DOA Versus Halo?
Posted by Frankie at 10/3/2005 3:31 PM PDT
DOA Versus Halo!

Game Informer printed a story on their website CLAIMING that a Halo-related character was going to be hidden away in Team Ninja’s upcoming Dead Or Alive 4 for the Xbox 360. Well, we often respond to rumors with immediate denials, often pouring scorn on this type of scurrilous gossip. But not this time…

Bungie has indeed been chatting with the good folks over at Team Ninja. We’re huge fans of DOA and Ninja Gaiden, and when Team Ninja approached us with an intriguing idea, well, we were intrigued. Naturally. Tomonobu Itagaki’s team is among the most talented in the games business, and we’ve SEEN the character in action. Words like, OMG, BBQ and Zoinks immediately come to mind. What they've done so far, is perfectly capture the essence of ( insert crackpot theory here ) and bring an element of Halo directly into the DOA world. It's cool. And by cool, I mean totally sweet.

Read more about DOA4 here.

Read the Game Informer scoopage here.

Put it this way, we’re already practicing on DOA Ultimate just so we have a head start when we try to unlock OUR character when DOA4 launches.

We’re going to tell you lots more about how this idea came to fruition in a future update, and we’ll tell you how this character fits into the Halo and DOA universe too. Don’t worry, Team Ninja handled the fighting style, and we handled the story aspects. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the explanation for a Halo character in the DOA universe, even if it’s a bit tongue in cheek.

Who is this mysterious character? We can’t say. Almost every denizen of our universe has some kind of capacity for violence, and it could be anyone…or anything. So keep guessing. The answer will be revealed in time. Oh, and although I did hint at this surprise in last week's update, that wasn't everything....

Final Transition for Halo Services 

Posted by urk at 1/31/2012 9:44 AM PST

March 31st, 2012.

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Bungie Mobile for Android and iOS 

Posted by urk at 10/19/2011 10:22 AM PDT

Connect to your Xbox LIVE friends, Halo stats, and Bungie’s news feed. For free.

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Bungie vs. The World Steaktacular 

Posted by urk at 6/23/2011 11:02 AM PDT

You want a rematch? You got it, sister! (Updated!)

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Bungie Weekly Update: 06/10/2011 

Posted by urk at 6/10/2011 2:57 PM PDT

The night is always darkest...

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Bungie Weekly Update: 06/03/2011 

Posted by urk at 6/3/2011 1:50 PM PDT

It's not you, it's us.

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