Interesting Halo 1 PC Stat
Posted by sawnose at 6/4/2007 6:33 PM PDT

Have you ever wondered if there's more of a purpose to the yellow sticker with the 25-digit product key than to sell keyboards by wearing out your old one? Actually, there is -- through a complicated, flowcharted process that ranks somewhere between alchemy and string theory in terms of the number of people who have mastered it, the process that prints those yellow stickers also generates a "hash" -- a scrambled summary -- of each, and a list of hashes gets sent to me (actually, I have to pick it up on CD from a Microsoft building) whenever a batch of stickers gets printed. This list of hashes then gets sent to Gamespy, which provides the online service for Halo PC. They make sure that only people with real copies of the game get to play, and only one person per key at a time. Aside from deterring piracy, this helps our legitimate players by allowing you to ban players from your servers, knowing that they have to pay for another copy to get back in.

What does this have to do with stats? Well, I just logged in to the key-admin site over at Gamespy to deal with a new batch of yellow stickers that was just printed, and found that they keep a tally of how many unqiue (and legit) product keys of Halo PC have played online in the last 30 days. Ready?


This is pretty impressive for a game nearing its 4th birthday. Incidentally, this includes regular and Custom Edition users, since the CD key is the same across both versions (but it only counts each user once regardless).

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Posted by sawnose at 8/25/2010 8:20 PM PDT

Halo 1 PC/Mac, and Marathon 2 XBLA players rejoice!

If you missed the news in the Weekly Update, (scroll down to the section with the orange block of game UI), players of classic Bungie games get a head start on making their Reach lobby appearance shiny by unlocking some special nameplate images.

Two of these need a few extra clicks on your part to become active, so we're letting you get started now - Halo 1 for PC/Mac, and Marathon 2: Durandal for XBLA. To unlock these emblems:

1. Make sure you're signed in to with the account that's linked to the gamertag you want to tie your Halo PC key to. If you tie it to one account, but only played Halo 2 and 3 on a different account, we CAN NOT help you combine them later to get the emblem for playing all 3. Choose wisely! Obviously, this also has to be the gamertag you'll play Reach with.

2. Visit your account page , then click the Game Settings tab, then the Nameplate Settings link below that.

3. Follow the instruction there to unlock your stuff!

4. Wait an agonizingly long 20 days until 9/14 when you get Reach and play it online

5. Return to the same Nameplate Settings page , where you'll be shown all the nameplates available to you, and you can choose one to use. Return there whenever you feel like changing things up.

6. Questions? Problems? Post here

Bungie Day "Deja View" 

Posted by Sketch at 7/6/2010 7:23 PM PDT

Celebrate Bungie Day with Red vs. Blue!

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The Pit: Evolved 

Posted by urk at 9/24/2009 9:12 AM PDT

The Pit get's customized.

If you've got a copy of Halo for PC, you might want to check out this sweet remake of Halo 3's multiplayer map, The Pit.  Attention to detail?  Check.  You should check it out.

YouTube - The Pit Preview

'The Kreative Kollection' 

Posted by urk at 8/14/2009 9:50 AM PDT

So creative it's spelled with a k.

HBO dug up a sweet, ten minute video of Eckosama making a mighty fine collection out of vehicles on Halo's AotCR.  Wanna see the display?  Check it out in HD.


YouTube - Eckosama's Vehicle Collection in AOTCR

Retrograde Episode One: Solitude 

Posted by urk at 7/27/2009 8:57 AM PDT

All by myself.

The dude running the show over at HBO found this pretty sweet retro Machinima shot using Halo.  Not to shabby.  Seven minutes should you decide to give it a watch.  And you should.  It's not like you're doing anything else today.

YouTube - Retrograde Episode One: Solitude


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