Halo 1 Segmented - Solo Legendary Speedrun
Posted by urk at 4/7/2011 9:13 AM PDT
RC Master writes:
At one time, just getting the quickest combined time for Halo 1 under 77 minutes was a project worthy of all of High Speed Halo's combined might. Now, through the power of segmenting and armed with an array of brand new tricks, slYnki and scurty bring you this full-game, segmented, speedrun of Halo CE on Legendary Solo in 1 hour, 16 minutes and 43 seconds.

For those not familiar with speedruns, they involve getting from the beginning cutscene to the ending cutscene in as little time as possible. Anything that can be achieved on an unmodded Xbox, including clipping through level geometry, manipulating or skipping spawn triggers or performing crazy launches, is fair game. These two take advantage of all of these and more in this run.

What does segmenting mean?
Ordinarily, runs at High Speed Halo are done in one sitting, from one level start to finish. Or if its a full game, that means the runner is sitting there for the full hour+ it takes to finish it. Segmenting, on the other hand, allows a runner to try individual segments over and over until they get them just right, and then stitch the segments together later to form one continuous run. This means that if a runner can land some ridiculous trick even once; it can go into the run. Its routinely done in other games, especially on PC, but for HSH it is reserved only for special projects like this.

If you have seen some Halo 1 speedruns before, watch this to see how far the craft has come. If you've never seen one before? You should definitely watch at least this one.

Warning: change of pants advised!

Read the newspost at High Speed Halo.net, including comments on this run's special timing from Nokyard and how this project came about by runner slYnki, here:

Watch the full run in streaming format here:
Up and Over, Chief! 

Posted by urk at 3/17/2010 9:18 AM PDT

And take that Marine with ya.

HBO picked up on yet another High Impact Halo feat. Pretty cool that these guys are still beating up our old gal after all these years. That's a terrible analogy. I'm sorry. To make up for it, check out this sweet trick video.

High Impact Halo - Up and out of the light bridge pit...

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So Our Game's Called Halo... 

Posted by urk at 7/21/2009 3:07 PM PDT

Party like it's 1999.

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The Gamer Girlfriend 

Posted by urk at 12/18/2008 8:50 AM PST

"Don't ever let her go."

If you can get her to play Halo with you, that is.

G Spot28 from 411mania.com wrote in to tip us off to a new series of articles he's running where gamers' girlfriends sit down, play titles, and then give tips on how you can make the experience a good one for your significant other.  First up, Halo.

Turns out the lovely lady in the article didn't have such a good time with her playthrough.  5 out of 10?  No replay value?  Looks like Andi's gift grab bag must have gotten lost in the mail.  Oh well, girls are icky.  You know it.  I know it.  Hit the link below for the evidence.

The Gamer Girlfriend

Tricking Out Old School 

Posted by urk at 11/6/2008 10:33 AM PST

Up hill, both ways.

HBO alerted us to some really nostalgic tricking videos over at High Impact Halo this morning.  The videos are zipped up in an archive for download at the link below.

Lone Starr's "Pile Up" of Tricks

Dedicated Members Recreate First Ever Halo Screenshot 

Posted by lukems at 6/23/2008 5:42 PM PDT

Truly a blast from the past.

These fellas submitted their post to the blog, but I wanted to include the images for easy perusal. t was made by XxFLAWxLESSxX, Rockout514, and lxjarh34dxl.Download it here




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