's perfectly legal. Besides, they're most likely looking at yours. Remember, there's no honor, only glory.


  • You start with a pistol and the shotgun can be obtained upstairs in both end bases. Make sure you pick up both shotguns; there's no need to leave one for an enemy.
  • Avoid the sniper rifle, it will give your position away and make you a mighty tempting target. The pistol, when used properly, is more effective. Get in the habit of releasing the trigger between each shot; if you hold it down continuously it becomes less and less accurate. Go for head shots whenever possible.
  • Stay out of vehicles. Like a sniper rifle, a vehicle makes you into a giant painted target. Conversely, pick off any players foolish enough to use vehicles.
  • Stay high up if possible, and out of the open. If you must go out into the open, find cover. There are some trees out there that are really helpful in a pinch, and you can always move along the wall.
  • Watch your motion sensor!


If the hill is up in the far end behind the red base approach from the far left, it's easier.
  • Grab a weapon quick and go; don't putter around! There are shotguns inside both bases and a pistol upstairs -- get both if you can. Make sure you run over both shotguns to get the ammo and to keep your opponents from getting the weapon.
  • Know the map! Know the possible hill locations. (Here's a map showing the hill points; the hill jumps randomly between these spots).
  • Favor the red base over the blue. More players tend to spawn at the blue base (in my personal experience anyway) and there are more potential hill locations near the red base.
  • Don't go for the hill if it's "stale" (i.e. been in one place for 20 seconds or more) unless it's right near you. Collect weapons, try to secure a vehicle, and stay towards the middle or near a teleporter, waiting for the hill to move. If you're near a teleporter, don't teleport away until it moves or you risk having to run all the way back to the base.
  • Don't engage other players; wait for them to engage you.
  • If the hill is up in the far end behind the red base approach from the far left, it's easier and exposes you less. If you have a Ghost you can jump to it on the right though.
  • Squat when you're on the hill when it's in the middle of the map or on a cliff. Avoid exposing your head at all cost.
  • Own the powerups in the center, as well as the rocket launcher. When using the rocket launcher, aim for the feet.
  • If you're far from the hill then use the time to secure a vehicle, preferably a Ghost or a tank.
  • Don't be greedy. When you rack up some time on the hill and everyone starts charging at you just get out of the way. Trade a few extra seconds for the privilege of keeping your weapons and vehicle and avoid the crowds, especially when the hill moves.


Again, stay out of the open and stay under cover.
  • Be ready to fight when the game begins. Your initial spawn is usually right next to an opponent. Don't get caught with your pants down.
  • Again, stay out of the open and stay under cover. If you must move into the open do so as quickly as possible and find cover fast!
  • Watch your back! You don't have a motion sensor so you have to be extra careful.
  • Own the invisibility powerup.
  • If your health is low, don't forget there's a health pack downstairs inside either base, right by the door.
  • Fire two quick shots from your sniper rifle. Don't fire one shot and lose time trying to see if you hit your target.
  • Camp the teleporters. When your opponent teleports, frag him from behind.

The Big Day

Wear clean underwear. This is a good rule of thumb for any day, not just tournament days.

Dress smart. The rules say that clothing may not display vulgar language or have inappropriate pictures. Shirt and shoes are required. Clothing items may not display a logo, or any other text or image that promotes an affiliation or company that is a competitor of any of the Tournament or prize sponsors. (Sponsors are Bungie, Microsoft, Electronics Boutique, iGames, RCA, and Bose. While it's unlikely this rule will be enforced in the early rounds, better safe than sorry.) Best case: dress in a Seventh Column shirt. It's not too late to get one from the Bungie Store!

Eat a hearty breakfast. Not so hearty, however, that it weighs you down in your game, so to speak. Avoid spicy foods.

Pack a lunch and plenty of fluids. You're an athlete; treat your body like the finely tuned machine you wish it were.

Warm up. If possible, play a few games immediately before you leave for the tournament. It gets you in the proper frame of mind, and you won't lose time re-adjusting to the game at the beginning. If you're alone, play the grav-lift room on Legendary for an hour beforehand.

Show up early -- the sooner the better, at a minimum at least one hour before your first game is scheduled. Watch other games if you're allowed to; study what other people are doing right and what they're doing wrong.

Use the restroom well before your game begins. A bladder full of urine can turn into a belly full of lead.

Choose a dark color for your profile so you blend in with the background. (Assuming they let you choose colors.)

Triple-check your controller settings.

If you're lucky enough to have a friend in the game (remember, seeding is random), and your friend doesn't suck, work together! Two players get to advance from this first game; why not both of you? You could also team up with someone else wearing a Seventh Column shirt as a show of solidarity, though we can't guarantee his or her skillz will be up to par. There are no rules against cooperating, though there are some against talking to opponents (the rules are a little vague). Make arrangements ahead of time.

Watch your mouth. If you don't think you can control it then consider the wonders of duct tape. Foul language and teasing of competitors are strictly forbidden. Imagine how lame you will feel if your hot temper and laissez-faire attitude toward obscenity disqualify you from the tournament. You don't want that and neither do we.

If you qualify for the next game stick around until the end; once again the rules say you must be present for awards, pictures, whatever. If you absolutely must leave the event, come back in time for the ceremony. If you absolutely must leave, talk to a tournament organizer (an iGames employee, not a volunteer) to find out what to do. Remember to be polite.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes by posting your experiences in The Underground.

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